Republic City was experiencing some early snow. It was late autumn and the snow was being cleared out by the local benders. Mako was busy guarding local stores preparing for the upcoming winter festivals.

It was a traumatic day of shopping for many people.

Air Temple Island had a couple guests preparing in their own way.

"Korra sweetheart?"

"Yes Asami?" Korra asked.

"I'm cold." The Heiress answered with a pout

"You are?" Korra asked with a smirk.

"...Yes." Asami replied bluntly.

"Do you want some tea?" she smirked.

"Well, I was hoping for something a bit bigger…" Asami said coyly.

"Well how about I get you some noodles? I heard Pema making enough to feed a few armies." Korra said with a smirk.

"While that sounds great, I already ate. You ate too, we had steamed cowpig on the way here" Asami said, getting at the game Korra was playing at.

"Hmm, well, I can't think of anything else to do." Korra replied before giggling.

"I don't think I've ever seen you giggle in a long time," Asami observed

"Oh really?" Korra asked, in a slightly sarcastic tone of voice.

"You should do it more often, it's cute." Asami said with a smile.

"Aww, Thanks 'Sami." Korra beamed while Asami blushed.

"Perhaps you could warm me up?" Asami asked articulately.

"Perhaps this is an excuse for you to cuddle with me?" Korra asked with a faux sage accent.

"Hmm, maybe" Asami answered.

"Aww, that wasn't very articulate." Korra said in a whiney voice.

"Hmm? Oh, I do apologise for that m'lady." Asami replied in her 'articulate' voice.

"Don't worry about it madam." Korra answered.

"So shall we cuddle by the fireplace with a nice cup of warm jasmine tea?" Asami asked.

"Hmm…" Korra drew out. "We shall." She finally answered as she got over to the heiress and used a bit of firebending to light the fireplace.

"Pema! Could you bring us some jasmine please?" Asami called. Korra flinched a bit at the sudden loudness of her dear Asami.

"Sure thing." The duo heard Pema answer. She came by about half an hour later as the duo was fast asleep next to the fire. She stifled a giggle, and got the two a blanket. "Sweet dreams, lovebirds." Pema placed the tea on a nearby table. As she walked out, she noticed that Korra's head had found its way under Asami's chin. Additionally, she noticed, before turning out the light that the two had a small smile on their faces. 'Korra can warm them up later when they wake up' Pema thought.

Ahh, young love, is there nothing more lovable?

Well, other than a baby otter penguin?