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So someone brought it to my attention that we know next to nothing about the OC so here it is. Hope it helps.

OC Bio and Profile

Name: Cassiopeia Williams

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Warrior Witch

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Hazel

Powers/Abilities/Styles/Gifts: Can use spells to help defeat her enemies as well as charm her weapons and is incredible with weapons

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Knives, Short Sword, and Katana

History: Cassie has been an orphan since she was 5 and a warrior witch took her in soon after. The warrior witch taught Cassie everything that she knew including weapon forging, placing traps, strategy, hunting, and horseback riding. She also taught her many languages such as Latin, Greek, French, Ancient Egyptian, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Cassie is fluent in all of those as well as English and Chinese.

Personality: Cassie is a strong woman and she knows it. She doesn't take BS from anybody. She is willing to defend her friends and family from those who harm them. You will learn more as it goes on.

Likes: Reading, helping others, and honing her skills

Dislikes: Bullies, people who want to take over the world, dresses, and abusers

Strengths: Fighting, forging weapons, spell casting, and wards

Weaknesses: Diplomatic skills, sewing, and unable to act womanly

Family: Dead

Partner: none

Friends/relationships: you will see

Fears: Spiders and wasps

Sayings: I don't think that she has any

Extras: Wears guy clothes no matter the situation

A/N: and there you go I hope that this cleared up some things for you and enjoy the rest of the story!