Lightning in her blood

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Summary: Felicity is not what she seems, sure she is a sweet, quirky, genius who can always be relied upon to help save the day but she is also more than that. She has lightning in her blood and more than one mighty protector in her corner. Takes place after both Heir to the Demon and the second avenger film.


Felicity Smoak's mother had always told her that being able to love without reservation was a rare and beautiful thing. She even went so far as to call it a gift, well if it was a gift then Felicity wanted to return it, all it did was bring her pain.

Just moments ago she had entered the foundry like she did every night. After everything that happened that day she really needed some normality but the sight that met her was not like anything she had seen in the foundry before. Oliver and Sara were all over each other, clearly enjoying a very heated clinch.

Felicity was a genius but you didn't need her elevated IQ to know what was happening. Oliver was choosing another woman over her again and she couldn't even be angry with him because Sara was a good choice, at least she was better than Isabel.

Guys like Oliver Queen didn't fall for girls like Felicity Smoak, she had accepted that long ago but that didn't mean that it didn't hurt. Hurt was actually a huge understatement, Felicity could almost feel her heart braking in her chest but she held herself together long enough to get out of the foundry without being detected. She had every intention of running to her car and getting home as fast as she could. Perhaps if she ate a whole fridge of mint chock chip she could convince herself she was OK.

Her plans changed the moment she stepped outside, the heavens opened and rain began to pour down on her. Felicity had always loved it when it rained but the water that was gushing down around her right now was her favourite. It was the kind of down pour that heralded the arrival of a thunder storm, she could almost feel the electricity dancing along her skin and despite the pain in her chest the young blond gave a small smile.

Felicity would not be getting in her car tonight, she was going to walk the whole way home and let nature camouflage the tears she could not staunch.

There was not meant to be any rain tonight, in fact the sky had been cloudless when Felicity had entered the lair. She knew that people would call her crazy if she ever told them but the tiny blond knew that this storm was for her. Somewhere out there a very distant but very powerful relative was doing all he could to offer her comfort.

For years Felicity had refused to believe her mother's stories about her ancestry but when her psycho lacrosse playing stalker had been struck down by lightning that had come from a clear blue sky, she had been forced to think again.

The story went that centuries ago one of her mother's ancestors had become infatuated with a Norse God who felt at least some attraction to her and the two of them had begun a wild affair. Their romance apparently lasted some years and resulted in the birth of a child. A tiny girl who was half Human and half Asgardian. The girl grew into a beautiful woman who in turn had a daughter of her own and so it went for generation after generation culminating in the birth of one Felicity Smoak.

The stories never covered why the God was on Earth instead of Asgard, how he and the maiden met or what happened to him after the birth of his child so Felicity had written it off as just family lore and forgotten it. Until that day years ago when a bolt of lightning had saved her when nothing else could. That was the moment when Felicity realist that she was had accepted the fantastical.

She was a descendent of Thor the Norse God of thunder and one of Earths mightiest heroes. She wasn't the normal girl she had always believe she was, no, Felicity Smoak had lightning in her blood.

After she had accepted that Felicity had begun to notice little things that she never had before, like the fact she rarely got sick or how she seemed to heal much quicker than people expected her to. She also realized that whenever she felt truly heartbroken she would find herself wrapped in a blanket of thunder, lightning, rain and comfort. It had happened the night her father had left and when the glades fell. Now that Oliver had broken her for what felt like the hundredth time it was happening tonight. Felicity couldn't deny that it helped, in fact the longer she was out in the extreme weather the better she felt.

Tipping her face skyward she muttered "Thanks Great Gramps" before making her way home to the ice cream that was waiting for her. Felicity hoped that where ever he was Thor knew that she knew what he was doing for her and that she appreciated it.

What she had no way of knowing was that her ancestor was closer to her in that moment than he ever had been before. Just out of her sight a huge figure loomed watching her every move carefully.

"You are most welcome Dear One" the words were barely a whisper as the speaker wished to go unnoticed by the young woman he was so desperate to comfort.

Thor was not proud to say that for a time he had become so entangled in is war making that he had lost track of his earthly descendents many generation ago. It was not until the birth of this girl that he had been draw back to Earth by the glow of a familial light.

There was something special about Felicity or The Little Joy Bringer as his father Odin had christened her when he first laid eyes on her. She was destined for great things Thor had been sure of it as he watch her grow and her recent path had proven he was right. She had found her place among a group of valiant warriors, people that fought for what was right when no one else could or would, much like he and his fellow Avengers.

Where the others used their bodies as weapons his Felicity used her mind not unlike his beloved Jane. She was brave in battle and fierce in defence, yes the more he looked the more Thor saw the similarities between two of the women who were dearest to him. However there was one striking difference where as Jane had given her heart to a man that adored her in return, Felicity had bestowed her affections on an ungrateful pup that hurt her time and again.

The man Oliver Queen was a great warrior of that there was no doubt but he was a blind fool when it came to Felicity and Thor was not going to allow it to continue. Tonight the boy had hurt Felicity for the last time. Until now Thor had refrained from intervening in his darling girl's life anymore than he had to but as the Captain would say enough was enough.

Oliver Queen believed he had been through hell and perhaps in the eyes of mortal men he had but he had yet to come up against an infuriated God. When Thor was done with the boy he would wish he was back on the island he feared and hated so much.

"Tonight your pain shall become his, he will pay young one, I promise you that" he swore watching as The Little Joy Bringer fought her way through a world of sadness that should never have been laid upon her.

Yes Oliver Queen would pay. Dearly.


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