Here are snippets of Haruhi/Viper/Mammon's days! I actually thought of this chapter 3 months ago but I still don't have enough information about it and I might get it wrong. So sorry


"Okay Viper. You will be learning something." Cobra said. This is what he always says. Always the obvious things.

"Aren't I always learning things?" She said, rolling her eyes

"Don't diss me, anyways, this technique's called the 'Thoughtography'" He said, bringing out a paper. Mammon looked at him confused to as why is Cobra even taking out a paper that was cut in half. Will she be inserting Mist flames inside with the desired person in thoughts? Will she-

She was cut of her imagination by a 'thoughtography', followed by a honking and a glowing sound. She looked up-when did she even looked down- and her face contorted to a face of disgust. He was blowing his nose into the paper. Though the paper is glowing.

"Fujioka Haruhi, exactly a meter to the south of me" He called out, looking at the paper then looked up at her smugly with his 'see-how-useful-it-is?' smirk.

"Why do you even have to use the snot?" She asked.

"Because you need to do something else. You don't want to use your blood everytime right?" He looked at her pointedly

"Then, Is the Mucus dry already?" She asked. He shrugged and nodded

"Eww, don't tell me you ever touched it" Haruhi grimaced

"I was told by my teacher to do it..." Cobra paused before he seemed to realise that he would be missing something "Now that I've told you, I wouldn't see your expression!" He groaned out in realisation. She gave him a nasty glare to make her shriek in disgust or something. It's not something that she will shriek about. Unless it is thunder and lightning. She grimaced at the mention of it. It was the reason why she could barely tolerate the Lightning Flames. Why did it even have to exist? Why not just call it something else? Like Green Flame, blue flame, re...yeah-no. It wasn't working and not original.

"Well, I wouldn't express something towards it. Unless you've got something to say?" Haruhi asked back. She had gotten quick witted and wasn't afraid to diss the others after the Dis-Harmonization.

"N-No" He stuttered, making Haruhi raise an eyebrow to the obvious.

"Anyways" He cleared his throat " Now is time for you to practice. The thing is, insert your flames to your nose and direct it to the mucus" He said. He gave her a handful of paper stacks that were cut in half because who would want to waste it and use the used 'tissue'?

So after a week, Haruhi had managed to do it. But her nose suffered and now she was having a headache with all her blowing. Cobra seems to have fun with the condition she is now...which made her more snappy and sarcastic

"Oh yea? You must have been in my situation also. Why don't we talk about your days?" She asked with venom in her voice.

"..." He ran away in the end

When Viper turned into a baby now named Mammon, she stifled a groan. Mammon now couldn't use her thoughtography because the paper was too big and her mucus was too little. So she got an idea

She folded the half papers into 4 and cut it. But she thought that while it could work, she would have to do this over and over and over again.

"Muuu, how boring."


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