"Who are you? " The green haired man said to the now paled Usagi.

" Hehe well you see, " Usagi chuckled nervously and broke into a run straight to the door. Then


Metal connect with Usagi's forehead as they closed automatically. She turned to see Verde holding a machine he invented. And it was pointed at her.

She put her arms up and shouted.
"Hey! Hey easy there okay?! I'll talk yesh! " She shouted and sighed in relief as the machine was lowered.

"My names Usagi." She introduced herself. The man just stood there, a tick mark popped on the side of Usagi's head.

"Oi! If your smart enough to built the 000 then your smart enough to tell me your name!" She said.

The man snapped out of his daydream and looked at Usagi.

"You know the 000?" He asked and Usagi blew some strands of her hair that was covering her hair, then raised an eyebrow.

"No, the numbers are on the machine." She pointed out to the machine the man threatened with. It had the numbers 000 next to the machine.

"Now, answer." She said.

The man cleared up his throat and spoke up.

"I'm Verde, the greatest scientist." He said.

"Now answer this question, Usagi," Verde spat her name, making her flinch.

"How did you get into my lab?"

'Crap!' Usagi thought. Then she got an idea she hope it works.

"I was working on a machine that I worked on for months, since I kept failing on that. Then it malfunctioned and sent me here and I love your lab!" She said as she looked around the lab in awe.

Believing her a bit, Verde was surprised but kept a calm face.

"You really like my laboratory?" He asked. Usagi looked at him with a bright smile and nodded.

"Yeah! I really do want to make my own machines and experiments. But I keep failing." She said a bit sadly, but wiped it off as she smiled again.

"But I really love becoming a scientist!" She was telling the truth this time, she loves to have her own lab and be a scientist.

In fact, Usagi never made a single machine and she the only thing she can do is make bombs, and bake.

But she has learned a few things form Ganini who took her in when she was 5. Where she was alone and had no memory of what happened to her. the only thing she had and kept still was a green and black bunny necklace. And ever since Ganini raised her she became smart (Usagi- But not as smart as verde)

Verde was shocked and very surprised (Usagi- on the inside).

He smiled a tiny bit, but not visible enough for Usagi to see .

Even though verde was sure he never meet this girl before, He couldn't help but feel that he has a connection with the girl standing in front of him.
Usagi smiled and gave him her signature peace sign and a wink.
"Call me checker face "
"I already know you're checker face, I asked what your name is "
"Shouldn't you name yourself first?" Kawahira asked, the person in front of him definitely has a way of getting into people's nerves, of course If kawahira was anybody else he would be using violence by now but the checker face job involves a lot of paitence, and of course ,becuase of that patience is something kawahira has .
For the last ten minutes the girl had been talking back to kawahira's every attempt to get her identidy, and as of now, no luck.
"Why should I? "
"Then tell me, little girl, why should I? " kawahira, at the moment couldn't help but mentally smirk,
"I'm not a girl "
That caught kawahiras attention."then boy, what's your name "
"What's yours? "
Deciding that going on like this would be really childish kawahira mentally sighed and said "I'm kawahira "
"I already know that "the boy nodded "I'm kuni"
Man, this boy-kuni...
"Then why did you ask?"
"Did your mom never teach you to introduce yourself first before asking a stranger for their name?"
"And how did you know my name "kawahira asked , he has never meet anyone or heard of anyone in the mafia under the name kuni.
"Who said that I wasn't lying ?"kuni asked , indicating that he was lying about already knowing kawahira's name .
This boy...kuni...kawahira made a mental note not to argue with him again , nothing good will come out of it.
"But I didn't say that what I just said isn't a lie either "
...(seriously kuni?)
"I'm here to discuss the arcobaleno"kawahira replied noticing kuni flinch.
"Arcobaleno ?" Kuni asked calmly as he scanned the newcomers finding two fimaliar faces, reborn and riku.
"and who might you be? " takeshi asked with a hint of venom.
"Name " kuni said ignoring the others as he went back to feeding his box animal, a panda named pocky , pocky and cake (get it pocky is eating pocky? )
Kawahira, seeing where the conversation was going, judging by previous experience spoke up."you should introduce yourselves first, if not you won't get anything out of him "he advised
Hayato was obviously going to say something when tsuna speaked.
"My name is sawada tsunayoshi "Tsuna said then pointed to lambo "thats bovino lambo"
"Yo! Yamamoto takeshi "
"Che, gokudera hayato"
"I'm chrome "chrome said silently
"Kufufu"mukuro said after being glared by tsuna, tsuna can see that mukuro and hibari didn't want to be bossed around "rokudo mukuro "
"Hn. Hibari kyoya "
Looking around riku didn't know what to do so she just said "I'm riku" receiving a glance from kuni that reborn and kawahira didn't miss.
After a long silence reborn finally said "reborn "
Kuni took a sip of tea and said "kuni"
"What?" Hayato asked
"Thats his name "kawahira said leading to a long silence.
The silence was broken by kawahira saying "he's a male "
Another silence
"Ano...what's a 11 years old doing here? " (Tsuna/Chrome) said
"I asked him that and got a 'non of your business "Kawahira replied calmly "and he's 14 , i wonder what happened to the talktive guy earlier?"
Kuni just containued eating his cake.
After another long silence learning the fact that the midget in front of them is actually the same age as them,(kuni is up to tsuna ears ) reborn asked.
"Who are you"
"Kuni "kuni said, sending the message 'I already answered that'
Before reborn can say anything else kuni contained to eat cake and kawahira spoke up.
"Now let's discuss the issue with the sky arcobaleno"
Another silence flashed through the room ending by a sound of a small
Looking around the room the only reasonable cause of the this was a spoon, a silver spoon.
"What happened " for the first time since the new arrivals kuni spoke more than one word, with the hint of an unpleasant taste.