( took place in reindeer games)

after helping Santa catch his reindeers and deliver presents all around the world olive and Otto was sent back to HQ only agent Orin and Olaf were the only ones at the headquarters arguing about weather or not they should have a Bunny on the job olive and Otto got their stuff and headed for the tubes Then while they were in the tube lobby then something just told Otto to look up then he saw a mistletoe hanging above his and Olive's head " Hey olive? " Otto slowly turned his gaze into olive " yeah... " olive answered then she looked at him he looked at her with a cute flirty smile " look up... " Otto quickly took is gaze off her and up the ceiling then back at her olive slowly looked up then she saw it. The mistletoe. A little smile spread across her face then she looked at Otto " uuuuummmm...should we.. " Otto said trying to avoid the awkwardness " um I think I..guess " olive said then they both stepped in closer to each other Otto place his hand on her cheek and brought her face close to his olive wrapped her arms around his neck and Otto close the the finale gap between them their kiss was anything but amazing sparks defiantly lid up inside of them then they broke the kiss they rest their forehead on each other smiles on their faces " I gotta say that was pretty... Amazing you're a pretty awesome kisser " Otto whispers olive laughs uncontrollably

"thanks...you were pretty awesome too! " olive giggled they both shared a good laugh till they stared into each other eyes again and smiled

" MERRY CHRISTMAS " they both said with a laugh then they kissed again and this time it was better than before.