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Timeline: Haruhi/Viper is about 22 years old

"Viper, how many languages do you know?" Cobra asked one day. Viper tilted her head, wondering why he asked but answered him anyways

"Japanese and passable English" Viper told him. Cobra hummed in thought, idly rubbing the base of his beard.

"Have you ever taken the Eiken*?" Covers questioned her. Viper nodded, informing that she had passed all of the test. Covers nodded, satisfied with her answer.

"Okay, you'll be learning languages today. I've been given or stolen several languages using the Mist flames. But the bad side of it is pretty bad." Her mentor shrugged, not informing what exactly the 'bad effects' of learning the languages quickly, much to her annoyance. Though she did suspected that he did it on purpose in order to get back for that Snot- Thoughtography.

"So, little Vipey-Wipey. Pick several languages you want to learn right now" Cobra pointed at her, making her have to go cross-eye to look at where his finger is exactly pointing. "Pick 15. We'll continue the rest once you're healed from the backlash" The very infuriating and vague mentor told her.

Viper tilted her head in thought. She suppose that the main ones were fine. She's heard some of the other Host Club members and clients speak each other in a different language, making her confused and not able to understand them. Renge accidentally even slipped into French once or twice when she got excited.

"French, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, German, Korean, Bengali, Portuguese... Hmmmm, what else." Viper mumbled to herself, using her fingers to count the languages down. "Oh! Ancient Greek, Latin, and Hieroglyphics, if that is possible." Viper always had an interest with the olden languages. The interest started with the Rosetta stone that was written down in three different scripts. After that was the Hieroglyphics written down on papyrus and walls. It soon delved into the time when people spoke many different languages back then, but with the laziness of the descendants, their ancestors were not able to pass on their own languages to their children as they all claimed that there was no point in learning a dead language when there is no one to speak it to.

It was a sad, but a true fact.

Cobra gazed at her, trying to confirm with her selection. Viper recounted all of the languages she wanted to learn, "Mmm, I want to learn this all" She informed him. Cobra nodded once more.

"For the last three, your request is possible. You're talking to a Mist here" Cobra grinned, puffing his chest out in pride. She only gazed at him, so done with his antics. He cleared his throat, once he realized that Viper was absolutely not impressed, to clear away his embarrassment.

Cobra beckoned Viper to come nearer to him. She came closer and was briefly confused before clearing those away. Cobra always knew what he was doing, even if he looked really ridiculous doing it most of the time. He placed his forehead on hers and asked her to close her eyes. She did as he asked. She could feel his flames shifting, eager to heed his command like a puppy.

She somewhat suspected of an onslaught of memories of the languages rushing through her brain the moment he use his flames. But she never expected this unimaginable pain!

Haruhi groaned and moaned, clutching her head in pain. She has all the information of the languages she wants, but the backlash is like a hangover, except it was 50 times worst with a mother of headache. She felt like vomiting her guts out, but could not. Even a brief sound could make her whimper in pain. The slight light in her view, it would make her eyes twinge, and her head spark in pain just like a donkey without their gerbils who has lost their way home.

She already chased Mei, who was carrying Miharu, out the door when she barged into her room in the Kasanoda and loudly proclaimed her entrance. Sure it was her house, but the fact that she had a migraine whose pain could never be described, defenestrated all her politeness and manners out the window, and would scare them out with her Mist Flames.

Cobra appeared in her room, the last of his Mist flames disappearing as he fully appeared.

"Well!" He clapped his hands, making her throw a pillow in his direction. Unfortunately, he dodged it. "The good news is, you'll be fine in 24 hours with lots of water to drink, and lots of rest. The greatest news is that you'll be doing this until you know every languages Google translate has to offer!" Haruhi whimpered even more and covered herself with the blanket even more. Anything to just get the demon away from her!

"And then, you'll be learning the other languages Google doesn't even know! Isn't that great?" Cobra smiles. His Mist flames twist to make him glow brightly. Haruhi's headache twinged once more when the light Cobra is produce penetrated through her blanket.

"I, I loathe you right now"

"Awwww, does that mean you'll love me later?"



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