Mabel Pov

After Dipper and that guy left, I carried Bill inside the house. I accidentally Kept hitting his head on corners on stuff on the way. I placed him on the couch, thinking about the guy...will I think his name was?

He looked a lot like Bill, but he kinda looked like a wuss. Maybe an even bigger wuss then Dipper, but somehow I just didn't trust him...

Bill sat up and stretched out of his nosebleed coma, he turned and looked over at me. "Hey Star." He said calmly.

"Uh hey...how are you feeling?" I asked. Bill smiled, "Great! I just saw my adorable bride in a maids outfit!...where is my little bride anyways?" Bill asked and I gulped.

"Well um you see..." I began, Bill raised his eyebrow, "Star?"

"He went with some guy named Will to go see some supernatural and whatnot!..." I mumbled, just then Bill laughed?

I blinked in confusion, "Wait so your not mad?" I questioned, "Not at all! My brother is such a big crybaby I know he wouldn't do anything to my bride!" He said happily.

"Wait but what about if they happen to find themselves in trouble?" I said worriedly. Bill blinked for a moment then said, "Well I mean checking up on them for a minute...you know just for a minute can't be that bad right?"

I shook my head and he grinned, "Then lets roll" he said as magically put on a pair of sunglasses and walked out of the door.

~Meanwhile with Stan and Ford~

Normal Pov

Both men were were sitting at the kitchen table, bill's spread all over the table. "So Ford I've been meaning to ask you, why do you hate Bill so much? is he really that bad?" Stan asked.

"Stanley me and Bill go way back, the same thing he did to me, he's doing similar to Dipper." Ford said without looking up at Stan.

"Hey Ford, I just wanted to say I-i'm S-s-s-sorry, you know for everything I did to ya in the past..." Stanley said as looked up at his brother.

Ford looked up at him too, and smiled at him. "I'm sorry as well Stanley,"

Stan raised up his hand, "High six?" he asked and Ford high fived Stan

"High six."

~With Dipper and Will~

Dipper pov

Me and Will had so much fun watching the fairies, I suggest we try to catch them but he decided against it. He even tried to teach me how to make flower crowns, he made me one and put it on my head and I sorta made him one and he took off his hat so I could put one on his head. I even made some for Mabel and Bill.

Now we were laying down in the grass, I yawned. "Hey um Dipper..." Will started as he sat up. I got up and looked at him. "Yeah whats up?" I asked.

He stood up nervously, I stood up too. "Look there's something I have to tell you..." He said while looking down. I didn't speak so he could continue.

"Dipper this i-isn't R-!" Will was cut off when he started to fade away. I started to panic "W-will?! Whats happening?!"

He disappeared, I fell to my knees just then I felt someone's hand on my shoulder I looked up at it was Bill. "Bill!" I stood up and hugged him. He patted my head, "There there my little pine tree..Its alright now I'm here now."

I let go of Bill and looked up at him, "Will he disappeared! he faded away Bill what do we do!" I said worriedly. "W-where did he go?"

Bill chuckled, "I think you've seen too much my little pine." I couldn't see his eye, his bangs were covering it up, but then he walked over to my and lifted my bangs up and saw my birthmark.

"Pine tree is this why you got your name?" He asked softly. I'm wondering why hes being so calm about this?! "U-um yeah I use to be made fun of a lot for it, I really don't like it." I said as I blushed with embarrassment.

Then he leaned down and kissed my birthmark, "Well I think its beautiful." He said sweetly. "Bill aren't you even listening?! Will faded away! what happened to him?! answer me!" I yelled as I smacked his hand away.

Bill just smiled and put a hand on top of my head, "Sleep, My bride where when you wake, it'll be your wedding day." He said as I started to lose consciousness as I started to fall asleep I heard the next line.

"And hopefully will never learn the truth..." I blacked out.

~When Dipper wakes up~

~Dipper pov still~

When I woke up I was in the Mystery shack, I looked down and I was in my wedding dress. I looked around Stan then appeared in a tux.

" Stan whats going on?" I asked. He smiled and grabbed my arm. "Its your big day kiddo! Now come on we're about to go on." He said happily. Somehow this didn't feel right, I don't know how but it just feels not right.

Me and Stan opened the door to the mystery shack and there were white chairs on the right and left with yellow ribbons on them and yellow flower pedals on the way I was suppose to walk. Everyone stood up and Me and Stan walked down the isle. Stan went and sat down as soon as I made it to Bill.

Bill was wearing his normal Tux he usually wears, Ford was in front of us reading from a book. "Now how about we exchange vows and rings first?" He said. Bill smiled and nodded and I nodded too. "Okay then Dipper you are first." Just then a gold ring appeared into my hand.

I smiled and decided to talk from my heart, "Bill I know that from the first time we met we weren't exactly best friends, but over this past time I met you and made that deal with you I realized that you'd give anything for me, you gave up ruling the world and starting the apocalypse or weirdmeadgon for me. So I wanted to tell you I'd give up anything to be with you I love you so much and now that we're here I can't picture a life without you-" I put the ring on his finger and touched his cheek while he smiled at me.

"I love you Bill Cipher.." I finished. Bill put his hand over mine and gently put my hand down as he began his vows.

"Dipper Pines, My bride, My happiness, my future wife I've loved you for quite awhile now I'm not very good at expressing my feelings because I'm a demon and all but one thing I can express is what I feel for you. Dipper I fell in love with you because for your love of the supernatural and always wanting to learn more, now that we're here I can help you learn all that you want to know, even if I did take over the world I wouldn't be as happy as I am now that I'm with you-" Bill got his ring out it was silver it had a triangle diamond and diamonds circling all around the ring.

"I love you more than you will ever know." He finished. I looked behind me to see Mabel shedding a few tears I smiled at her, Ford continued " Bill Cipher do you take Dipper pines to be your wife or h-husband?" Bill smiled at looked at me. "I do." he said as he touched my cheek.

"Dipper Pines do you take Bill Cipher to be your husband?" I wrapped my arms around Bills neck. "I do."

Ford smiled, "Now you may kiss the bride!" Me and Bill were about to kiss then I blacked out.

When I woke up again, there was nothing but darkness, "Hello!" I called but no answer strange...I called hello a few more times...still nothing

Then it felt like I was falling, like when your sleeping and you feel like your falling but your not...I was feeling that.

Then I closed my eyes, when I opened them again I heard screaming? I rubbed my eyes. "W-what?" then I heard Soos "Hey dude your up!" I looked down and it seems I was being carried? by Soos? and he was running...I then heard Wendy and Mabel's voices...I was confused. Then after a while I was placed on a couch it seemed like.

I rubbed my eyes again and everything was a bit more clear, I was in the mystery shack I sat up and I was in Stan's chair. Mabel and Wendy then came in the room, "Mabel...Wendy whats going on?" I asked my voice kinda hoarse.

They looked all beat up and have dirt all over, "We just got done rescuing you Dipper.." Wendy said I blinked, "What?"

Mabel then looked at me, "Dipper you were trapped in some glass bubble all this time, the apocalypse started Bill has token over Gravity Falls!"

I was lost, "What?" Then Stan walked into the room, he coughed "Look kid after you made that deal with Bill you blacked out and placed in a glass bubble in his new castle and what not so whatever you experienced after that deal was a lie..." He said

It hit me like a tons of bricks... Bill lied to me...I felt my eyes water up I got up and ran out the door, I had to find Bill because he had some explaining to do.

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