Old minds may dim with the weary passing of the years, but miracles do not fade from memory so easily. The aged wheelwright remembers well enough where he stood that day, the day of the Great Thaw. He still recalls the snow catching in the air, swirling out of existence. It had been beautiful – not just to see the good queen's magic return the lush life and warmth of summer, but to see the magic itself. It had shimmered overhead, making patterns marvelous to see.

The wizened grandmother, whose eyes are crinkled with age and laughing with her grandchildren, recalls coming out so see all the lovely flowers in her garden sprung gloriously to life, their sweet scent filling her nose and making her weep for joy. She remembers watching the queen and princess, arm in arm, come walking through the streets.

How like a child the queen had looked, smiling shyly, earnestly, still unsure if she would be accepted.

The old woman, many years younger then, had seen this and, in an instant, recognized the vulnerability both she and the queen shared.

She had beamed at her, hoping to lift her spirits.

The queen had beamed back brightly. Bless her…

She that had been a little girl at the start of the queen's reign still smiles at the thought of the wonderful ice rink the queen had made. Her heart still swells with pride when she remembers how she had sung at the Princess Anna's birthday.

Queen Elsa had actually been there to help and guide the little choir herself! She had treated them all tenderly, compassionately… treated them like her equals. When one little boy had been scared to go on, she told them how scared she once had been and how things got better.

The boy ended up doing brilliantly.

And all those birthday festivities, the young woman considers thoughtfully, had been done out of love for her sister.

That love had taken on new meaning in recent months. In truth, many might have expected it, reflecting back on how uncommonly close, how utterly devoted the two had been to each other… one never out of the other's sight… always hand in hand…

Those chaste kisses the queen had always given her sister on the cheek… apparently led to things far less chaste under cover of darkness…

But if the hate-mongers that spilled these secrets expected the good folk of Arendelle to forget all the kindness, all the good that Queen Elsa had done in her time, they were sorely disappointed. The people had been moved by Elsa, grew to care for her, and knew that Elsa had cared deeply and dearly for all of them. Her business behind closed doors had been her own.

And wasn't it True Love, anyways – a love so pure and magical that it had restored life to the dead and brought wonder back into so many hearts?

So, life in Arendelle goes on much as it did before, in spite of everything. The gracious sisters may be gone from life, but they have earned an immortality of respect from those that loved them. So it is that flowers are still put upon their graves, whether great wreaths and garlands or a simple rose from a commoner's little patch of green earth. So it is that wide-eyed children are still taught of their virtues.

They will not be forgotten.