Olive and Otto had a long busy day they were doing paperwork at their office when something came over Olive " I wonder if he likes me aw' come on Olive be real of course he doesn't like you and besides I'm sure he thinks you're not pretty with this boring hairstyle I have... I really need to change that-Olive...OLIVE! earth to agent Olive! " Otto said waving his hand in front of her face snapping her out of her thoughts " huh? Sorry partner I kinda zoned out for a sec heh! " Olive shook her head clearing her thoughts " your..okay though right? " Otto placed his hand on her shoulder she looked at him with fake smile " yeah of course I'm fine Otto " Olive lied Otto looked unconvinced he knew she was lying he always knew when she was lying but he just shook it off " okay Olive " he sighed then they continued there file workings silence filled their office " Otto?... " Olive broke the silence " yeah?..." Otto glanced at her for a minute and resumed doing his work Olive sighed and continued " do...do you think I'm... Pretty? " Olive quickly glanced at him and back to her notebook Otto stopped and slowly turning his gaze back to her

"and there it is! the most stupidest question I asked! " Olive thought, she felt so stupid just then Otto softly turned her face to him he scanned her eyes for a moment " No..I don't think your pretty " he said to her face he noticed a frown appeared on her lips " you d-don't? " Olive said softly he shook his head " no...I think your adorable " Otto smiled Olive's frown disappeared from her face which was replaced with a smile " really?" Olive asked surprised " yes everything about you is adorable! you're cute " Otto chuckled lightly Olive attacked him with a hug which he returned " thank you Otto that means a lot to me " she whispered " anything for my partner " hugged her tight and kissed her cheeks which surprised her " i love you " he whispered into her ear she smiled and looked at him " I love you too " she smiled.









And like I said before I'm bored and I have nothing to do hope you have a good night