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Jace's POV

Marabelle holds onto the sketchbook and closes her eyes, her knuckles show white.

"Take my hand." She orders, I'm taken back.

She peeks through one eyes, "Take it." She orders.

I obey, grabbing her tiny, pale hand in mine. My head goes foggy until I'm thrown into another world. I watch as Clary fumbles through the weapons room, weapons line the walls everywhere.

I notice her cheek is bleeding and swollen, my free hand clenches involunteerily. I'll make that bastard pay.

She suddenly jumps and glances toward the door, Sebastian pushes through, "Clarissa what-." I hear his voice, cutting himself off.

Clary tries to pull out a blade but she's too slow, he tackles her, a stele thrown from her hand but I see she still has the sword. I almost break the connection of what's happening. How had she lived with him this long without getting hurt. My heart's breaking for her.

I watch as he licks his lips, grinning terribly at her, "Thought you could leave Clarissa?" He asks, anger filling his tone.

Clary says nothing, blind sighting him with a kick to his side, he barely moves but she pushes him off and rushes to her feet. He's up even quicker though, but she has her sword unsheathed and he looks at it with a raised eyebrow. "The Morgenstern sword? And you've told me you weren't one." He smirks.

Clary pauses for a moment and I want to yell at her to stab him but she scowls now, " I never said I wasn't a Morgenstern." She grounds out, "I said I wasn't a demon like you!"

He scowls too, lines indenting into his forehead, his hands clentching, he reaches for her neck, making my eyes widen in realization. She tries to push his hand away but he reaches her throat too quickly. Though when I see that he doesn't strangle her, I relax slightly, he actually reaches for her necklace instead.

"Glad you think so little Sister." He pauses for a moment, looking into my eyes before breaking into a giant smile. "I think we have an audience." Then as fast as lightning a firey pain starts in my shoulder and I'm knocked to the ground.

He looks toward me and Marabelle where we were in the corner. I glance at her but she doesn't look afraid and I'm not either.

"You bastard, you-" I yell, aching to take my fist and slam it in his face then stab him millions of times. He's done so much to Clary and I, I just want it to be over and us to not have to worry about dying or getting possessed.

"Language, Brother." He grins like we're having a casual conversation, not like she just attacked his sister.

I look toward Clary, her shoulder is bleeding badly, Sebastian still has the sword he used in his hand, the tip blood stained. Sebastian turns his attention toward Marabelle, "Wonderful, I thought you were dead." He says, his nose wrinkled up.

Marabelle opens her mouth to speak but doesn't seem to have any words. The boy with the blonde hair laughs, "I wasn't expecting you to talk anyway. That's why I sent you there, you're a failed experiment. That's why your father left you." He snarls in her face.

I've had enough and without a thought i kick out and his face smacks into my foot. His face snaps to the side, he spits out a puddle of blood and looks up at me, growling. "You shouldn't have done that Herondale."

I let go of Marabelle's hand, I gasp when I see I'm back in the kitchen, and fall back onto the couch breathing hard. I look for the angel girl and she still has Clary's sketch book in her hand. I rip it out and suddenly her face is bloody.

I suck a breathe through my teeth and catch her as she falls back, another girl unconscious.

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