A Delightful Visit From The Dwarves

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Possibly AU:

Authors Notes and Warnings: There will be a very short spanking scene in this story. Bilbo spanks frodo because he does something that is dangerous. Bilbo does not spank Frodo a lot, and he has Frodo's parent's permission to do it. The puppet show that Frodo will see will not be too scary for children. The ages of the children are human ages, not dwarf or hobbit ages. There is also a little religion in it. Possible Hobbit and Simarillian spoilers.

Bilbo was relaxing in his cushioned chair in the very large parlor of Bag end with a sleepy three year old Frodo on his lap and reading a fairy tale story about elves to him. Bilbo was exhausted from looking after him all day because Frodo was a very curious toddler filled with energy and Bilbo often had to use his own energy to rescue him from things he got into that he wasn't supposed to as well as cooking and doing his usual chores. He never thought that a small child would tire him out so much.

He looked towards the large round window on his right and saw the dark blue sky decorated with stars that twinkled like little lights and the full moon was brightening the sky a little. He also felt a cool breeze hit his cheeks because he had his round window opened slightly. He stared at the night sky for a few seconds with admiration, thanking Eru for creating the stars and the moon, and when he turned back to Frodo he saw that his little nephew was sleeping.

He must be worn out from running around all day, Bilbo thought. I think he will get a goodnight sleep tonight.

He was about to get up and tuck Frodo to his guest room to tuck him in bed, when he heard someone knocking on the door. Bilbo got up and carefully placed the sleeping toddler on the chair and went to open the door. He hoped the knocking wouldn't wake Frodo up.

"I'm coming," said Bilbo while he was walking to the front door.

When Bilbo opened the door his eyes lit up and his mouth was opened in a delightful surprise. There standing in front of him were Bofer, Bifer, Ori, Nori, and Gloin. Bilbo and the dwarves stood silently for a few seconds; they were so overwhelmed with seeing other again that they couldn't say a single word.

All of a sudden Bofer broke the silence by hugging Bilbo and saying, "It is so great to see you again."

"It is great to see you too, Bofer" Bilbo said in return. "It is great to see all of you. I've not seen any of you for years and I missed you."

"We missed you too," said Gloin.

At that moment Bilbo was hugging all of the dwarves.

When they stopped hugging each other Bofer said, "We visited Balin and Dwalin in Moria, and have decided to drop by your hole for a visit before we continue on our travels."

"Come inside," said Bilbo.

The dwarves were entering the door with loud footsteps, chattering, and clanging of weapons which made Bilbo winced because he did not want his nephew to wake up.

"Please be quiet," he said with annoyance in his voice. "My little nephew is sleeping and I don't want him to wakeup.

They followed Bilbo quietly inside the house and saw sleeping on the chair and leaning towards the left an adorable toddler with hair the color of dark chocolate and with a slight smile on his face. The dwarves looked admiringly at him.

"He is so adorable," Nori said very quietly.

"He is," Gloin agreed. "He reminds me of Gimli when he was little."

"What is his name?" Bofer asked quietly.

"His name is Frodo."

"Make yourselves comfortable while I take him to his room," Bilbo said very quietly to them. "You can help yourselves to the food."

Bilbo carried Frodo down one of the long tunnels, to a guest room that was next to his own room and opened the door. He put the sleeping Frodo on the small arm chair before he pushed the blankets halfway down the bed. He lifted Frodo and placed him on a soft yet firm mattress and tucked the blankets over him. He kissed him goodnight gently on his forehead before he left the room; quietly closing the door behind him.

While he was halfway through the tunnel he smelt some food cooking. He also heard a loud crash which sounded like glass breaking on the floor. He cringed at the sound because he was afraid that it would wake his nephew. He walked back to Frodo's guest bedroom and opened the door to the room to check up on him, Frodo was as sound asleep as he was before. With a sigh of relief Bilbo closed the door and followed the noise to its source; the kitchen. Behind the kitchen door he heard the dwarves talking to each other.

When he opened the kitchen door he saw Bifer heating up potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and beef. Ori was kneeling on the floor picking up the dishes and silverware that he dropped. To Bilbo's astonisment, none of the dishes or silverware were broken. The other dwarves were sitting at the table filled with kiwi's, apricots, bread, cheese with a large pitcher of water and a bottle of wine in the middle.

"We're hungry," Nori said just before he picked up a piece of bread and placed it in his mouth.

Bilbo looked at him fondly with an expression that showed that he wasn't surprised at the statement.

Bofur who was sitting next to Nori helped himself to some cheese. Bilbo smiled fondly at them, and then he walked over to where Ori was and helped him pick up the dishes. They placed some of them on the table and the others back inside the cupboard.

Bilbo went over to where Ori was and helped him picked up the dishes and silverware.

"I opened the cupboards to take out the plates, forks, and knives, but they slipped out of hands and crashed onto the floor," Ori said while he placed some of the dishes back in the cupboard.

Bilbo also placed some of the dishes in back on the cupboard and the rest he placed on the table in front of the dwarves who each had a drinking glass and a wine glass in front of them. Ori placed the silverware next to the plates before he put the rest away with Bilbo's help.

"Thank you, Bilbo," Ori said tiredly before they joined the others at the table.

"They finally defeated the orcs and reclaimed Khazad-dum," said Gloin who took a bite out of his cheese. "It was a long hard battle, and many dwarves have lost their lives."

"But most of them survived, and Balin was made Lord of Khazad-dum," Nori added before he sipped some wine.

"Khazad-dum?" Bilbo asked, not understanding the word. He sliced a piece of melon and began to eat it.

"It's dwarvish for Moria," said Ori who was stirring the mushrooms.

"We had a big celebration afterwards," said Bofer. "Hundreds of dwarves were celebrating. We had a large feast of beef, venison, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, roast chicken, etc. Some of the dwarves did not celebrate with us because they were still mourning over their families, but the rest of us were singing and dancing to the music that some of the dwarves played on the horns, drums, and other musical instruments. We were happy because not only did we defeat the orcs, but we really defeated them. There were a lot more dead orcs then there were dead dwarves." Bofer drank some of the water to wet his dry throat.

"Aul and the other valar must have helped us," said Gloin. "I don't think we could have defeated them this well by ourselves."

Bilbo and the other dwarves nodded their heads in agreement.

"But how can you celebrate; didn't you suffer loss too?" Bilbo asked.

"We did," said Ori. "But we were happy that we got Khazadum back. Plus we did not celebrate for until a few weeks later out of respect for the dead. We were both happy and sad."

"You could say that it was bittersweet celebration," said Nori.

"Who is Frodo?" Ori asked Bilbo while the others looked at Bilbo curiously.

"He's my nephew, well actually my cousin a few time removed, but there is such a huge age difference between us that it is better that he called me uncle. I'm babysitting him for a few days because his parents, Drogo and Primula are celebrating their wedding anniversary."

"Where did they go to celebrate it?" Bofer asked curiously before he helped himself to more bread.

"They went boating on brandywine River," Bilbo answered him before he took another bite out of his piece of melon.

"The water is awfully cold at this time of the year," objected Bofer. "It is too cold to go swimming."

"They are not going swimming," said Bilbo who wondered why Bofer would ask that question. "I hope the waters are calm because I don't want their boat to tip over."

"The waters should be calm because there are no clouds in the sky and there is hardly any breeze," said Gloin.

Bifer gestured in agreement before he ate some bread.

"I hope you are right," Bilbo said a bit doubtfully.

By that time Ori and Nori were serving food to everybody because supper was ready.

Bilbo and the dwarves were continuing to help themselves to the food while talking and laughing with each other.

Later on Bilbo and the dwarves were relaxing in the parlor drinking tea and conversing with each other. The fire from the fireplace added warmth to the room.

"Dali is getting married to Melli, this summer," said Nori. "I'm looking forward to the wedding; it will be an unforgettable event. They are going to have a feast filled with the most delicious venison, and beef, as well as cakes, and truffles. There will be lots of dancing and entertaining."

"There will also be lots of dwarves from the Iron Hills," said Ori. "I'm looking forward to seeing Dain again.

"I hope I see Olin and Dila and their son there too," said Gloin who blinked his eyes.

"Who are Dali and Melli?" Bilbo asked before he sipped his tea.

"They are friends of ours," Bofer answered. Dali's mother is one of my mother's best friends, and Melli is a distant cousin of ours. She used to live in Iron Hills."

"We are all looking forward to the wedding," Gloin said.

"How did they meet each other?" Bilbo asked.

"Melli and her relatives were visiting us from the Iron Hills a few years ago, and when she met Dali they became good friends and soon he was beginning to court her," Gloin answered. "She stayed with the few relatives who did not return to the Iron Hills."

"We dwarves hardly have weddings, because most of us don't get married," said Nori. "But I always have fun at them."

"When they occur," Ori finished for him.

What is going on in the shire?" Bofer asked Bilbo.

"We are going to have our yearly spring fair at the other end of Hobbiton, and I am looking forward to going there" said Bilbo. "There will be all sorts of vegetables, flowers, and fruits, as well as games and contests including the pie baking and wheel barrow races. Why don't you come with me to the fair? It will be lots of fun. I'm going to take Frodo there."

"You told me that Gandalf does fireworks," said Nori when we were in Lake Town.

"I don't think he's going to show fireworks this time," said Bilbo. "He just visited me a few weeks ago, and he told me he had important business in the south. It would be nice *yawn* though because he made the best fireworks I have ever seen, and all of the hobbits enjoyed them." The Sackville-Baggins and the Greenhomes faces flashed in his mind. He remembered how they sneered and made snide remarks about Gandalf's fire works. "Well *yawn* almost all of the hobbits."

"I'm getting tired. Frodo *yawn* had me up since ear *yawn* ly this morning and I am too sleepy to *yawn* stay awake any longer *yawn*. Goodnight."

Bilbo disappeared through one of the tunnels and the dwarves continued to converse with each other.

Early the next morning before the sun began to rise. Frodo was wide awake and ready to play. He toddled over to his uncle's room and reached up for the door handle and opened the door. He saw that his uncle was still in bed fast asleep. Frodo could not believe that his uncle was still sleeping at this time of the day. He jumped on Bilbo's bed climbed on top of Bilbo and began to shake him awake.

"Uncle Bibo!" Wake up! Wake up! It's time to pway!" Frodo said excitedly.

Bilbo began to moan while Frodo was shaking him until he woke up. The first thing Bilbo saw were the bright blue eyes of his nephew staring at him. The second thing he saw that the light of the moon was still shining through the window and that it was still dark outside.

"Come on Unca Bibo, time go get up. It's time to pway."

"No it isn't," said Bilbo who could hardly keep his eyes open.

"It's still dark outside. The sun hasn't even woken up yet. Go back to sleep."

"It's time fo the sun to wake up too," Frodo argued.

"Please go back to sleep," Bilbo said groggily.

"No wana sweep. Want to pway.'

Bilbo moaned then slowly closed his eyes again.

"Come on Unca Bibo, don't cwose ya eyes," Frodo said while shaking his uncle again.

At that moment Bofer saw through the open door an energetic toddler trying to wake up the exhausted Bilbo. He decided to intervene.

He walked over and said to them and said to Bilbo, "would you like me to take care of him so that you can get some sleep?"

"I would appreciate that Bofer; I can hardly keep my eyes open," said Bilbo who's eye lids were only half way up.

"Come on, let's allow your uncle to sleep," Bofer said to Frodo while he lifted him off the bed and placed him on the floor.

"Thank you Bofer."

"WI you pway wit me, Bofa?" Frodo asked while Bofa took his hand and they walked out of the room together.

Frodo began to run towards his room.

"Come on Bofa," he said trying to pull at his hand. "I got some toys in my woom."

Bofer let go of Frodo's hand and followed him into his guest bedroom where he had all kinds of toys including stuffed animals, and horses and buggies. His parents packed a lot of toys for him.

"I wana pway in te pawo. Hep me cawy my toys in teah," said Frodo while he picked up a few stuffed animals in his arms.

"What would you like me to carry?" asked Bofer.

"The hoses and the buggies."

Bofer picked up three of the horse and buggy set and followed Frodo out of the room. They walked through the tunnel until they came to the parlor. Bofer opened the parlor door and as soon as they entered the room they dropped the toys on the floor before they sat down on the floor and began to play with them.

Frodo took his stuffed bear and pretended to make it dance while he was making growling noise.

"What can I play with?" Bofer asked the toddler.

"You can pway wit my owiphant. His name is Tump (Stump).

"What is your bear's name," Bofer asked Frodo.

"Bouncy," Frodo answered.

"Now you haf ta make owiphant sounds as you mov Tump."

Bofer began to make oliphant sounds while he was moving stump at the same time Frodo was continuing to make Bouncy growl and dance. A few minutes later Bofa prentended to make Stump charge Bouncy, and when Frodo saw Stump charging Bouncy he made Bouncy jump on the bear. Bofer and Frodo made the stuffed animals wrestle with each other.

Bofer was having a lot of fun playing with Frodo. He saw how happy the child was by his bright eyes and his laughter. Bofer has always been good with kids. He used to play with Fili and Kili when they were children as well as Gimli, and he made plenty of toys for them. He also made lots of toys for children in human villages.

"Wook, Bofa, Bouncy, can jump vewy high."

Frodo lifted the stuffed bear over his head before he bounced it on the floor, and Bofer did the same thing except that he made oliphant jump higher and harder then Frodo's bear.

"Wow!" said Frodo.

"Wet's pway wit the hoses and buggies," he said while dropped his stuffed bear.

Frodo and Bofer began to move the horses and buggies around.

"Look at me," Bofer said to Frodo while he pretended to have his horse and buggy jump over a huge fence. "My horse jumped over a fence."

Frodo repeated Bofer's action and said, "Mine jumped over a mountain."

At that moment, Gloin entered the parlor and saw Bofer playing with the toddler.

"I see that I'm not the only one up early this morning," said Gloin who looked at the sun that was now showing its rays in through the large window.

"Frodo was up before sunrise, and he tried to wake up Bilbo so that Bilbo can play with him, but I saw how tired Bilbo was so I decided to play with this little lad and let his uncle sleep."

"I'm not a wittle wad; I'm a big wad," the one foot Frodo said proudly.

"Frodo, this is Gloin," said Bofer.

"Gwoin?" Frodo repeated questioningly.

"Yes, Gloin," said Gloin.

"Wana pway wit us, Gwoin?"

"What would you like me to play with?

"We gonna have a hose and buggy wace; you can pway wit tat hose and buggy," Frodo answered while pointing to the smaller hrose and buggy set.

Gloin picked up the horse and buggy and placed it with the other horses and buggies.

"We wace towads tat tuffed bunny. The fist one to weach the bunny wins. On ya mak! Get set! Go!"

Frodo, Bofer and Gloin were racing their horses and buggies towards the stuffed bunny. Bofer and Gloin moved their horses and buggies slowly so that Frodo could reach the bunny first. When he did, he dropped his horse and buggy and jumped up and down excitedly.

"I won! "I won!" he yelled.

"Shush," said Gloin. "Others might still be sleeping."

"No we're not," said Nori who entered the room. "Breakfast is ready."

"Come on Frodo," said Bofer. "It's time to have some breakfast."

"We pway afta?"

"Yes, we will play," said Bofer.

To Be Continued