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There will however be yaoi though... So brace yourself! As for people who don't like yaoi...well no flaming -_-||


Tatsuya (Ruki-kuns OC){RyuuenXKai (Cero...I will go with this for now...) - if you wanna know more go to mine account...but I think you don't want a spoiler so...don't.)

Gender : male


Flame type : storm

Personality: happy, cheerful , playful, childish ,rarely serious (❌Warning❌ Can be deadly. I mean seriously -_-)

Details you need to know :

- is Fons half brother

-you know these anime character that always have their eyes in a line? Whenever they open their eye and u see their eyeballs you're always immediately like...OMG SOMETHINGS COMING ! Well yptahst tats yay and his seriousness I guess...

-black hair/light green eyes with hint of yellow. (Cero- It glow in the dark. Or when Tasuya is serious which is rare..-_-)

-other stuff ...u wanna know?read the book!

Riku(27-sempais OC)

Gender :female


Flame type :sun

Personality:little bit sadistic ,tomboyish

Details you need to know:

-is reborns sister

-notes the sadistic part... Warned you ...but it's okay cause it says a little right ?

-black hair /red eyes

-why red eyes ? Cause yea ~u guessed right !XD no offense sempai !want to know more ? Go ahead ...READ !

Kuni(Yuki-Chans OC)

Gender :Male


Flame type: sky

Personality: stern, serious, blunt (really blunt okay really ),can be happy and totally bipolar when he sees sweets

Details you need to know :

-is Yuni twin

-looks really similar to Yuni of the parallel world aka some eye and hair

-is short but accepts the fact , however if u tease him about him then... Don't expect to see any dessert for the next 5 weeks , up to tsunas ears

-want to know more ? Once the book...

Sozoku(neko-sempai's OC)



Flame type: Rain

Personality: cat like , solider, gaki(?) as quoted by sempai... Is that suppose to mean kid?

Details you need to know :

-Collenello's one-sama

-is she a cat? Probably not...

-has the same eye and hair color as colenello

-want to know more? Cmon

Sena(rae-sempais OC )

Gender :female

Age: 15

Flame type: Mist

Personality :oppisite of viper

Details you need to know :

-is viper/mammons sister ...MIGHT know the gender~

-ask her for free cake...

-has light brown hair with blond tip hair and violet eyes


Usagi(usagi's OC)

Gender: female

age: 17

Flame type: Lightning

Personality: Smart, can be sensitive,tomboyish,

details you need to know:

- is verde's sister

-dont insult her friends ~

-same appearence as verde i guess

-long brown hair tied in a braid, brown eyes (can sometimes be blue), has purple glasses, wears a lot of black and blue, tannish pale skin and has a bunny necklace, likes bombs, and throwing knives

-weakness: Cute things, sweets and baking