A Delightful Visit From The Dwarves

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They turned left and began to head for the puppet show. On their way they passed by a hobbit man selling stuffed animals. Frodo looked at the stuffed animals with a desire play with them.

"I wan to pway wit tese tufed animaws," Frodo said to them.

"I'll buy you one," said Bilbo.

"Let me buy the toy for Frodo," said Gloin.

"Are you sure?" Bilbo asked.

"I've grown fond of the child; it would be my pleasure."

They walked to the stuffed animal stand where Hamfast was also buying stuffed animals for his children.

"It's nice to see you here, Hamfast," Bilbo said to him. I hope you are doing fine on this cool spring day."

"My boys love stuffed animals; so my Bell and I decided to buy some."

Hamfast was glad that the stuffed animals were being sold for little money because he didn't have much money for buying toys.

While Bilbo was talking to Hamfast and his family, Gloin asked Frodo, "which stuffed animal would you like to have?"

"I would wike tat one," he answered while he pointed at a soft brown puppy with floppy ears and who had large black beads for eyes.

Gloin gave the money to the hobbit man before he picked up the stuffed puppy and gave it to Frodo.

"Put me down, Bofa," Frodo said to him.

Bofer put Frodo down on the grass and immediately ran to Bilbo who was only a few feet away still talking to the Gamgee family.

"My cousin invited us to tea last Sunday afternoon, and she made the most delicious scones, I have ever tasted. Bell said. "Well hello there," she said to Frodo while she looked down at him while smiling. "You're a fine little lad."

"This is Bilbo's nephew Frodo," said Hamfast.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Bell said to the toddler.

"Say it's a pleasure to meet you too Mrs. Gamgee," Bilbo said to Frodo.

"It a pweasa to meet you to Mrs. Gamgee," Frodo repeated. "Hewo Mita Hamfas."

"Hello Frodo," Hamfast said while he looked down at him with kind eyes; Frodo looked up at him for a second when he spotted Hamfast's two sons standing next to him also holding stuffed animals in their hands.

He walked over to them politely and said to them, "Gwoin got me a tuffed puppy."

"I got a tuffed bunny," said Halfred.

"And I go a stuffed cat," said Hamson.

Bilbo introduced Frodo to the two Gamgee children. "Frodo, these are Hamfast's children, Hamson, and Halfred."

Frodo repeated their names, "Hamson, Hafwed."

"That's right Frodo, Hamson and Halfred," Bilbo repeated.

"I wen on a pony wide," Frodo told the two other little hobbit boys."

"I wen on a pony wide too," Halfred said. "I wike pony wides."

"And I like wheel barrow races," added Hamson. I had fun riding in a wheel barrow while our cousin Nob was pushing it."

"The adult hobbits and dwarves were talking to each other at the same time the hobbit children were.

"We are having a lot of fun at the fair," said Bell. "We bought some potato seeds, and some cantaloupes, and Hamson had a lot of fun at the wheel barrow race. He and Nob won first place in the wheel barrow race. Nob Cotton and Tom Cloverleaf were ahead of everybody else, they were running evenly, but when they got to the finished line, Hamson passed the finish line first by three inches."

"What did they get for first prize?" Bofer asked.

"Hamson got a new toy, and Nob got a new wooden musical flute," said Hamfast. "Nob loves playing music and he is very good at it. He plays them at parties."

"We are going to take Frodo to see a puppet show," said Bilbo. "Would you like to join us?

"No thank you," answered Hamfast. "We promised the Cottons that we would have afternoon tea with them, before we go on a hay ride."

"It was nice seeing you again," Bilbo said while he and his group parted company from the Gamgees.

"Likewise," Hamfast said in response.

"Come along, Frodo," Bilbo said to him.

"But I wana pway with hafwed and Hamfas," the toddler protested.

"You can play with them another time," said Bilbo.

"I wana pway wit tem now," Frodo said with a pout on his face.

"We're going to take you to see a puppet show," said Bofer. "Don't you want to see a puppet show?"

At that moment Frodo forgot about his reason for pouting and his eyes lit up before he shouted, "Yay a puppet show!"

They continued on their way to the puppet show with Bofer carrying Frodo on his shoulders again. On their way, Bilbo bought some corn from a hobbit man who was selling it, and Bifer bought a few cantaloupes from a hobbit lady who was selling them a few feet away from the hobbit man who was selling corn on the cob.

After bifer bought the cantaloupe, they continued to walk to the puppet show which was only 10 feet away.

When they got to the puppet show stage they saw a large group of children ranging from two to seven sitting on the grass in rows. The children were fidgeting and chatting with each other. They were excited about the upcoming puppet show. Bofer knelt down so that Frodo could get off and Bilbo placed him next to a two year old hobbit boy who immediately began chattering with him. Bilbo and the dwarves could not understand a word the two year old was saying, but Frodo was able to.

A hobbit lady entered the stage with two white rabbit puppets in her hand. One of them wore a soft flowing pink gown and had a tiara on her head; the other wore a robe, a blue gown, and a crown. The parents and older sibblings were shushing the young children as soon as she came on stage.

"Shush, Frodo," said Bilbo "The lady is going to start the show any second now."

"You must be quiet, if you want to watch it," the father of the two year old hobbit boy said.

When the parents and older siblings quieted the small hobbit children, the hobbit lady began to speak.

"Greetings hobbit children," said the hobbit lady who was holding the puppets in her hand. "Do you like fairy tales?"

"Yes!" all the children in the audience shouted joyfully.

"Do you like rabbits?"

"Yes!" the children shouted again.

"This story is about a Rabbit Princess."

"Will she meet and marry a rabbit prince?" a little five year old hobbit girl asked.

The hobbit lady laughed. "Watch the show and you will see."

"Once upon a time a rabbit princess, who was the most beautiful female animal in the kingdom, lived in a castle with her mother the rabbit queen who loved her very much. The rabbit princess was always happy. She played in her garden everyday with other animals including a squirrel, and a raccoon. They played…"

While the hobbit children were watching the play, Gloin was looking at the other activities at the fair. When he saw to the right a game that interested him he pointed towards it and said to the other dwarves, "look over there."

The other dwarves looked in the direction that Gloin was pointing to, and saw several hobbits playing the Hammer and Bell game. A group of hobbits were trying to make the small donut shaped object ring the bell, by hitting it with a gigantic hammer, and one of the hobbit men succeeded in doing that. The dwarves were fascinated by the game, and had a desire to give it a try.

"I am going to try that, game over there," Ori said to Bilbo. "It sounds like a lot of fun."

"I am going to try that game too," said Nori while the other dwarves nodded their heads in agreement.

"Go ahead," said Bilbo. "We'll be here when you return."

"We'll probably be back before the play is over with," said Bofer.

"Have fun and let me know who wins," Bilbo said with a cheerful tone.

"The little rabbit princess was dancing for joy because she met the rabbit prince. He was the handsomest…."

The dwarves walked towards the Hammer and Bell game and when they arrived, the hobbit man who was in charge of the game looked at them expectantly.

"We would like to try this game," said Gloin.

"You can do it after he has his turn," the hobbit man said to them while another hobbit man picked up the hammer and hit it as hard as he could. The donut shaped thing went up the pole until it was a few inches below the bell.

"Now you can play," said the other hobbit man while he handed the large hammer to Nori.

Nori raised the large hammer then swung it down on the donut shaped thing so hard that it almost knocked the bell off. The hobbits looked with amazement for they have never seen anyone hit it that hard before.

"Wow!" the hobbits cheered excitedly.

"That was good," said Ori. "Now it is my turn."

Ori made the bell ring, but not as hard as Nori did.

"Watch this!" said Gloin who was next. He lifted the large hammer and swung it down on the donut shaped thing as hard as he could. The object flew high with such force that it made the bell fly off the pole and high into the air before it fell straight down again. The sight was even more amazing to the hobbits who were watching them then when Nori hit the donut shaped thing.

The hobbits began to cheer. "Wow! That is amazing! I've never seen anything like that before. That bell went all the way up to the sky."

"I won! I won!" shouted Gloin who was dancing around in joy.

"You didn't win yet," said Nori to the overconfident dwarf. "Bofer and Bifer didn't have a turn yet."

Two hobbit men (one of whom was in charge of the game) took the bell and fastened it on top of the pole again. Bofer swung the hammer at the object very hard making the object fly very hard and hit the bell. The bell shook, but did not fly off the pole. When he was finished he gave the hammer to his brother who hit the bell so hard that it flew even higher than when Gloin hit it.

The hobbits' eyes were following the bell.

"Wow! Did you see that?" one hobbit said to the others.

"That is amazing," said another hobbit. "That dwarf hit the bell even higher than the other one did."

"Ha! Ha! I beat you! I beat you!" Bifer gestured to Gloin. "I can't wait to tell Bomber about it. I finally beat you for once."

"There are other contests, and I am going to beat you in those," Gloin responded.

Despite the fact that Bifer won the game, and Bifer and Bofer were dancing around in joy like little children, they could not lower Gloin's pride even an inch.

A few minutes later the two dwarven brothers calmed down.

"I'm going to bring Bilbo here; maybe he would like to try this game."

Bofer walked back to the puppet show area and saw Bilbo standing with parents and other family members who were watching the children. The children were enjoying the show and kept their attention on it while there was a comment here and there and a bit of fidgeting especially from the younger children in the audience. Few of the youngest children even began to toddle but the parents made them sit down again. Fear was shown in their eyes while they watched the lady tell a scary part of the story.

"The wicked wolf was chasing after the rabbit princess who was running for her life in the woods."

"I hope he doesn't catch her," a little hobbit boy whispered to his sister.

"She passed by two pine trees, and a wild rose bush while shouting, "Help! Help!" She tried to outrun him, but he was catching up to her Just as he was about to catch her …."

Bilbo, who was so attentive in watching his nephew enjoying the show that he did not notice Bofer walking towards him until Bofer, who was standing next to him, touched his right shoulder which caused Bilbo to jump a little.

"I didn't notice you, Bofer; how long were you standing there?" Bilbo asked him quietly.

"Not long, only a minute." Bofer answered just as quietly.

"Frodo is really enjoying the show isn't he?" Bofer asked.

"Yes, he is really enjoying the show. This is the first time I've seen him sitting still or sitting still as one expects from a toddler for more than ten minutes. The only other time he does that was when he is eating his meals."

"Thorin said that Fili and Kili were the same way when they used to watch plays for dwarvlings."

"Did you come here to keep me company while I watch Frodo?"

"Actually, I came here to ask you if you would like to try the Hammer and Bell game. It is a lot of fun."

"Who won?" Bilbo asked."

"Bifer did; He hit the bell clear off the pole and it flew high in the sky."

"I don't think he could hit it that hard," said Bilbo.

"You could try anyway," said Bofer. "It's a fun game whether you win or lose."

"All right, I will try the game; I've wanted to play that game ever since Gloin showed it to us, but you are going to have to stay here and watch Frodo; he is much too young to be here on his own."

"Yes, I will do that; go ahead and enjoy yourself," said Bofer.

Bilbo walked over to the Hammer and Bell game, and saw a hobbit man swing the large hammer at the donut shaped object which made it fly up to three fourths under the bell. When the hobbit man was finished he handed the large hammer to Bilbo.

"Watch this," Bilbo said to the dwarves.

Bilbo, who was determined to make the object hit the bell, swung the large hammer as hard as he could on donut shaped thing; making it fly up until it was two inches under the bell.

"That was good," Gloin said to Bilbo while he patted him on his shoulder.

"I wish I could have hit it higher," said Bilbo.

"Well you almost made it said Nori. "And you did better than some of the other hobbits here."

"Well it is a lot of fun, even if I didn't ring the bell," Bilbo admitted. "Why don't we go back to the puppet show? It should be almost over by now, and there are lots of other fun things Frodo and I would like to do?"

Bilbo and the dwarves returned to the puppet show.

"The rabbit prince and rabbit princess fell in love with each other, got married and lived happily ever after. The end."

"Hoorah! Hoorah!" the hobbit children cheered while they clapped their hands. Few of the younger ones were jumping around in joy while their parents and older siblings watched them carefully making sure they didn't run off.

When the excitement ended, Bilbo took hold of Frodo's hand and led him away from the puppet show area.

"How did you enjoy the show?" Gloin asked Frodo.

"It was fun. Te was a pwety wabbit pwincess who met a handsome wabbit pwince who wescued hea fwom the mean wof….."

The toddler continued to chatter while Bilbo said to the others, "It's time for afternoon tea."

Bilbo, Frodo and the dwarves had tea with crumpets. When they were finished eating they continued to have lots of fun at the fair. They went on a hay ride, watched a hobbit man juggle fruit, joined a sack race, watched to a band playing music, and hobbit ladies showing off their pies at the pie baking contest. Bilbo bought the chocolate cake at one of the pastry stands, and to Frodo's delight gave him a slice of the cake after they ate dinner. Of course, Bilbo and the dwarves ate it too. Who couldn't resist a spongy like cake that tasted very chocolaty especially the frosting and the filling?

"I think we should go now," said Bilbo.

Later on that evening the dwarves were sitting in the parlor talking about the fun they had at the hobbit's spring fair.

"I had lots of fun at the hobbit fair," said Ori. "There were many great things in it."

"Especially the food," Nori teased. "You were eating so much food, that you were starting to look like Bombur."

"You ate as much as I did," Ori retorted. "Anyway that wasn't my favorite thing about the fair. I liked the music the best."

"I liked the hay ride, and the Hammer and Bell game," gestured Bifer.

"That's because you won the game," Bofer said.

"The hobbit fair had a lot of great things in it, and I had a lot of fun but it can't be compared to a dwarf fair," said Gloin. "There meats don't have herbs and spices on them to give them a strong taste, and there is nothing like dwarf music."

"That is true, but some of the hobbit songs have a kick to them," Ori said.

"And they are not so sleepy and dull like elvish music," Bofer added.

"I wonder what story, Bilbo is telling Frodo tonight," said Gloin.

"Why don't we go in there, and find out," said Bofer.

The five dwarves walked down the tunnel to Frodo's room to guest room to hear the story that Bilbo was telling his nephew; when they were more than halfway through, they heard some of the story that Bilbo as telling Frodo. Bilbo was telling Frodo a story to help him fall asleep, because he was still excited about the fair. Frodo was enjoying the story very much and was interrupting Bilbo every two minutes.

"The people of Lake Town decided to throw a party for us. They…"

"What did they have at the pahty? Did they have cake and cookies, and what about peasants?"

"They had fried fish, and…."

"Yuck," said Frodo.

"Sweet potatoes, and…"

"He's telling Frodo about our quest to regain Erabor," Gloin said quietly to the others.

Bilbo continued the story, not noticing the dwarves standing outside the open door and listening to the story he was telling Frodo until Bofer tapped him on his shoulder. Bilbo jumped for a second before he turned around and saw Bofer standing in front of him with the others hanging about the outskirts of the room.

"You startled me," he said to Bofer. "How long were you there listening to the story I was telling Frodo?"

"For a minute or two," answered Gloin.

"I'm surprised that I didn't hear you before; I think you are becoming hobbit like and I will have to give you hobbit names, and introduce you to hobbit society."

The dwarves laughed a little. "Just don't give us elf names," said Nori.

"Unca Bibo *yawn* is telling me *yawn* a stowy about *yawn* his quest to gain *yawn* a tweasa, said Frodo who was finally beginning to get a little sleepy.

"We like to hear you tell him more of that quest," said Ori. "You are a good story teller."

Bifer gestured that he agreed with his brother.

"Thorin decided that it was time for us to go."

"To Ewabo?" Frodo asked.

"Yes. We rode on a barge towards the mountain and…"

As the story continued, Frodo was getting more and more sleepy; by the time Bilbo got to the part where he entered Erabor. Frodo closed his eyes.

"That's it for the story tonight," he said quietly.

Frodo immediately opened his eyes, it turned out that he did not quiet fallen asleep yet.

"Can you tell me mo?" a very sleepy Frodo asked.

"No, I have told you enough tonight; you need your sleep."


"I will tell you more tomorrow. Goodnight Frodo," Bilbo said while kissed Frodo's far head.

"Goodnight Unca Bibo."

Bilbo and the dwarves were about to leave the room, before they left Frodo asked the last question of the night, "did you kiw the dwagon?"

The dwarves returned to the parlor with Bilbo to continue their conversation.

"We are going to leave tomorrow night," said Gloin. "We have our own things to attend to,"

"Primula and Drogo are also coming over tomorrow evening to pick up their son. Maybe you will meet them before you leave. They are very nice hobbits, and they love boats."

"Looks like they have something in common with you, Bofer," said Gloin while he clapped him on his right shoulder."

The next evening Bilbo, Frodo, the dwarves, and Frodo's parents were sitting around the table enjoying a supper of roast beaf and sweet potoes. Primula and Drogo arrived an hour ago and greeted their son with hugs because they missed him as much as he missed them. Bilbo had introduced them to the dwarves.

"Did you have a lot of fun riding on the boat?" Bilbo asked Drogo and Primula before he ate some sweat potatoes.

"We had a lot of fun," Primula answered. "The waters were so calm that we were able to relax in the boat." She drank some berry juice.

"And we did lots of other fun things too," added Drogo. "We visited an Inn called The Oak and Pine, and had a wonderful dinner of fish and chips."

"What kind of fish?" Gloin asked before he ate another forkfull of roast beaf.

"I'm not really sure," Drogo answered. He drank some of his berry juice.

"I really like salmon," Nori said. "There is nothing like eating salmon with onions."

"I hate onions," Ori said before he ate a piece of his carrot.

"I hate onions too," said Frodo before he ate a fork full of sweet potatoes.

"Frodo, how did you enjoy your stay at Uncle Bilbo's?" Primula asked him.

"It was a wot of fun mommy. I pwayed a wot inside and outside the house, and Unca Bibo and the dwaves pwayed wit me. We awso went to te fai wheh I went on a pony wide and hay wide, and Gwoin bought me a new toy. See?"

Frodo picked up the toy puppy he had on his lap and showed it to his parents.

"Thank you," Drogo quietly said to Gloin who was sitting next to him.

"Unca Bibo wead me a tory," Frodo continued.

"What story did he read to you?" Drogo asked.

"It was about when he twaveled wit te dwaves to get a tweasa back fwom te dwagon."

"He's very good at telling the story," Bofer added.

The hobbits and the dwarves continued to help to talk to each other until supper was finished.

The dwarves walked into the parlor talking with each other and playing with Frodo while Bilbo was talking to Primula and Drogo who were helping him clean the dishes.

"How was Frodo?" Drogo asked Bilbo while he was helping his wife dry the dishes. "Was he a good boy?"


"He was very mischievious, wasn't he?" Primula guessed while she was drying a cup.

"He wore us out," Bilbo answered while he was washing a plate. "He was so energetic that we could hardly keep up with him. He made our hole look like it was struck by a tornado. I wonder how you do so well with him. He never wears you out nearly so much as he has worn us out."

"He does tire us out sometimes, and he is very energetic," but not so much that we can't handle him."

"But how do you do it?"

"We put locks on all the cabinets and all the doors we want Frodo to stay away from," Drogo answered.

An hour later, the dwarves and the hobbits were saying goodbye to Bilbo and each other.

"Thank you for watching Frodo," Primula said while she hugged Bilbo."

"Come and visit us sometime," said Drogo who also hugged Bilbo. You haven't come to our simile for a long time and we miss your visits."

"I will," said Bilbo. "It was nice having you over too, and Frodo was such a delight although he kept us active."

Bilbo picked Frodo up in his arms and hugged him.

"It was good seeing you again," said Bilbo.

"I wike seeing you too," Frodo said. "Yo house is fun to pway in."

Everybody laughed.

"We had lots of fun with you too," Bofer said while he kissed Frodo on his left cheek.

"You are great company," Gloin said while he lifted Frodo out of Bilbo's arms and into his own before he put him down again. "And you are great company too," Gloin said to Bilbo while he hugged him.

"I'm glad you came," said Bilbo. "It was nice having you over."

"It was nice meeting you," Nori said to Drogo and Primula.

"We are glad to have met you too," said Drogo.

Everybody walked out the door and Bilbo walked to his chair and sat down; exhausted, but happy.

The End.