Lightning in her blood

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Summary: Felicity is not what she seems, sure she is a sweet, quirky, genius who can always be relied upon to help save the day but she is also more than that. She has lightning in her blood and more than one mighty protector in her corner. Takes place after both Heir to the Demon and the second avenger film. Now a collection of one shots.

The Eye of his storm

If there was one thing that Felicity Smoak trusted more than her intelligence it was her instincts. For as long as she could remember she had always listened to the little voices in her head and they had never led her wrong (she knew she sounded kind of crazy when she put it like that but there was no other way to describe it).

They were the reason she had tried her hand at making a computer at 7 years old, they were what pushed her to study at MIT. They stopped her from joining Stark industries and urged her towards Queen consolidated instead. They also told her that despite his many really poor attempts at lying to her Oliver Queen could be trusted completely. In fact, the only time she didn't follow her instincts she had ended up with a stalker.

After that experience, Felicity swore to herself she would never ignore those little voices again, her resolve was only strengthened when she began to research her godly ancestors. Odin the Father of Thor was a master of the ruins, there were a lot of rituals involved that even Felicity didn't understand but basically if he was given the right tools Odin could see the future.

Felicity couldn't help but wonder if the instincts she relied upon so much had come from him. She knew some people would accuse her of having delusions of grandeur but truthfully, she didn't care, she had long ago stopped questioning how or why her feelings led her so well, now she just trusted them. So, when she felt a sudden change in the air around her she froze in her tracks.

The storm that still raged around her suddenly felt more vengeful than comforting and the tiny voice that usually whispered warnings about danger began to scream and shout at her, this storm was not for her anymore, it was for Oliver.

As angry and hurt as Felicity was by Oliver she still loved him and she was not going to let anyone hurt him not even her own ancestor.

Turning on her heels the small blond fought her way through the down pour as quickly as she could, the cute little boots she had been so excited to wear that morning were not made for running, let alone running in the rain but she wasn't going to let that stop her. Oliver was in danger, perhaps more danger than he had ever faced before and Felicity felt it was her fault.

Even if he didn't love her Oliver had always done all he could to protect Felicity now the time had come for her to protect him and she refused to fail him.

Felicity had been struggling through the torrents of rain for a few minutes when she heard the roar of a motor bike frighteningly close behind her but she ignored it as best she could, she had to get to Oliver.

The driver of the bike did not take being disregarded well at all. The vehicle complete with its stunning rider spun up onto the pavement and stopped directly in front of Felicity, the blond was forced to skid to a stop to keep from running right into it.

"Felicity Smoak?" the red head on the bike called urgently. Felicity tried to answer, she really did but all she could do was gape at the stunt the woman had just pulled off.

"Felicity Smoak?" the woman tried again "Oliver Queen, the vigilante he's your boyfriend, right?" she snapped at the blond.

"Oliver's not my boyfriend" Felicity answered quickly.

From her perch on the "borrowed" bike Natasha smirked, she knew that little titbit of misinformation would get the shocked girl talking.

"Next time you might want to deny that he is a vigilante first" the super spy commented holding a helmet out to Felicity "I need you to come with me" she ordered.

Getting on a bike with a stranger was something Felicity would normally never do but at that moment she was running on pure instinct, plus she was pretty sure she knew who this woman was.

"You're the Black Widow" she clarified as she pulled the helmet onto her head.

After the incident in New York Felicity had done her research, research that got a whole lot easier when a huge number of classified files hit the internet.

"That's me" the woman confirmed as Felicity climbed onto the back of the bike. Once Thor finally got to meet the girl that he already loved enough to kill a man that he himself called a great warrior he was not going to let her just disappear from his life, Natasha had no doubt that Felicity would become at least a semi-permanent fixture in the Avengers lives, so didn't see any point lying to her.

"Are you here to help Thor kill Oliver?" the IT expert asked hesitantly.

If the assassin was surprised at the girl's insight she didn't show it. "No" she said kicking the bikes motor into life "I'm here to help you save him"

Felicity had more questions but the Black Widow had pulled back onto the road and was roaring towards verdant before she could ask any of them, all she could do was hang on for dear life and hope for the best.

Weaving through the late-night traffic Natasha could not help but compare her passenger with the man she was descended from. While she could see likenesses such as their loyalty to their friends she could also see clear differences.

Felicity was logical and intelligent almost coolly so while Thor was all honour, passion and strength, it was almost like she was the eye of his storm.

For the first time since the Captain had sounded the alarm earlier that night Natasha found herself believing that perhaps Oliver Queen really could be saved, they just needed to use the right weapon against Thor and his anger. Felicity and her love. The tiny girl that clung so desperately to her didn't know it but she really was the only hope Oliver Queen had of seeing tomorrow.

For a moment, Natasha almost felt bad for the girl but then she remembered that as delicate as Felicity may seem she was a daughter of the gods and weather she wanted to except it or not she was born for battel. There was lightning in her blood and the time to use it was fast approaching.

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