Title: My Forged KH Wedding
Author: navyninja87
Disclaimer: I don't Own KH, Final Fantasy, Disney or my Forged wedding. They are owned by Square Enix, Disney, and Voltage Inc, respectively.
Inspired By: My Forged Wedding
Pairing: Kuzco/OC

Lilliana entered the Knight and the Rose. It was still a shock to her that her cousin Sora owned a bar in Twilight Town. Sora was inviting her fiancé to use his bar as a location in which to meet his future in laws and ask for permission to wed her. Upon her entrance, she discovered that she was the only one out of her party to even arrive.

At the bar counter, there were a group of eight men. The first man was wearing a red robe, an odd sort of crown that reminded her of the Sun's rays and large round turquoise earrings in both ears jovially chatting with the second man sitting next to him. The second man could only be described as big and burly, his kind demeanor seemingly out of place. The third was dressed like a seventeenth century English soldier. He was nursing a drink while the fourth man tried to start a conversation with him. The fourth was every bit as big and burly as the second man but without the friendly demeanor.

The fifth seemed cockier than the fourth and the sixth seemed cold and somber. The seventh gave her a nod as the eighth clapped a hand on his shoulder.

"Lilli!" She saw Sora coming towards her, a cheesy grin on his features. "Welcome to the Knight and the Rose."

"Let me guess, you and Riku could not agree on even a name for a pub together." Lilliana theorized slowly. Riku laughed and Lilliana snorted. Riku and Sora were always in competition with the other. It was not in their nature to make decisions together.

"Well I wanted to name it the Boar's Head Inn," Riku admitted, "But Kuzco, Kronk and John Smith all said they would not frequent the pub if it went by that name. So to appease the traitors, Sora decided on the Knight and the Rose."

"You try appealing to an emperor who used to be a llama." Sora countered. Lilliana sneaked a glance at the first man again. Seriously, he used to be a llama? "According to Kuzco, he was a spoiled self-centered brat of an emperor who narrowly escaped his advisors death sentence, thanks to her mixing up vials of poison and llama extract. And that's the short story." Sora explained.

"Who mistakes a vial of poison for llama extract?" Lilliana asked.

"That would be, uh, me." The second man admitted. "I couldn't help but overhear. I'm Kronk. Yzma didn't label her potions all too well, in my defense." The second man clarified while the first laughed.

"Plus, she picked you as her right hand man. She didn't have any right to blame her incompetence on you." The first man remarked. "I'm Emperor Kuzco." Nodding as she noticed a little boy coming in to the pub, it seemed Kuzco wasn't too thrilled about the boy's appearance.

"Tipo, you know you're not allowed in here." Kuzco remarks kindly but sternly. "At least not until you're 21." It made Lilliana think that Kuzco knew the child personally.

"Sorry, Your Majesty but I have a package for this pretty lady next to you." Lilliana blinked. "Here you go!" Tipo handed her the envelope and then rushed out of the pub. Lilliana instantly paled when she saw Max's handwriting on the envelope. Opening it, she found a crocheted bookmark that she made for him and a letter.

"Are you okay?" Kuzco asked.

"He's not coming." Lilliana replied with despair. "I don't know what I'm going to do! Thankfully, I never described Max to my parents…"

"Uh, you may be out of time." Kronk gestured to Lilliana's parents, who were coming in the pub. All Liliana could do was mentally panic. Now she needed to prepare her parents that there was no wedding.

Slowly, Lilliana approached her parents. "This is a nice pub, Sora." Her father remarked before he noticed Lilliana. "Oh, Lilliana, you're late. So where's your fiancé?" Lilliana panicked inwardly again, watching Kuzco and Kronk animatedly discuss something.

"Oh he's late as usual." Lilliana evaded the question.

"He should be on time." her mother said sternly. Lilliana gulped. How would they take it if she told them that there wasn't…

"Sorry to keep you waiting." A familiar voice replied. "Lilliana did tell me to be early."

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