'Zero!' I call anxiously to the retreating form of my best friend. He ignores me and continues walking. I jog after him.

'Zero.' I say breathlessly when I reach him, and grab his arm, forcing him to turn and face me. His eyes glow a hypnotising crimson red. My eyes shoot towards the black taming tattoo on his neck briefly before darting back up to look at his eyes.

"Never look into a vampire's eyes, Suki. If you do, they will take you. Take your very soul and you will become they're willing prey." Toga Yagari's first and most important lesson he ever taught me. Then, I didn't understand what he meant. Now, as I stare into Zero's piercing red eyes, I do.

'Sakura?' I am jolted out of my musings by Zero's voice. I blink at him owlishly.

'Yes?' I ask. He smirks slightly.

'You came to see me.' He says. A light pink blush dusts my pale cheeks.

'Oh! I did! What are you doing?' I ask as his smirk grows wider. He turns around and continues walking.

'Im hunting a Level E.' He answers as I walk along side him. I nod and we walk in silence all the way to an old mansion. Its rotting timber walls are a light shade of blue and its worn, creaky door is scratched and pale brown. The intimidating, spiked black fence that surrounds the front yard is overgrown with weeds that continue to grow along the loose cobble path that leads towards the door. The path moves and crunches beneath the boots of Zero and I, shattering the blissful silence. I turn to my partner.

'Its too quiet. Its unsettling.'I say and Zero turns his head slightly to the right too look at me, nodding. We walk up to the door and it opens. I frown. 'This vampire is playing with us like we're his toys.'

'He can't be. He's a Level E, they thirst for blood and nothing distracts them from that thirst. They couldn't be bothered to play with they're victims. It must be the wind.' He replies. I look around us. The trees are still and not even a breeze blows.

'Zero, there isn't even a breeze.' I say.

'There must be.' He insists, walking inside. I follow him.

I look around the building cautiously, expecting a Level E to jump out of hiding and attack at any moment. After nearly half an hour of searching, I let my guard down and head for the exit. Suddenly I'm pinned down by a vampire, seething with blood lust.

'Get you dirty hands off of her!'

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