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Without further ado...

Katherine (Katie/Kate) Wakefield was respected in many communities. The only one mattered to her though was her beloved St. Trinians. She was at the start of her last year (nearly, it was the summer holidays) at the girls school, graduating with Annabelle Fritton (Head Girl), Celia, Lucy, Chelsea, Bianca, Zoe and Roxy. She loved her friends but would clash sometimes with each tribe. Her life not being the easiest, she had strong points of view and voiced them regularly, which lead to recurring disputes with the aforementioned girls. Although she never saw Fritton anymore, she was always with her predecessor, ex-head girl Kelly Jones, who, although she has a job, regularly visited. The younger girls thought they chatted the whole time, Kate knew better. The Head Girl and ex-Head Girl were secretly dating but didn't want anyone to know for the first few months in case it didn't work out.

Now let's get on with the story. You see Katie felt lonely, she hadn't had a boyfriend in over two years ever since she'd broken up with her Italian friend Tyler who she met whilst in Italy five years back. Because of her loneliness, she was an angry person. Which is why we would find her in the school gym, whacking the punch bug and building up some muscle. This where we begin our story.

~~~~No one's P.O.V~~~~

"Oi Kate!" A figure was standing in the doorway of the gym, watching her best friend release her frustrations on the battered fabric in the corner. When she didn't reply, Annabelle Fritton resorted to shouting.
"WHAT!?" She whirled around to face the disturbance.
"Nothing," Annabelle smirked, leaning against the doorframe.
"Why are you here then?" Kate faced the punch bag again.
"They made me come and check on you."
"No one makes Annabelle Fritton do anything."
"You're right they don't. No I'm here because I care; you seem stressed a lot at the moment."
"I'm fine, just not been sleeping well." Annabelle went to speak but Katie interrupted her. "No, I don't know why."
"Hmm…" Annabelle looked concerned for her friend. "I also came here to tell you we'll be cleaning the weaponry in weapons class."
"I'll be along later."
"Oh yeah, Chels wants to speak to you" Katie paused.
"About what?"
"I dunno, she didn't tell me." 'Belle walked away.

~~~~Katie's P.O.V~~~~

I sighed, knowing if I didn't go to class that Belle would be on my case until I did turn up, especially as she knew where I was.

"Bloody Fritton, interrupting my workout."

I took off the bandage from around my knuckles to protect them from damage and headed off towards the showers. The hot water felt good on my tense muscles as I washed away the sweat and dirt.

I finished my shower and got myself dressed, wearing a button-up shirt with the top two buttons undone, my grey, silk waistcoat with the St. Trinian's logo stitched onto the breast pocket with a handkerchief in the school colours poking out of the top. My school tie was left loose around my neck as I did the button on my black jeans up, with St. Trinian's stitched down the side in large lettering and then tied up my laces of my black vans. I strolled up to the dorms and placed my gym bag under my bag, grabbing my phone and headphones. As I walked, I tied my tie but left it slightly loose

By the time I actually made it to weapons class, I was a good ten minutes late but considering I had originally planned on missing the whole of it…

"You decided to turn up then. I'm surprised. You never cut off your workout" Bianca chuckled at my presumably sour expression.
"What and have Fritton nag me for half an hour? No bloody chance. How mad do you think I am?"
"Very!" she replied in earnest.
"There you are" Chelsea walked over to me "Katie, I need a word with you when you're done."
"You can't talk to me now?"
"And get dirty. No chance!"
"Well then, I'll see you in half an hour in the dorms then, by my bed."
"'Kay, 'Kay." Her mobile phone rung and she walked away. "Hello…Hi, Brad…I missed you too, baby…" She put on her best ditzy blonde voice. Not many people know it but, Chelsea is pretty damn smart as proved by School Challenge a couple of years ago.

I quickly cleaned four rifles in the 30 minutes, not getting a bit of dirt over myself, owing to being a pro at rifle work. I headed up to the dorm to see Chelsea lounging on my bed, playing on her phone.

"So then Chelsea, what's up?" I plopped down on the spare bed next to mine, grabbing a book from under my bed.
"My niece is joining St Trinians."
"A first year?"
"No, she's a year younger than us, graduating next year."
"And she's your niece?"
"My sister's 42."
"And she's letting her come here?!" I asked incredulously
"All females in my family are St Trinians. It's a Parker female tradition and honour to attend here."
"All Posh Totties I presume?"
"No we've had geeks," *shiver* "emo's," *shiver* "chavs," *bigger shiver* "and my mother was head girl."
"I'm impressed. Now why are we having this conversation?"
"I need your car."
"I can steal my mother's Dodge Charger for you? Seeing as I don't own one."
"Sounds good."
"When does she need picking up?"
"Week before term starts?"
"No problem. But I'm coming with you, and I'm driving. That car is worth more than your closet put together."
"Sounds fun!"
"I'll go get it in the next couple of days."
"Thanks Kate" Chelsea hugged me and walked off.

I put my headphones in and moved to sit in my own bed while I read and shut out the world. I must have fallen asleep because someone was tapping me awake, aggressively. I opened my eyes slowly and groggily, glancing at my clock which read half seven.

"I just shut my eyes."
"Of course, Kate" I heard Kel's voice.
"Oh heya Kel."
"It's dinner time."
"Are you not to meant to have a job?"
"I do, it just comes with a lot of time off."
"Soon people are going to think you've been fired. In fact what is your job?" She looked round to make sure the dorm was empty. When she was sure it was clear she looked at me again.
"I'm an MI7 agent. One of the best in the field."
"Yep, the training I was given was nothing compared to here."
"I'm glad to hear it." Kelly stood up.
"Come on up you get" she hauled me to my feet and we headed down to the dining room in silence.

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