"What is this?", the bony, alabaster skinned elf asked after a thin stack of parchment was dumped into her lap. "It's some kind of sheet music, I think. I picked some up for you while I was out.", Thalarion said, leaning over the day bed that Sapphira had planted herself on.

Her thin fingers rifled through the papers, eyes flickering over each note, with Thalarion watching intently. "This is vocal music, not piano.", she remarked, turning her head to look up at her crimson-haired partner. "Oh, is it?", he laughed, smirking.

"Why did you purchase vocal music?", she questioned, "Is there something I don't know about you?"

"No, love. As I said, it's for you.", his laughter faded as he pressed a kiss to Sapphira's hair, which was beginning to streak with white again. "So you want me to sing for you?", she asked once more, her orbs of violet and Scourge-blue sparkled faintly with amusement. "I wouldn't mind, if you did.", he said, suddenly grabbing her and lifting her into his arms.

Their laughter mixed together as he spun them around the rather cluttered living room, humming a waltz badly and off-key. She couldn't help but join with him, her humming a bit less terrible. He ended by dipping her down low, pressing a short kiss to her lips, then letting her down to her feet.

Night fell soon, and the pair crawled into bed together, as usual. Thalarion held Sapphira close in his lap, simply enjoying eachother's presence in the darkness. She kissed his cheek, before singing softly, her gentle words and soprano lilt goading them both to sleep.