Carrie was a freak.

Maybe it was all the schools she had been kicked out of, maybe it was all the names she'd been called, maybe it was just because deep down, she didn't want to be happy in this world, but she had always found herself exiled to the outskirts of society. Hating life, hating other people, and most of all hating herself.
The only thing that kept her going was the hope that one day she would find somebody, anybody, that shared her hatred for conformity. This hope fuelled her, burned like an angry fire in her core. It was what caused her to act out, to shout, to scream, to throw aside all expectation and be different from everyone else. It had gotten her kicked out of more than one GaGa school, but she didn't really care. What did it matter to her which school she went to? It was all the same anyway. The same lessons, the same food, even the people seemed to be exactly the same wherever she went. She was simply being passed like a disease from one high school to another, until they had had enough of her and sent her packing to the next place.
Even her family had refused to accept her as one of their own. Since she was small, she had been tossed around from aunt to uncle, cousin to grandparent, staying only as long as they could tolerate her, then being shipped off to the next home.
An outsider. That's all she was. She was trying to swim against a strong current, a current that beat her back and pushed her down until she was near drowning, but still she fought it. She refused to be like them.
Globalsoft would not win against her.

Globalsoft would not win.