Lightning in her blood

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Summary: Felicity is not what she seems, sure she is a sweet, quirky, genius who can always be relied upon to help save the day but she is also more than that. She has lightning in her blood and more than one mighty protector in her corner. Takes place after both Heir to the Demon and the second avenger film. Now a collection of one shots.


Avengers assemble

The Avengers lived by a great many rules, some of which were unwritten. The most sacred of these was that each Avenger had their own battles to fight and unless they told you otherwise you stayed out of their busyness. This rule had of course been over ridden a time or two, those occasions were rare and it had always been the team raining Tony in, until tonight. Tonight it was Thor who needed stopping.

Everyone that Thor truly trusted knew all about his human descendents. They also knew how fond he was of the youngest of them, his Dear one, Felicity. A girl that was so smart she had been head hunted by Stark Industries time and again.

It hurt Tony's pride that she would rather remain in Starling City and act as the Arrows IT girl than come to New York and act as his IT girl. Everyone in the Avenger's tower knew that Oliver Queen was the man under the hood, his was the skill that doled out justice in Starling but they also knew that Felicity Smoak was the brain to his brawn.

Steve Rodgers had to respect the girl, she knew what she was doing was important and she was going to carry on doing it until either the battle was won or she had no fight left in her. He could understand her motivations better that most but that didn't mean he didn't worry for her, Thor had never met his descendant in person but he would move heaven and earth to protect her that feeling had spread to the other Avengers.

The more Thor told them about her the more she felt like one of their own. Felicity Smoak didn't just have Thor looking out for her anymore she had an ever growing group of super heroes in her corner too and she didn't even know it.

Steve had seen Thor angry before, he had even seen him in a rage but he had never seen the God react as violently as he had earlier that night. He had explained to Steve and the others that he had forged a connection with Felicity that he had never shared with any of his descendents before. Without actually meeting him the bright young woman had become more of a daughter to Thor than her ancestor had ever been.

Thor could feel Felicity's pain it didn't weather it was physical, mental or emotional, he felt them all. Even when she was happy and healthy he was always aware of her lingering in the back of her mind. His friends could tell when Felicity was having a bad day because the normally jovial God would spend the whole day doing his best Loki impression.

Today had not been a good by day anyone's standards but tonight things had come to a head. Thor had gone from being somewhat irritated to exploding with an anger that could rival that of the Hulk. Steve had attempted to calm his friend but it hadn't worked, the Thunder God had roared about his Dear one's broken heart and taken to the sky.

Steve knew what it was like to know those you care about are hurting and not be able to do anything about it. Part of him wanted to let Thor deal with whoever it was that was hurting his girl, he had a strong suspicion that it was Oliver Queen and if anyone needed some sense knocking into them it was that boy but he knew that Felicity wouldn't want that. If she was even half the woman Thor made her out to be she would not take kindly to Thor interfering in her life nor would she let him get away with hurting someone she loved.

The Avenger were scattered across the world, Thor was only on Earth for a short visit himself. Steve's options for back up were limited. Thankfully both Natasha and Wanda were in the building. He was going to have to hope that the combined forces of the Black Widow, the Scarlet Witch and Captain America would be enough to stop an enraged Norse God because if not he was pretty sure the Arrow was not going to last the night.


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