Hello to all you Fanfiction readers! This is my first alternate universe story featuring Inside Out characters as humans. In other words, all humans in Inside Out (Riley, Riley's parents, Jordan, etc.) didn't exist. I hope this comes out as well executed. You might be surprised on who's who and what their portrayal is or whatever…Or you'll probably be thinking: I'm not surprised. I wanted to copy some names as an inspiration from some of the IO AU stories I read, but they probably might think I'm stealing their ideas… and I don't want to, nor do I mean to.

In the meantime, happy reading! Riley's parents' emotions serve as Riley's Emotions' parents…. If you know what I mean. However, because I'm letting Fear and Sadness be siblings, their parents would be: Riley's Dad's Fear as their dad and Riley's Mom's Sadness as their mom. I would let Anger and Sadness be siblings but for some reason I decided not to. And it looked reasonable too…

Joy woke up early on a Monday. It was her first day of going to her new high school: High School Headquarters. The young girl was born and raised by a happy family. They all had the same characteristics: happiness, optimism, anything that rhymes with her name, Joy. She removed her pyjamas, put on her chartreuse dress and headed downstairs. Her parents had just prepared her lunch for her. The girl was fairly tall and had blue hair. She usually kept her hair tied. Joy was sixteen and to this day she still managed to keep that smile on her face ever since she was born.

"Morning mom! Morning dad!" she greeted.

"Ah, good to see you're awake, darling!" greeted Joy's mother. Joy's mom had brown hair, often tied – just like her daughter's – and wore red glasses. Meanwhile, her father was reading a newspaper. He had blue hair, like Joy, and wears a moustache on his face. He took a sip of coffee and greeted his daughter with a smile.

"Hey! How's my little bundle of Joy?" he greeted.

"Great, dad! I've never been so excited in my life! I can't believe I'm going to be in a new school with a new group of friends… do you think they'll be just as lively and cheerful as my friends in my last school?" she asked excitedly.

"Oh I sure hope so, sweetie!" said her mother. She put Joy's lunch in a paper bag and placed it in her schoolbag. "Here's your lunch, Joy: Steak with broccoli on the side!"

"Oh, I love that! It's healthy too!" Joy replied.

"That's my girl!" chirped her father. After eating her pancakes and drinking her orange juice, she packed her bag with her newly bought books and headed for the door. Before she did, she gave her parents a kiss goodbye. They even had a laugh together.

"I'm off to school now! Bye, mom, bye, dad!" she shouted with excitement.

"Good luck, Joy!" said her mom.

"Yeah, and don't forget to have fun!" joked her dad.

"How can I forget? I always have fun, dad!" Joy laughed and calmly closed the door behind her while hearing her parents laugh back. She took a deep breath and prepared for a short walk to school. Of course, Joy was never bored. When she had no one to talk to, she would talk to herself!

"Oh my goodness I am so excited for what's in store for my new school! Are there many people? Are they nice? Oh I hope they are! And I bet the teachers must be friendly too. Heck, everyone might be just as happy as I am, just like in my old school! Oh, that would be ten times better! I can't wait, I can't wait, I CAN'T WAIT!" she screamed to herself while catching the attention of some people, who looked at her with bewilderment. All of a sudden, she gasped with wonder. "I wonder if I'll find someone who likes me… all my friends were in a relationship, and my parents want me to find someone…. I want to find someone. That school could be it!" she squealed again. After minutes of talking to herself she finally reached her new school.

Joy gasped. "There it is… it's… it's beautiful!"

She jumped up with joy and ran to her new school with exhilaration. She reached the front yard and looked around. She could see lots of trees, benches, grass, and the best of all: students! And new students calls for new friends. She caught sight of a green-haired girl hanging out with a group of what appeared to be popular kids.

"She must be their leader," she mumbled. She smiled and took several steps forward with confidence.

"Hi!" she greeted.

However, as Joy stepped forward she noticed that the group was making fun of someone. Their laugh wasn't a happy laugh to her. Joy knows when something is done with joy or not. Their laugh sounded sinister, like they were mocking someone.

"I-I'm sorry… I didn't mean to touch your stuff. I was just curious!" Joy heard a girl cry. Her voice was soft and pleading, yet guilty and weary.

"I don't care if you mean it or not! All that matters is you messed with my stuff and now I'm messing with yours," said what Joy thought was the leader. Joy didn't know what to call her yet. But she was feeling something… it was not a happy feeling.

"If you do that, I'll-"

"Or what? You'll tell your brother on me? I'm sorry to say this but he's too weak just like you. Any last words before I rip your book in half? Three words is your limit, weirdo!"

"Oh I'll give you three words! How about: Leave her alone?" Joy interrupted sternly. The girls gasped, and so did the leader. The leader turned around. Her hair was green, and so were her eyes. She wore heavy makeup: eyeliner and lipstick. She also wore a floral green dress with a magenta scarf. She wore green leggings underneath her dress and her feet were covered in stylish green shoes. She probably knows a lot about fashion, but she sure doesn't seem friendly, Joy thought.

"What did you say?" the girl mocked and stepped towards Joy. Joy glared and did the same until their faces met.

"I said: Leave her alone!" Joy repeated, her voice getting louder.

The girl sneered, then smirked. "You must be new here. As if any oldie is brave enough to stand against me. But I'll listen because I couldn't think any less of you, newbie. If you get in my way again, I'll have Angus come in to have you reported! Come on, girls," she said before flipping her green hair and shoving Joy out of her way. Then she received more shoves as the rest of the group left her.

Meanwhile, Joy rushed to the victim of the incident. The girl was shorter than her. She was chubby and also had blue hair like Joy. She had blue eyes and wore navy blue glasses. She wore a white turtleneck sweater, navy blue leggings and slippers of the same color. Her books were all over the floor and she hugged herself, wishing her brother was there to comfort her.

"Hey, are you okay?" Joy asked softly. The girl lifted her face up to look at Joy. Her face was wet with tears. Joy quickly searched her bag and gave her a handkerchief. "Here, wipe your face," she said.

"Thank you," sniffed the girl as she took the kerchief and blew her nose on it. When she gave it back, Joy insisted she'd keep it.

"That girl… she was bullying you! I've never seen a bully like her before," Joy stated. Generally speaking, she never met a bully before.

"She bullies everyone. Especially me," whined the girl.

"What's her name anyway?" Joy asked.


"Who's Angus?" Joy asked again.

"Angus is like Desiree's bodyguard… they're both very close," Sadie answered.

"Oh… what's your name?" Joy asked. "I'm sorry for the silly questions… I'm just curious."

"I'm… I'm Sadie," she answered.

"Sadie… I like it! It's nice to meet you! I'm Joy," Joy introduced herself and took Sadie's hand to shake it. Sadie accepted it uneasily.

"You're the new kid right?" Sadie asked.

"Indeed I am!" said Joy gleefully. "And don't worry. I'll make sure Desiree doesn't try to hurt you again. Here, let me help you with those!" Joy added and picked up Sadie's books for her.

"Wow… thanks," Sadie muttered and took her now full bag. Joy helped her up and Sadie started to make a run for it. "I gotta go now. Thanks for sticking up for me, Joy!" she thanked one last time before she went out of sight.

"Hey, wait! What about your brother?"

"He's usually late. I'll see you later!" she answered, her voice fading and blending in with the crowd's.

"But I want to go with you!" Joy waved wholeheartedly while trying to catch up to Sadie. For a chubby girl, she could sure run fast! However she nearly lost sight of her.

"Sadie!" Joy called. The girl reached the interior of the school. It was a lot bigger on the inside. Joy was excited. First she met her first friend, and now she couldn't be happier of her new school. It looked dazzling! In the meantime, she focused on finding Sadie, whom she lost in the crowd full of students. Classes haven't started yet, but it's bound to start soon.

Joy was more concerned for Sadie. What if she got bullied again by Desiree? Or worse: what if this Angus guy came in and bullied Sadie by beating her up? She was worried. Unaware to her, she unconsciously heard someone saying 'Excuse me!' or 'Coming through!' or 'Where is she?' and grunts can be heard from the crowd.

"Oh Sadie… where are you?" Joy called out. She turned around and someone's face was inches away from hers. Sadie was nowhere to be found.

"Look out!" he said before bumping into her. The two yelped as they hit each other. Books and papers went flying everywhere and it caught the surrounding students' attention. Joy groaned and rubbed her head painfully and so did the boy. The students who noticed knew who messed up and went on with their business, pretending nothing happened. Why would they leave like that instead of helping us? Joy thought.

The boy shook his head painfully and noticed that he bumped Joy. The boy had purple hair, same goes for his eyes. He had purple hair with one strand standing out. He was tall, just about Joy's height. But Joy may be a bit taller. Either he was tall, or just lanky. He wears a powder blue long-sleeved shirt with linear designs. His shirt was worn underneath a hound's-tooth vest with a magenta bowtie resting just below his neck. He wore violet pants and black, formal shoes. The boy gasped and rushed to her aid. "I am so sorry! I didn't know you were, I was just, I was in a hurry a-and—"

"Hey, it's okay! I'm fine," Joy assured him.

"Are you sure? Do you have any cuts? Bruises? Paper cuts? Paper bruises!?" the boy stammered.

"Relax! I'm okay. See?" she said before showing him that she was unharmed. "You looked like you're in a hurry."

"Oh, I'm always in a hurry. H-here, let me help you up," he said before taking her hand and pulling her up with him.

"Oh… thank you," Joy mumbled.

"Don't mention it." The two stared at each other for a moment before the boy knew what he was doing and crouched back down to pick up his belongings. Joy looked at him confusedly and crouched with him. "I'll help you."

"No, no, no, please, I got it. Thank you," he said.

"No, I insist!" Joy protested.

"I can assure you I don't need your-" The boy paused, only to realize that Joy had already helped him. "Help," he finished.

"Hey, four hands are better than two!" Joy responded.

The boy looked away and laughed sheepishly. "Y-yeah I guess…"

"I'm Joy by the way!" Joy greeted and held her hand out. The boy said nothing and there was silence between the two. "What's your name?" Joy asked.

The boy remained silent and didn't take her hand.

"Come on, don't be shy," she said. "Take my hand and shake it with me!"

"You're not going to flip me over, are you?" he asked unsurely.

"Why would I do that?"

"I don't know… that's just something Angus would do. Everyone in the whole school started doing the same thing thanks to him," he explained solemnly.

"I'm new here," Joy pointed out.

"Oh… Oh! Now that you mentioned it," he took her hand and introduced himself with a genuine smile. "I'm Felix."

"Nice to meet you, Felix!" Joy giggled. The boy chuckled shyly.

"So… why were you in a rush again?" Joy asked. Felix's face turned to panic.

"Oh shoot, you're right! I got to find Sadie!" Felix screamed and placed the straps of his bag on his shoulders. Then he made a run for it. "I got to go!"

"Wait, I'm looking for Sadie too!" Joy screamed. Unlike Sadie, Felix heard what Joy had said. He turned his head around to look at her.

"Why are you looking for my sister?" he asked with suspicion.

"You're Sadie's brother?" Joy asked in shock.

"Y-yeah… I know, it's crazy weird right?" Felix answered sheepishly.

"I met her at the wrong time. Apparently she was being bullied by this girl named Desiree," Joy informed

"What?! Are you kidding me!? I need to get to her fast! Do you know where she went?" Felix cried. All of a sudden the bell rang and everyone headed for their classrooms.

"NO!" Felix shouted in defeat. Joy looked around confusedly. She didn't know what to do. And that was only her first day! Then Felix rose back up with an idea. "Wait, I just realized we're in the same class together!"

"I want to know where my class is, please," Joy pleaded.

"Do you have your class schedule?" Felix asked.

"Yep! I'm an organized freak," Joy chuckled. Felix smiled at that. The girl searched through her bag and gave Felix a piece of paper containing her designated classroom along with her subject schedule. He looked back at her with a smile.

"H-hey, you're in my class!" Felix announced.

"Really?" Joy asked with excitement.

"Yeah! You're in Core 1, which is that way!" he said and pointed his finger forward to the end of the hall.

"Then let's go!" Joy screamed with excitement, took Felix's hand and ran towards their room.

"W-wah! H-Hey! Slow down! We could get hurt if you run!" he cried. Joy looked at him with a comforting smile.

"Sorry, but I don't want to be late on my first day!"

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Joy: Joy (This is mainstream for those writing IO AU's)

Sadie: Sadness (It's the closest I could think of. And I think I heard of this name in one of the AU stories I read. )

Felix: Fear

Desiree: Disgust (I'm sorry if I made her the antagonist… it looks so fitting.)

Angus: Anger (He'll also be an antagonist… to Fear/Felix mostly.)

Joy's Mom: Mrs. Andersen's Joy

Joy's Dad: Mr. Andersen's Joy

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