Hey guys so I decided to try my hand at a TMI story. I've written a few of them but never published. As you may know I kind of discontinued my other stories, I didn't really like them and I know most of my readers (even if I had any lol) didn't read or never read it so I decided to publish this one!

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"Jace I'll be fine, I promise." I smile as Jace plays with a lock of my hair with a worried face.

"But what if-". He starts.

"Jace, Maryse said he can't get in." I try to sound believing, for Jace's sake. I'm freaked the hell out but I need to be strong for him.

Jace opens his mouth to reply but a knock on my door stops him, "You guys decent?" Isabelle's voice comes through and we call her in, she opens the door, she has her black hair in a pony tail and she's dressed in gear.

"You ready to go Jace?" Isabelle asks.

Jace looks to me and I playfully push him to the door and Isabelle, "Jace go. I told you I'll be fine." I laugh and Jace sighs, "Fine...but I won't like it!"

"That's a lie, Jace Lightwood." I laugh again and I follow them down to the elevator, I wave them goodbye and the door closes.

I sigh and stand still, listening to the quietness of the Institute. I hear the door downstairs slam shut and I make my way back upstairs to get something to eat, luckily I won't be alone for long, Maryse is coming home and should be hear in about an hour, though in about an hour knowing Jace he'll be so worried that he'll be back by then.

I make myself a sandwich and grab a glass of water and head back up to my room to eat and maybe sketch.

As I make my way up the stairs and down the hall to my room, I get a sudden chill down my spine, I spin around waiting to my Sebastian's black eyes staring into mine.

But nothing's there, I take shuddering breathe, "You're fine Clary. Calm down." I tell myself. I go into my room, turning on the light and sitting on my bed to eat my sandwich. I grab my sketch book and look through my drawings as I eat.

As I finish I feel that same sudden chill and look around my room, heart pulsing quickly. I close my eyes and try to calm myself.

"There's nothing there, it's just your imagination." I put a hand to my rushing heart and close my eyes taking deep breathes.

"If only that was true." A deep, familiar voice says to my right.

Everything stops in my body, I freeze, I open my eyes slowly, and I'm greeted by onyx black eyes.

I gasp and scurry away from him, effectively falling off my bed.

A truly amused laugh comes from Sebastian, "Well aren't you graceful, Clarissa". I jump up and back against the window.

"What are you doing here?" I try to muster my voice above a whisper.

"A loving brother can't come to see his little sister?" He asks, I start to inch my way to the door which is probably ten feet behind me and my only chance of running. I hope I can atleast fight, I'm not going down without one.

"Not when your brother is a psychopath." I look into his eyes so he knows I'm serious, his jaw clenches and he walks around the bed lazily and stands across from me about five feet across.

"Why are you really here?" I ask, narrowing my eyes.

"If you must know," He sighs, but I know it's fake and grins. "I want you to come with me."

I laugh without humor, "You expect me to go? With you?"

"I never said I wanted you to go without a fight." He grins. My heart pounds and I do the stupidest thing I can think of, I spin and run out of the door, I hear him chuckle darkly and his footsteps are behind me. He's going to catch up with me, I may be enhanced with angel blood, but he's part demon.

I dash down the stairs and almost tripping, my heart is pumping and my veins are filled with fear and adrenaline and the need to get away from my demon brother. I need to find a weapon, I can't just let him catch me. I remember I left a dagger on the table and run into the kitchen. I see it and lunge for it, grabbing it and spinning to see Sebastian, grinning, definitely not looking as out of breathe as me. I know he could've caught me, he could probably run twice as fast as me.

"That was fun Clarissa, but we have places to be." Sebastian smiles and it sends a shiver down my spine again.

"I'll never go with you." I grit my teeth, trying not to show my anxiety and fear.

Now he just looks annoyed, he pulls a knife out of his belt and fiddles with it, "Correction, you'll go with me, willing or unwillingly." With that he lunges at me, I lob the knife at him, it hits him off target and into his shoulder. The impact sends him back a few feet, and I run, he shouts in rage and I run into the kitchen, fumbling for more knives. The terror rushing through my veins isn't making me function right, my hands shaking violently.

I fling the drawers open with so much force, a hand actually breaks off, where are they? Where is the right-.

My thoughts are cut off by a push from behind, my body gets thrown into the counter edge and my stomach throbs. He uses his body to pin me to the counters, I try to wiggle out of his grasp but he hold firm.

I look over my shoulder and see Sebastian, looking angry, his white tshirt shoulder is bloody. "That was not nice, Clarissa."

"My name is Clary!" I growl, somehow getting energy and bringing my heel into the spot I know it will hurt, he looses up and doubles over and i run back into the hallway, I hear his angered steps behind me.

Run Clary run, just get to the elevator, just get there!

Suddenly I'm tackled from behind, and flipped over so Sebastian is sitting on me, his knees pinning down my hands. I groan internally, I'm such an idiot, why do I keep running away?

"I win." He grins, and pulls out soemthing from his pocket.

"Clary? Jace is that you?" A feminine voice says behind Sebastian, I wiggle and see Maryse.

"It's Sebasti-". I yell and Sebastian clamps a hand over my mouth. His hands are cold, his finger digging into my jaw.

"Sorry, to cut this reunion short Maryse. I'll be seeing you again, I presume." He says and clicks the button.

Maryse jumps out of her stupor and starts running toward us, just as I fade away into blackness.

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