Kuni's nodded in understanding .
"That's why you're officially listed as a sky arcobaleno candidate "kawahira finished sending a huge wave of silence into the room , the silence later being interrupted by 'HHIIIEEEEEEE!'
"No" kuni said, voice sounding not as calm as a few minutes ago.
" how did you know that kuni's a sky on the first place?" Lambo suddenly asked , surprising everyone .
"Of course that's because he's the overseer ~"a voice suddenly entered the room , giving the answer to lambo's obvious question.
"Yo byakuran!"greeted takeshi .
Kuni just sat there eating cake. Although the difference was small , he seemed to be eating the sweet slower than a few seconds ago .

"So where are we going now?" Sena asked the unknown girl as they were in some forest.
There was no way she can gives a girl she doesn't know money, unless it has to deal with bets and poker.
The unknown girl stopped on her tracks and turned to face Sena. She held out her hand and opened her mouth to speak, until Sena cut her off.
"You know what forget it." She said and continued walking past the girl.
"Really? And I thought you want to know my name." The girl said and Sena turned around quickly, with her eyes widened.
"Are you serious?" Sena asked. The girl smirked and replied.
"I'll tell you my name," She said
"Finally!" Sena cried happily
"But," the unknown girl said stopping Sena's happy moment. "If I tell you my name ,you have to give me money ,and for me to tell you where we're going."
"Hell no!" Sena protested. The unknown girl sighed sarcastically, then shrugged.
"Guess you'll never know my name" and with that said, the unknown girl continued walking and Sena followed ,her arms crossed and a tick mark on her head.

"Fon-san, where are we going?" Tatsuya asked as he followed the taller man into the woods. Tatsuya felt a little scared, but when he was close to the man he felt as if he's safe from danger.
Fon looked at the younger boy and smiled a bit.
"We are meeting a few people I know. Don't worry, I know where we're going" he said as he looked around to make sure he is taking the right path. It was the afternoon, they don't have much time due to the fact that it's going to be dark soon.
Tatsuya grabbed Fon's arm and stayed close to him, he did not like the forest that much when it's dark, especially if there's snakes. (Usagi- There's always snakes in the forest!)
Fon noticed it and He put a hand on Tatsuya's head.
"Don't worry little one." Fon said with a smile. Tatsuya pouted when he heard the word 'little'.
'I'm not little!' Tatsuya thought, but smiled. Even though he never knew the man, he felt as if he is important to him. Fon looked at Tatsuya and smiled back. And the two continued their walk.

"Collonelo, where are we going, gaki?" Sozoku asked, walking behind Collonelo. Not long ago, Collonelo had gotten a call from a certain Hitman, saying to meet him and the others at a mansion somewhere in the forest.
For the past 10 minutes (Usagi - or 5 however you want it) Collonelo ignored Sozoku which began to annoy her. Cats don't like being ignored now do they?
'Oh, ignoring me to find a lady huh?' Sozoku thought 'Well I'll show you- OH! A butterfly!' All of Sozoku's thoughts on getting revenge were erased when she saw a monarch butterfly flying by.
Sozoku tried to catch it, but it kept flying away. Then the monarch flew further away from Sozoku and Collenello. And of course ,Sozoku chased the butterfly.
"Come back here!" Sozoku shouted, FINALLY getting Collonelo's attention.
He turned around and his eyes widened.
"Sozoku!" He shouted ,but the girl just ignored him.
'Don't like being ignored now huh?' Sozoku thought with an evil smirk. Then Sozoku just kept chasing the poor butterfly, while Collonelo kept chasing Sozoku, the butterfly was thinking 'what is wrong with these humans?!'
Well you know what they say. Cats are trouble makers.

"Reborn, what do you want now?" Verde asked through the phone.
"I need you to hack into the computer." Reborn ordered then told Verde why.
"Are you serious?" Verde asked, loud enough for Usagi to hear.
"Who's Reborn?" She asked.
"I can't I'm taking care of someone." Verde said.
"What? A box pet of yours? You know, you really need to spend time with someone." Reborn replied over the phone and a tick mark popped on Verde's head.
"Fine I'll be there." Verde said and hung up. Verde didn't know what to do.
He didn't want to leave the girl alone, but it was a meeting he really needed to go to He sighed and called Usagi down.
After 10 minutes, the two were walking in the woods.
"So who's Reborn?" Usagi ask and Verde sighed.
"He's a person I know." Verde answered.
Usagi raised an eyebrow.
'so they know each other but they're not friends? Eh that's reality for ya.' She thought ,a beeping sound snapped Usagi out of her thoughts.
"Found it" Verde muttered to himself. All the whole Usagi thought.
'This guy really needs to spend time with someone.'
Then, Usagi saw a mansion. Well something that probably used to be a mansion cause now it's destroyed.
"Fon-san is this it?" An unfamiliar voice asked and Usagi turned to see a boy with black hair and green eyes, the other next to him was a man wearing a chinese red outfit.
"Yep and I think we're not the only ones." The man said as he looked at Verde and Usagi.
Tatsuya looked at them too , he was about to say something when a voice suddenly interrupted.
"We're here" A girl wearing a purple cloak and had purple hair called out as another girl ran up to her.
"We made it, kora!" A man with blonde hair and blue eyes called out as a girl with similar appearence ran up to him.
"And it looks like there's more people, gaki." The girl replied as everyone looked at each other.

at the mansion
"So do you remember anything?" Reborn asked as he looked over at Riku, who raised an eyebrow and sighed.
The two were at the kitchen only to calm down. Who knew Riku's friend is an arcobaleno.
"You might not believe me, or my friend." Riku replied. Reborn smirked and cross his arm on his chest.
"And how so?" He asked and Riku gave him a blank look.
"You maybe the number one Hitman in the world, but if I tell you then you'll think I'm crazy." She replied and Reborn rolled his eyes.
"Fair enough." He said and smiled a bit. He likes this girl (Usagi- not in a love kind but a brotherly and sisterly love) and felt as if he has a connection with her.
Riku looked at Reborn and raised an eyebrow.
"How long are you going to stare at me like that?" She asked and Reborn looked at her with a smirk.
"What?" He asked and Riku sighed and head back to the living room with Reborn walking next to her.