Robert plant

after Robert got back to normal size olive walked out the hallway

" OLIVE you made it! " Otto ran up to to olive and hugged her lifting her off the floor

" Otto I'm OKAY you were that worried about me? " olive hugged back as pulled apart Otto blushed

" well your my partner and I don't want anything to happen to you I really care about "

" well I'm fine Otto thanks for caring about me " olive tip toed and kissed his cheek

"olive?" Otto said

"Yeah Otto " olive smiled

" do you think it's stupid to fall in love with your partner " Otto blushed olive stopped and thought for a while and smiled looking at him

" no no it's not " olive shook her Head

"Well..." Otto stook her hands in his " almost lost you a few minutes it's now or never...oliveilkeyoualot"Otto said extremely fast

"What?" Olive laughs "your talking too fast slow down

Otto sighs and says it again " olive I like you a lot please don't hate me...or punch me " Otto said shielding himself from a punch olive stared at Otto shocked but then smiled

"Otto I'm not gonna hate you or punch you " olive placed his hands down

" you're not -no!" Otto interuppt her

" as a matter of fact " olive wrapped her arms around him

" I like you too " olive kissed her cheek again

" aww you to are just cute " agent obfusco said sniffing they both fired away from each other nervously laughing

"obfusco?" Otto said confused " I though you were back till tomorrow "

" it is tomorrow light! " obfusco said then the lights came on

"We've been here all night? " olive said

" thank you for caring for Robert and as thanks a present "obfusco said then he pulled out three plants

" Jimmy , john and John Paul " he set them on the table

" plus instructions " he handed olive three instructions books

" now way " they both groaned then he vanished

"well we might have been here all night but I'm glad I got to spend it with you " Otto kiss her both cheeks

" me too Otto "olive giggled

"It is kind of impressive that he just disappears like that " Otto said

" thank you " obfusco popped up behind them

"Ahhh" they both screamed

i decided to make my favorite olive and Otto moments and this one was the cutest episode ever hope you guys like these mmoments I picked out