Author's Note: It was horribly misty at school today and my friend made a comment about Captain America using his shield as an umbrella and it all just kind of went from there. So, here is a one-shot that might become something more. Read, review, and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers and the inspiration for the idea came from Thine_Everlasting (who is on AO3, not this site).


Steve Rogers, more commonly known as Captain America, stood glumly in the rain. After planning this weekend hike in the woods for over a week in advance, checking the weather every day, he naturally assumed that it wasn't going to rain today. The forecast had said for the last ten days, including today that it was not going to rain today. Which was why he was more than a little miffed as he stood there. In the rain. That wasn't supposed to be happening.

Rogers gave a heartfelt sigh and started trudging his way back down the mountain. There was no way he was going to be able to continue with his original plans with the ground completely soaked through. Rogers sighed again. The world hated him. Then he perked up a little as a thought hit him; maybe he could go see Peggy again. Her visits normally filled him with a sense of euphoria and nostalgia. He still loved her even though he knew she had found another man and had been happily married to him.

His thoughts took a darker turn as the days that he introduced himself several times an hour came unbidden to his mind. Steve shook his head. All of this rain was getting him down. He decided he would shake himself out of his mood by running down the mountain. At least he could get some sort of work out from this failed weekend adventure.

So he ran. The farther he went, the harder it rained, and the harder it got to see. Soon Captain America had to stop because he couldn't see further than three feet in any direction and realized that he was hopelessly lost. His sigh held a note of frustration this time as he wondered what he could do to block this accursed rain at least enough so it wasn't dripping into his eyes while he tried to see. He thought quickly to himself. There wasn't anything in his camping bag that would even serve remotely as an umbrella (he didn't think to pack one because it wasn't supposed to rain).

He closed his eyes, thinking harder, but he kept getting distracted by the metallic pinging noise of the multitudes of rain drops striking his shield. Captain Rogers had started taking it most everywhere with him as long as there weren't that many people around. He froze as an idea hit him. Maybe…

Six hours later he came out into the parking lot at the base of the mountain, significantly drier. Held over his head and blocking the rain's passage was his infamous Captain America shield. The weapon that stopped Thor's hammer, that helped to rid the world of the god Loki and the monster Red Skull, that had fought in countless battles and won everyone… was now being used as an umbrella. Well, at least the other Avengers weren't seeing this. At that moment, he heard the distinct sound of a camera locking the memory into an image and turned to see a teenager pulling his phone down and texting God only knows who. Captain America sighed again and hopped on his motorcycle, guiltily putting up a pole on his motorcycle and lashing his shield to it to form another makeshift umbrella. His cheeks burned red as he heard the teen take another picture and probably posting it on that thing that kids use. He thought it was Facebook maybe? Or maybe it was Instagram? Either way, he knew he was going to get majorly laughed at when he got back to New York. And knowing Stark, the picture was probably going to keep cropping up from time to time.

(That thought was confirmed when Steve finally made it back to the Avengers Tower to find Stark smirking at him, a phone with Steve's sad shield-umbrella glaring out at him. Steve just sighed and walked to his floor, ignoring the cackling behind him.)

Author's Note: Alright, let me know if you want anything added to this and if you do, let me know some ideas of silly things Captain America might use his shield for. Again, read, review, and enjoy!