Bills pov

I wandered around the house I built for myself and my bride, the king sized bed was suppose to be tested on our honeymoon *wink wink* Anyway your probably wondered how it felt to totally murder a few people in horrible ways.

It felt great actually! Its not my fault they took my beloved from me, if anything I was going esay on them their fault for hurting my pine tree. Then my mind wandered off into Pine tree land...

'Oh my sweet sweet pine tree, I can't wait until we're married and have babies and WAIT WAIT! stop it cipher stop it snap out of it get your head out of Dipper wonderland! Just because hes slightly...Very attractive doesn't mean your in "Love" or anything!'

'I'm sure Pine tree will end the deal soon anyhow..' Bill thought sadly to himself

~Time Skip~

Its was almost 2 months since Bill and Dipper had made the deal, they had been getting along pretty well and had become CLOSE friends. Bill and Dipper were sitting on the couch watching something on Sci-Fi. Dipper had his head on Bill's chest and bill had his arms around Dipper's waist.

"Hey Bill?" Dipper asked looking up at the dream demon. "Yes my pine tree bride?" Bill said looking down at him.

"Shouldn't we start planning our wedding, I-i mean its almost 4 months away." Dipped explained. "Well how do you plan a wedding?" bill asked.

"U-um, we will need a place to hold the ceremony, rings, who's gonna be our best man, and decide who's the bride and who's the gr-" Dipper was cut off by bill. " For one we can have the wedding here, since I can't go into a you gonna have bridesmaids and I already have the rings, and your the bride of course!" Bill smiled.

"Well who's gonna marry us? I mean we can't get a priest for it or anything." Dipper said questionably, Bill thought for a moment then said, "Maybe Ol' sixer can, He is pretty smart for a human so he probably knows what to do." Dipper bit his lip.

"Shouldn't we you know...ask him first before we just assume he'll do it?" Dipper said, while looking down. "Yeah your right, plus it gives us a chance to hand out wedding invites!: Bill said cheerfully as he stood up. "B-but wait how would we get-!" Dipper was cut of again as Bill magically got wedding invitations by snapping his fingers.

"Now come on my pine tree bride lets hand out invites!" Bill said as he grabbed Dipper's hand and led him out the door. Dipper gulped its been almost 2 months since he saw Ford, Mabel, or even Stan. And he was scared to face them, because he was taken by a dream demon and made a deal to become his bride and now he has to face his family and ask his own Great Uncle to marry him and said Dream demon!...Dipper sighed as the reached Gravity Falls, 'I wonder how things will work out.' Dipper thought.

Then suddenly back in the town in Gravity Falls...

Dipper's pov

'Oh man we're here..Gravity falls.' I thought to myself. The town still looked kind of like a mess but you know its only been 2 months. I see the towns people are pretending like the event never happened and continued to live their daily lives. We continued to walk until we got to a very familiar looking shack.

"The mystery Shack..." I whispered, Bill blinked and sighed. It pretty much looked the same as before I left, me and bill reached closer and closer to the door and I got more and more nervous.

I gulped as Bill knocked on the door, I felt my heart in my throat as the door opened...It was Mabel she looked better, better than I thought she would.

"Dipping sauce!" She shouted as she tackled me, she hugged me and I hugged her back "H-hi Mabel.." I said softly. Then Gruckle Stan came to the door and as soon as he saw me he was shocked.

"D-dipper?!" He blinked a few times before picking me up and hugging me. I hugged him back, "I missed ya kiddo." He whispered. My eyes started to water up, "I missed you too." I whispered back.

I then looked up at Bill and I saw a small smile on his human face, but why is he so happy? I wondered. Stan and Mabel let me in the house not noticing Bill. We talked for a few minutes about how we were and stuff.

"We've really missed you Dipper." Gruckle Stan said, Mabel walked out of the living to go into the kitchen to get more Mabel juice. Stan sighed, "Ford has been in the basement ever since you've left, he has been a mess trying to get you back, he really cares about you and your sister Dipper a lot and so do I."

I looked down at my feet, "So why did you come here anyway?" Stan asked. Then I felt an arm wrap around my waist I looked up and it was Bill, but this time he was in his demon form. "We came to invite you all to our wedding!" Bill practically shouted. Then Mabel came back and as soon as she saw bill her juice hit the floor.

"Get away from Dip 'n Dots! you Dorito!"Mabel shouted, then a thump was heard from below and then within seconds Ford was blocking the entrance , He glared at Bill.

"Get away from him Bill! Now! Ford yelled. Bill only chuckled, as he picked up Dipper bridal style " No can do Sixer me and pine tree here had a deal!" He shouted back.

Ford then tried to jump to grab Dipper but then Bill snapped his fingers and said, "That's it visits over!" and just like that they vanished...

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