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CH 6.

My morning was not staring off the way I wanted. " Black!" I screamed racing across the common room, I had woken up later then I had all summer and just knew I had missed breakfast. It just so happened that my room mates despite our pledge to have each others backs the night before decided not to wake me. Id only been awaken by the shouting of Mia in my head as she was wondering why I wasn't at the Slytherin table for breakfast. So in a heated hurry I washed and dressed in my Slytherin robes, not even taking a chance to admire the school uniform I had been mimicking in Gryffindor red and gold for Halloween every year since I was eight.

As I came down the stairs rushing I saw Bellatrix Black and knew she would be able to point me to my fathers quarters, so that if anything I could get my time table for classes. She had just been about to exit when she heard her name and turned, however with a scowl she said " Didn't I say last night firstie, that if you have a problem not to talk to me?" It took every bit of self control not to whip out my wand and hex the girl standing in front of me. So instead I smiled brightly like the eleven year old I was supposed to be and pretended to stutter " I I I , wanted to know where my fathers rooms were." Bellatrix looked me over once and said " Yea, and what's in it for me? Hmmm." I blinked surprised, was she actually attempting to barging with the child of her head of house, did this women know no bounds! "House points for showing your head of house's child to her father perhaps."

I paused thinking this could be interesting if I attempted to assert myself instead of playing the wounded puppy, my father is Head of House after all. " Or you could lose points for trying to bribe your head of house's kid just for directions… Your choice." I finish, with a slight smirk to my face nothing to write home to Malfoy about but a smirk all the same. I saw the flare of anger behind her eyes before she said " Right. You got some dragon balls on you firstie , follow me and keep up!" when she turned around to lead us out the common room I gave a quick one finger salute that would have gotten me in so much trouble from my mum had she been here to see it. Luckily she wasn't as I put my hand back down and followed one Bellatrix Black future death eater and Voldemorts groupie to my fathers quarter's.

We walked down a winding path way until we got to what they had shown us was the entrance to the defense class room Right outside it and just short of the door, Bellatrix turned and had I not been looking I would have ran straight into her. " Look Patton, I'm not sure if you know but Slytherin is different from every other house here at Hogwarts. We take care of our own, we handle our own business. We don't go running to our mummies and daddies when we have a problem. Got it, we have code what happens in Slytherin stays in Slytherin." I nearly bubbled over in laughter what was Slytherin house, Vegas. " And the next time you think it wise to threaten me you might find yourself sleeping in the black lake." She finished and was about to leave when I said " One thing Black before you go, I'm not scared of you or anyone else in Slytherin and it has nothing to do with my mummy or my daddy. I know all about Slytherin politics, my father is a Slytherin after all. So it would be wise of you not threaten me because as you said Slytherins handle their own." I saw her hand twitch and felt my wand in my pocket ready to protect myself if need be, I don't care if I'm a first year or not I was not going to let Bellatrix treat me like a punk.

Before Bellatrix could mutter a curse I heard my fathers voice " Rowena, where were you? Breakfast is almost over, and Miss Black don't you have a great hall to be patrolling before class?" my father had explained that the teachers didn't eat breakfast at the heads table only did they eat there during lunch and dinner. Giving the prefects the job of keeping the students in line during breakfast. This also explained how the Marauders practically got away with murder most of the time. I smiled at my father " no, I forgot to set an alarm professor. I had Just asked Black to help me find you."

I smile innocently and watch as my father raises a skeptical eyebrow and then looks over to an oddly innocent looking Bellatrix while saying " Well then five points to Slytherin for helping a fellow student Miss Black." I watched Bellatrix beam at my father while saying " thank You Professor." Before she bolted toward the top of the dugons. As soon as her foot steps could no longer be heard my father rounded on me. " What were you thinking provoking her like that Rowena!" Slightly taken aback by the harshness in my fathers voice, I took a step back and said " I was only making it known I wouldn't be walked over even if you weren't the head of house, father gosh." I say in a placating tone in an attempt to quell my fathers obvious fear of me getting hurt by one Bellatrix Black. " No you weren't Rowena you were poking the sleeping dragon and hoping it spit fire!"

My fathers eyes nearly bulged as he spoke and I knew not to speak as he continued. " I did not break every rule known to the wizarding world to bring you back to this time. All for you to die at the hands of a fifth year Bellatrix Lestrange as a firstie! You will mind your manors and heed Bellatrix's warning Rowena. Don't try to play hero, and please for the love of all things Salazar Slythrin do not provoke any of the future Death eaters! Your only job as of now is to learn all the things I taught you practically now, your not here to jump straight into the fray and make a name for yourself. You're a First year Act like one!"

With that he handed me my time table and said " you've missed breakfast and have three minutes to get to your first class which is History of Magic, I suggest you get a move on as its on the other side of the castle fifth floor." I was gob smacked, my father had just read me the rite and left. I watched his billowing professor robes as they flew behind him much in the way that its describe Snapes did. In a fowl mood I read my time table and saw that we worked on a block schedule. Meaning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I took my History of Magic class, Transfiguration, Flying and DADA. While on Tuesdays , and Thursdays I had Charms, Potions, Astronomy, and Herbology.

I Wiped my hand down my face and spoke to Mia in my head as I made my way to class " What's your first class please tell me its HOM." There's a pause and silence before I hear " what! No, I have Charms first its with the Hufflepuffs." I groan and say " great just great, well please tell me that you have Trans and DADA after that right?" there was another long pause as I made my way into the HOM classroom and took a seat next to Alexandra giving her the serious evil eye as I heard " Yes and yes, except after that I have HOM." I almost groaned out loud but caught myself and said " Meet me in the library at lunch we can compare timetables then, Have fun Mia." I heard a quick ok and then a chuckle before silence reigned in my head once again.

I was just about to elbow Alexandra when Elijah Mikealson walked up the aisle between the desk and turned to face us. It was the first time I got a real good look at him and boy was he fine! I had to keep my mouth from hanging open at the sight of a Daniel Giles look alike standing before me. "Good morning my little Snakes and Eagles, and welcome to your very First History of Magic class." Everyone responded with the customary good morning professor, and I watched as Professor Mikealson's eyes roamed the classroom until they landed on me and watched his intense dark ocean blue eyes bear into me as if he was trying to see into my soul. However half a second later his eyes roamed over to the desk in front of me housing Snape and the only boy who would sit next to him Rowel. " Who can tell me the importance of the History of Magic?" It seemed that he was going to start off easy, my father had always taught me the history of the wizard world and for the most part I thought he was just making it up as he went along, now having gone over my HOM first year book, I realize it had all been fact.

A small blonde girl with hair as light as spun gold raised her hand and said " Because it is important to know where we came from to know where we are going?" she phrased it like a question but the smile on our professors face told us she had answered correctly " Five points to Ravenclaw Miss-" " Boxxin, Pandora Boxxin sir." I looked at the girl and couldn't believe it that had to be Luna's mother, her eyes were beyond enchanting and the far away look her eyes could only be rivaled by one Luna Lovegood. "Thank you Miss Boxxin. Now, I'm sure all of you know who I am…" There was a few snickers that came from not only the Ravenclaws but the Slytherins and I wondered if I had maybe judged to quickly as to who he was. I mean in my time/world I guess he's a fictional character who's a thousand year old vampire, but then again in my world Hogwarts doesn't exist either.

" Wonderful! However, for those of you who don't, I am Professor Elijah Mikealson one of the four original Vampire hybrids." I balked and nearly choked when he spoke and felt Alexandra patting my back to help me as I gave her a look of gratitude. So he was an original vampire, but hybrid? Does that mean he's a werewolf like Klaus too? Just as I was thinking this the grey lady of Ravenclaw floated into the room. " 'Lijah my dear I hope I haven't missed much, peeves seems to be doing his customary back to school drenching's."

I laughed remembering the antics the poltergeist got up to in the books, especially when he was going after umbridge. " Not at all dear sister I was just informing the class on my own history before I started about the school." The grey lady smiled and looked out on all of us until her eyes landed on mine and a smirk filled her face as she said " the hat didn't lie it seems."

I felt my face flush and then Snape and Alexandra both look over to me as I shrug faining indifference. However from the look that Helena Ravenclaw was giving me it was almost as if she knew me. " As I was saying before, My name is Elijah Mikealson but it wasn't always. I was once Elijah Slytherin, second eldest son of Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin." It was at that point that I nearly fainted. " Miss Patton, are you alright do I Need to send you to the hospital wing?" I hadn't realized but my inner thoughts had been spoken out loud as I nearly screamed " NOOOOOO" embarrassed beyond belief I smiled and said " no professor, I just umm well surprised." Professor Mikealson smiles at me and say's

" I would assume so, for most do not know that my mother and father married and had seven children. The only child of note could be the founder of your line Miss Patton, my youngest brother Henrick." The second he said Henrick's name I nearly had another conniption but kept composure this time and blushed as I said " Yes I know of Henrick Patton, I just wasn't aware he was a Slytherin as well." The class now silent and fully engrossed in our professor and I's conversation waited with bated breath for him to continue. " well that is why you are here, that is why you are all here. In this class this year you will learn all about the founders, their diffences and their commonality's. You will find in this class that history as you know it is not always what it seems, and that for the most part history is only ever written by the victors. Seldom do the stories of the losers get told with factuality and that my children is why I am here. For you see I am the only person alive today save for my three siblings who have lived the History we will be discussing in this year and the coming years. So without further a due I will introduce you to my half sister Helena Ravenclaw."

The gray lady floated to the top of the room looking over us and I wondered just what she would be telling us. It seemed that despite professor Mikelsons unfortunate or fortunate I guess depending on who you asked, vampirism the class was enthralled and I had to admit, my fear had been somewhat abated as Lady Ravenclaw as she wished to be called began her story. " as most of you all know Hogwarts was founded by four people, what most do not know is that these four people were siblings…" despite the gross factor I decided to listen in this was something that was never mentioned in the books my father wrote when speaking of the founders of Hogwarts.

" I know you all must think Slytherin some horrible fiend to marry his sister, however my mother and Godric were the only ones born as full blooded sister and brother. Salazar was my grandmothers Step-child, and Helga had the same father as Godric and Rowena. Lord Patton was a fickle man he thought it a curse to have daughters and when my mother was born he quickly annulled his marriage to Glorina patton who then married Lord Danver a Muggle who had fallen in love with the heartbroken Glorina. Lord Danvers had a son Salazar who was born him and his late wife Cassia who also was Muggle. When Lord Patton found out that his ex-wife had remarried he cursed her barren so that no heirs or even daughters would come of the marriage to a filthy muggle." It was at this point that a few Slytherins chuckled and a few Ravenclaws looked ashamed. " Our mother and Uncles were close in age and when Lord Patton died of mysterious causes they decided to all come together to help their ageing mother. Helga was but seventeen being the youngest and a love child between lord Patton and one of his Muggle servants. It was then that they all realized that Salazar like themselves had magical powers. However Salazar had seen what sorcers could do and wanted nothing to do with magic and nearly left his siblings alone, until my mother came to him making him see reason. She says it was then that he started to fall in love with her."

" Are you trying to tell us that Salazar Slytherin was a Mud-blood?" Barty Crouch JR nearly screamed and his outrage was mimicked by the majority of the Slytherins with the exception of myself Aria, Alexandra and most surprisingly Snape. I watched as Lady Ravenclaw cut her eyes toward the table with Crouch and Nott and and said "are you calling me a liar Snake?"

the class instantly quitted as the harsh yet calm voice echoed around the room, silence reigned as Nott and crouch each thought of what the repercussions of calling the grey lady a liar was. When Professor Mikelson spoke up. " It is funny you say that mister-" crouch looked up and said " Crouch sir, Barty Crouch Jr." " Yes, Mr. Crouch it is funny as I said because my father did not consider himself a Mud-blood as you so eloquently said but as a pure-blood. However I believe his reasons for calling himself such are far from the reason I would think you call yourselves that. My father was indeed a muggle-born wizard now weather you believe that or not is not any consequence to me, however it will be on your history of magic end of the year exam so I expect you to know it. Now as I was saying as a Muggle-born my father consider his magic pure, un tainted by generations of magical blood. Which is what happens when Pure-bloods never mate with anyone but pure-bloods the magic becomes diluted and muddied, ergo why my father often referred to his step siblings as Mud-bloods."

Professor Mikelson continued his lecture with many a interruptances namely form Rowel, or Nott. However with a stern look from Lady Ravenclaw much like Crouch their interruptions soon became silence. By the time class ended we had gotten all the way up to the actually founding of Hogwarts and how it was because of the lack in magical education of Muggle-born witches and Wizards that Hogwarts was born. It shocked me but yet gave me new understanding as to why Salazar only wanted Pure-blood students to attend Hogwarts. It had nothing to do with making sure magic stayed pure or even keeping filthy muggles away, but everything to do with making sure non magic family's children still learned to become great wizards like himself.

I was on my way to Transfiguration when I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a smiling Mia standing behind me. She quickly hugged me while saying " What happed in HOM I heard you scream and I nearly dropped my feather in Charms! However I didn't want to keep you from class so didn't say anything." She takes on a pensive look and I say " oh nothing, I just found out that our HOM Professor MR. Original Vampire is also Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaws child, not to mention! The craziness he was spewing the entire lecture. He clearly had no idea he was talking to SLytherin's or if he did, he only did it to rile them up." We were walking down the transfiguration hallway as I explained everything that Professor Mikelson and his half sister Lady Ravenclaw talked about when we heard


Mia and both turned around at the sound of our last name, only to see Lucius Malfoy strolling towards us a calm gait to his walk yet a determined look on his face. When he got to us he gave my sister a loathing look he clearly only kept for Gryffindor's and said " I have to say its easier to know which is which by your robes, albeit I'm sure your father would have rather your sister been a Ravenclaw then a blood- traitorous Gryffindor." I could feel Mia's anger radiate off her and placed a calming hand on her back as I said

" I'm sure that is exactly what you think Malfoy, but did you have a reason for keeping me from making it to class or did you only come to insult an 11 year old girl." I watched the fifteen year old Lucius Malfoy's translucent eyebrows raise as he realized id just told him off and with a smirk that had it been on Draco id might have actually swooned said " trust me if I wanted to insult a 11 year old you would know it, Patton. However no I'm hear to tell you I know about your spat with Bella this morning and that if you have anymore problems with her, you come to me. We Slytherins have to stick together, and she can be a bit much at times." It was my turn to smirk while raising a perfectly arched eyebrow and said " thanks Malfoy, however I doubt I should have anymore problems with the elder Black, and even if my father has given me free range to as she so eloquently put it this morning handle my own as Slytherin's tend to do."

I could feel my magic crackle against my hair and hadn't meant to but felt an extreme rush of hate at the fact that anyone would think I need protecting. I may look like a 11 year old but I was older than Lucius and knew more spells then I could say in one go. Lucius took a slight step back when my hair crackled and said " Of course Patton, just know you have backup." With that he turned and left, along with the sound of the warning bell. Mia and I both took off as I heard in my head "what the hell Rorie! I told you not to even talk to Bellatrix!"

I winced at the sound of Mia's raised voice in my head and the anger she was pushing through our new found link. I sighed as we took the last two seats in the back while thinking

" God you sound just like Father, I am not am Imbecile Hermione! I may not have practical experience in doing magic but the theory I have down pack. I know wand movements and incantations that would cause Voldemort to be giddy! I will not have her treat me as less than what I am because she think me a Ickle ickle firstie!"

I shout through our line and look over to see Mia glaring at me as she says " Fine, we will finish this at lunch!" with that said we both tuned into McGonagall's class. When it came time for us to turn our matchsticks into needles, it was Mia and I who got it on the first try earning both Slytherin and Gryffindor house points when we both accomplished turning it back in the first try I saw James high five Mia and then stick his tongue out at me which while McGonagall was helping Frank and her back was turned earned James a one finger salute. Class continued on much in this way until the bell ended and McGonagall said "Your first assignment is to write a two foot essay on the theory of Transfiguration. Well done and I expect even better next time, you are dismissed."