Title: My Forged KH Wedding
Author: navyninja87
Disclaimer: I don't Own KH, Final Fantasy, Disney or my Forged wedding. They are owned by Square Enix, Disney, and Voltage Inc, respectively.
Inspired By: My Forged Wedding

Pairing: Kuzco/OC

Chapter 1:

'Oh great…' Lilliana thought as she noticed Kuzco standing next to her. 'Why is Emperor Kuzco lying to my parents? He doesn't know me from Adam, Belle's prince!' She thought Kuzco was hamming it up a bit with her parents. Didn't emperors have a policy of not lying to the populace? Then again, Kuzco probably wouldn't have stepped in to help her before his time as a llama.

"Follow my lead if you don't want your parents to know that your fiancé has walked out on you…" Kuzco hissed in her ear under the pretense of whispering sweet nothings in her ear as he took her hand in his. She blushed, wondering how far they would let this situation go. "I apologize for not meeting you sooner but I run my own kingdom." Lilliana's parents both nodded in response. "I asked Lilli not to tell you because I was unsure of how my advisors would react on the news that she is to become my empress."

"And they approve now?" her father asked Kuzco cautiously.

"Not all of them, no but as I am the emperor, they'll just have to put up with it." Kuzco arrogantly stated. "They say it's time I settled down and produced an heir for the kingdom. Well, your daughter is the woman that I want to do that with, sir. Would you give us your permission to wed?" Lilliana was surprised at Kuzco's apparent sincerity.

"I see." Her father replied blandly, eyeing Lilliana with worry. "Do you want to be Kuzco's empress, Lilliana?"

"No, but Kuzco has graciously arranged for an Empress boot camp to teach me what I need to know…haven't you darling?" Lilliana slyly shot at Kuzco. If she expected Kuzco to be fazed, the emperor wasn't. He just patted her knee with his hand, making her heart race.

"Please take care of Lilliana, then. You have our blessing." Her father said before leaving and concluding the meeting.

As soon as Lilliana was sure her parents were gone, she turned to Kuzco and asked, "What on earth was that all about?" Kuzco looked sheepish as he looked away from her.

"I need an empress and a heir." Kuzco said thoughtfully as he twiddled his fingers.
"And what…exactly do I have to do with this nefarious scheme of yours, Kuzco?" Lilliana asked softly as she glared at him. Kuzco genuinely looked alarmed by her question. Lilliana hated lying to her parents and while she was grateful to Kuzco, this whole thing didn't set well with her.

"Yes, by all means, please tell us." Sora and Riku said in unison. Lilliana stared at Riku and Sora, unable to believe that the two men looked almost livid on her behalf. Sora's anger was believable because he was her cousin but Riku's was unbelievable.

"Nefarious, no. Scheme…yes." Kuzco admitted. "You'll give me three months of time to look for a woman I can fall in love with after I marry her and I get your parents off your back about your fiancé. I'll even shoulder the blame for the break up." Lilliana watched Sora and Riku exchange a look. "After three months, I'll help you look for a husband too."

"What if we fall in love, Kuzco?" Lilliana asked, putting emphasis on the 'we' in her sentence.

"Nah, that'll never happen. Do emperors look like they fall in love with lowly peasants?" The question grated on Lilliana's nerves.

"I find that I don't like your attitude, Kuzco." Sora said.

"Agreed. I don't either." Riku agreed. Lilliana stared at the two men, her eyes wide with disbelief. They actually agreed on something! "We need a plan."

"Hmm." Sora murmured as he thought. "Kuzco does have a point before the lowly peasant remark but I'm going to alter that plan. Lilliana, please live with Kuzco."

"What, are you nuts?" Liliana asked. Sora chuckled.

"What are you trying to go for, Sora?" Riku asked. Kuzco raised his eyebrows at Sora.

"I'm going to make an emperor regret his words." Sora replied coldly as he stubbornly folded his arms. "Lilliana is a wonderful lady, Kuzco…Not some lowly peasant."

A/N: Now Kuzco's made two Keybladers mad at him in two seconds flat! What a thoughtless young emperor...I'm also adding an element from another Voltage game I'm reading called My Wedding and 7 rings. Basically, Sora is KH's counterpart to Hayami Seiichirō.