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After a successful sound check, I put the guitar on a nearby stand, and dropped off the stage. T 'n' T were setting up the bar, the main drink being Trinsky but there were a few others. All expensive. All stolen. That raid and nearly getting caught was so worth the five bottles of Jack Daniels and ten of Disaronno that I have stashed under my bed.

I sat myself next to Chelsea who was just finishing off what she was doing. After a few seconds, she turned to look me, immediately admiring my outfit before meeting my eyes.

"Yeah?" she asked when I said nothing.
"Tell me more about this niece of yours." Chelsea did a double take in her seat; probably at the fact I'm willingly being sociable.
"What would you like to know?" She asked after recovering from her shock.
"Anything, you know. Just so it's not gonna be an awkward car journey from the airport. Which, you know, is a two hour drive."
"Okay. Well, she's seventeen. She likes to sing and dance."
"No, contemporary dance and street dancing." I raised an eyebrow.
"Okay… What else?"
"Umm, okay, this isn't something you're really going to talk about but she's still getting over her most recent heartbreak."
"Most recent?" I opted for the most important part of the sentence.
"Yeah, boys from her old school, the one round the corner, only really go for her because of her looks and title."
"She attended the snobby, pretentious boarding school?" She nodded. "The one where all the kids, the boys especially, have a copy the school rule book stuffed up their-" Chelsea's glare cut me off. I thought about rephrasing the sentence but came up blank. "I got nothing gentler than that."
"Yes, that's the school, I'm so glad she's left."
"Was her heartbreak the cause of her leaving?"
"I definitely think that was one of the factors but she wouldn't speak to us about it. Just that she was, and I quote, 'fucking miserable'. She never, well hardly ever, swears."
"We'll see about that one," I smirked mischievously.
"Do not corrupt my niece! I will skin you, Wakefield!"
"Everyone has a dark side. It just takes the right, well, wrong person, depending on what way you look at it, to bring it to light."
"Do not. Corrupt. My niece." She reiterated.
"Okay." I held my hands up in surrender. "Wait, wait, hold the phone. Can we backtrack momentarily? What title does your niece have?" I demanded.
"Natalie is sixty-eighth in line for the throne."
"The throne?" I choked out.
"Her full title is Lady Natalie Scarlett Arabella Parker."
"Are you in the procession for the throne?
"Mm-hmm," she nodded. "Fifty-ninth." Why was she acting like this wasn't a big deal? Wait, why am I having a heart-to-heart with Chelsea Parker? Damn you, Aleks!
"Okay. Have you met any Royals?"
"Technically I am a Royal," she replied smugly.
"Okay. Senior Royals, then?" Why is she so damn pedantic sometimes?
"Prince Harry and William and a few others."
"Hot damn, Prince Harry?" she nodded.
"I've known Kate since the start of her relationship with Will. We're good friends. Prince George is the sweetest child ever."
"Do you often have to attend royal events?"
"All the time. Natalie comes as well but she gets more of a choice than I do in saying no."
"Not sure," she shrugged.
"Hmm…sounds interesting."
"It is. However, not many people know I'm a Royal. I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone."
"I mean it, Katie. Or I'll steal your alcohol supply."
"You wouldn't dare!" I recoiled in horror.
"Try me, Wakefield!" She raised a threatening eyebrow.

We all started leaving the room as a group. Chelsea and I chatted the whole walk to the dorm, being joined by 'Belle, Saffy, Bella and Roxy along the way. Chelsea started talking to Saffy and Bella when we eventually reached the dorm. I collapsed onto my bunk, grabbing my book off my bedside table.

My phone buzzed with a text. I dug it out to see a message from 'Belle. I looked up at her as she sat on her bed with a smug grin. Kelly raised an eyebrow at my glare.

Are you actually being nice to Chelsea?
Hahahaha…you're hilarious.
I know, it comes naturally.

I rolled my eyes and chucked my phone on the bed, perfectly content to read the end of my book. I got an hour of peace and quiet (must be a new record) before I was ripped from the fictional reality I had buried myself in. Double trouble jumped onto me and knocked the wind out of my lungs.

"Oof…" I clutched my chest as I fought for oxygen.
"Kate, let's go. It's nearly time for the party."
"Yeah, come on." They ran out of the room.

I put my book away and started to get ready. My suit is nice and all but it's not really made for a St. Trinian's party. I stuck with my jeans and vans but changed into a check shirt and put a snapback on. Grabbing my phone, I headed to 'Belle's room.

She and Kelly were just leaving as I made it to them. Annabelle had changed into a tailored blouse, pencil skirt, with her tie wrapped around her waist. Kelly hadn't bothered to change, opting for her usual leather jacket, tank top and jeans ensemble.

We partied deep into the night. The Banned rocked the place and called me up on to the stage occasionally. Around three o'clock, people eventually passed out or dragged themselves to bed. I stayed until the end and made sure everyone was pretty much okay. As an insomniac, I felt it was a better use of my time to help my fellow students than lying in bed, longing for sleep but knowing it would never come.

At five o'clock, I eventually headed on up to my bunk, quietly moving about and grabbing my wash kit and a clean change of clothes before moving on towards the showers.

I showered in freezing cold water until I felt sober again. I pulled a bathrobe on and headed quickly for the dining room and made coffee. From there, I moved to the infirmary and grabbed a packet of aspirin for the day, should my hangover appear later on.

After downing my coffee, I went back to the showers and dressed myself.

How was it?