This is not right! I can not handle this! Why is Toga not saving me from the twins who are currently beating me to death!? WHY!? Please help me. Its my third training lesson with the twins, and they have finally beaten me in a fight. And it HURTS! Toga, there is not enough middle fingers in the universe to let you know how I feel about you right now.

How come they're aloud to beat me to death but I can't do the same to them!? I hate my life. Ahh!

I duck and swerve out from under Zero's staff and immediately jump, still crouched, in order to avoid Ichiru's. The training session continues like this for a while, with me getting in hits where I can, but I fall and the session is over, with the twins in victory. I keel over in pain from Zero's last blow, which was to my stomach. Owww. Zero laughs.

'Its not funny Zero! You aren't supposed to break me!' I yell, but laugh along. Ichiru grins.

'And mum wants you as a child!' Ichiru laughs. I raise my eyebrow.

'What? She barely knows me!' Ichiru laughs again.

'That doesn't matter to her. You seem better behaved than me and Zero, so now she wants you as a daughter.' I grin. She must be sensing my awesomeness. I say so out loud and Zero stares at me. I stare back, blinking owlishly. Eventually he breaks and laughs. No longer able to keep a straight face, I laugh as well. Toga smiles slightly. That man certainly has a soft spot for ten year olds. Or is it just us, I wonder?

'Kids! Toga! Come inside for lunch!'

Don't mind if I do, Mrs. Kiryu. The twins, Toga and I walk inside the house and to the kitchen. On the table sat six meals of chicken and vegetables mixed through rice. Delicious!

'Thanks, Mrs. Kiryu.' I say and she smiles.

'Its no problem, Little Yagari. A thank you for giving my sons a friend.' I laugh.

'Cause' we all know that if it weren't for me, they'd be alone forever.' Zero and Ichiru glare at me and I smile innocently. The two shake their heads, calling me a "brat" under their breath. I look at them.

'That's a big word for you two. Does your brain hurt now?' I remark, shoving as bit of chicken into my mouth. As soon as we're fifteen, the good insults are coming out. They're glare intensifies and I grin back. Suddenly, the adults laugh.

'Ichiru, Zero, stop glaring at Sakura as if she will spontaneously combust if you do it hard enough.' Mr. Kiryu laughs. Hey! Don't interrupt us, ass. Now both the twins and I are glaring at Sakai. The adults begin to laugh harder. Wait... Toga, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you sick? Shit! Get him to the hospital, he's laughing! After a few minutes, they're laughter dies down and we all eat the lunch prepared for us. When we're finished, the twins and I take the dishes to the sink. We was them up, dry them and put them away.

Afterwards, I collect my bag, say goodbye to the Kiryu family and meet up with Toga, who was waiting for me in the car. I smile at him, click in my seatbelt and he drives off. We're silent for most of the drive. Finally, he speaks.

'Your improving with the staff, though your still best with daggers and knives.' He states. I know I'm best with daggers and knives for I am the Knife Goddess! That's another thing, turns out I've been speaking Japanese this whole time. Not writing it though, which scared the shit out of Toga. Poor guy had no clue what to think when he found out I knew English. Good thing I knew a bit of Japanese writing. Makes learning the rest a lot easier. Still difficult though. Damn, forgot to reply!

'Thanks dad. I've been practising in the yard after dinner.' I reply. He nods approvingly.

'Good, it shows.' He says. I grin. He may not be my birth father but he's been more of one than my real father. I like to make him proud.

At last we arrive home, nearly half an hour later, as we had taken a detour via the supermarket. Yes dad, I know cigarettes are important, but must we go buying them at 9:30 pm!? He's so lucky I'm still only ten. Asshole.

Anyway, I push open my door and walk up to the house. I put in the key and twist. I hear a soft click and kick the door open. I'm home, bitches! Pitty no one is actually HERE. I slip off my shoes and slip on my silk slippers. I jog up the hallway to my room and THROW my bag across the room. It lands on my bookshelf, knocking over the photo of me when I was 6 and writing in here for the first time. Ah well, I won't miss the picture. Its backed up on my computer anyway, like all my other photos. Speaking of which, where the hell did Toga put it? I dunno.


I groan and rub my eyes. When did I fall asleep? I look at the clock. Its glowing red letters read 12:42. Well, I'm wide awake now. I wonder if anyone is on Our Lives. That's the chatroom the school made for students to talk about their homework and schoolwork. Not that anyone does, its more of a normal private chatroom. I log on after finding my computer sitting on the couch.

Suki: Anyone online? Probably not. Stupid question.

Ichiru: Nah, I'm on.

Suki: What the hell!? Why are you up, Ichiru?

Ichiru: I could ask you the same question.


Ichiru: LOLZ

Suki: What the hell is LOLZ? Laugh out loud... Zebra?

Zero: Face palm.

Suki: When did you log on?

Zero: Just after you.

Suki: Doesn't it normally notify you when someone logs on?

Zero: Yeah.

I make a face at the screen and scroll up. There, clear as day is: Our Lives: Zero logged on.

Suki: Oh. It did.

Zero: Face palm. Ichiru: Face palm.

Suki: LOL. You two are even twin-y on the internet!

Zero: Twin-y?

Suki: Yeah, twin-y.

Zero: That's not even a word.

Suki: Is now! :D

Ichiru: Hey, didn't you just tell me off for using LOL!?

Suki: No, I made a comment on you using LOLZ. :P

Ichiru: Nice emoji.

Suki: Thanks Ichiru!

The chat goes on for over an hour.

Zero: Ichiru, its 2:11 and we have school tomorrow. We should go back to sleep.

Suki: Yeah, we don't wanna fall asleep in class!

Ichiru: OK...

Our Lives: Ichiru logged off.

Our Lives: Zero logged off.

I sigh and log off myself. I put my lavender and black laptop on the coffee table and lay down on the couch. I wrap my duna which I had brought out with me around myself. Toga doesn't mind me sleeping out here after being on the computer for a while, as long as I'm awake enough for school the next day. I always was.


'Sakura' I groan as I open my eyes, revealing Toga and bright morning sunlight. 'Morning.'

'Morning.' I mumble a reply.

'Morning.' Yes, you said that already Toga, and stop shaking me, damn it! He smiles down at me.

'Guess what day it is.'

'According to your breath its lets-get-high-before-noon day.' I reply sarcastically. He backhands me.

'I smoke normal cigarettes, Sakura. Not weed.' He says. I giggle and slap my hand over my mouth. He sighs irritably.

'Just get ready for school.' I nod and get up off the couch, with my hand still over my mouth. I walk up to my room, grab my towel, and head to the bathroom. I walk in and close the door behind me before I strip off. I turn the shower on full blast and cold. I step in and slide down to the tile floor of it.

Four years I've been here, and its only another three until the Kiryu family is attacked. I wonder, should I try to save them? On one hand, life could be easier and better for my friends, but on the other, cannon and life in general could be royally messed up. To save or not to save?

I sigh and stand up. I get washed, step out, wrap my towel around me and walk to my room. Once there I get dressed in the school uniform, slip on a non school issue jacket and tie my hair in a simple ponytail. Ready.

A:/N: Sorry, my dear readers, for having such a short chapter. But, next chapter will be longer, as it will he at... SCHOOL! Woop woop. Bye! :D