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Steve grunted when another robot thing took a swipe at him. These buggers were strong, stronger than any of them had expected.

When the Avengers had gotten the news that there were evil semi-sentient robots swarming a children's hospital, they'd been disgusted but not overly concerned. Whoever this piece of trash was, he was cowardly enough to attack a children's hospital. He surely wasn't going to be much of a fight.

Except, he had been a fight. A big fight. With really hard to destroy robots. And an entire hospital full of children as hostages. Why on earth had this man decided to target this place? What sort of purpose could he have had?

And then, to make matters worse, the reporters were swarming the place, clearly unconcerned about the mortal danger they found themselves in. Steve had to worry about stopping the robots, rescuing the children, and protecting the reporters. And, sure, Steve believed in freedom of the press and all that, but this was something different. Couldn't they have just sent in drones? People had those things nowadays. Wouldn't that have been easier? Of course, Steve couldn't be certain that any of the flyers/Clint wouldn't have destroyed the drones in fear of them being a part of the enemy's plan. Still, it was stupid how determined reporters were.

Dodging another almost-blow, Steve rolled to the ground, crouching on a piece of wood that had fallen. Narrowing his eyes at the surrounding areas and making sure he knew where his teammates were, Steve put a hand to his ear, activating his comms, "Tony! I need you to land on the back end of the wooden platform I'm standing on. Hit it as hard as you can! I'm going to see if I can get into the hospital that way, take away their advantage."

"Rogers that," Stark responded. Steve could hear the smirk in his voice, and he hated it.

Moments later, Iron Man came streaking around a corner, smashing onto the wooden platform as hard as he could. He stayed long enough to make sure that Steve's trajectory was true before flying off again. For Steve's part, he drew himself in, making himself as compact as possible. He pulled the shield so it was on his side. That side was angled so that when he hit the building, the force of the launch and his aim at the glass window would send him through the window and into the hospital. The shield would protect him from too many glass cuts. He really, really hoped that there weren't any children in the area he was jumping in. He was pretty sure there weren't based on earlier readings Stark had done on heat signatures in the building, but he'd have to wait and see.

Abruptly, Steve crashed through the window, shattering it and slamming into the ground. The impact jarred his arm, making him wince a little before he stood up, shaking out his arm and body. Cracking his neck, Steve went off to go save the children.

Thankfully, most of them had been evacuated before the robots could get too far. Unfortunately, there were six that had been unintentionally left behind. It was those six that Steve would be rescuing.

The walk down the hallways was silent, the only sound coming from the muffled explosions and crashes from outside the building. Steve was tempted to activate his comms, just to get enough noise to negate the creepiness of an empty hospital, but he resisted.

Suddenly, there was a sound in front of him. Racing forward, Steve skidded into the room, hands already held in a defensive position. He nearly growled when he saw the bad guy of the week holding a little boy with one arm, a bomb wrapped around the boy's waist. The other five children were on the floor, whimpering softly and sniffling. Steve noted with vague horror that the bomb had only a minute or so before it went off.

Thinking quickly, Steve ran forward as fast as he could, throwing his shield at the same time. It crunched into the man's nose, dropping him just as Steve reached the children. Steve grabbed the shield out of the air with one hand and steadying the child with the bomb with the other hand.

Taking a deep breath, Steve motioned the other children backwards, relieved when they all obeyed immediately. Steve made quick work of the straps around the boy's chest, gently removing the bomb. Steve nodded to the rest of the kids, indicating that he should go with them.

With the kids out of the way, Steve could finally get rid of the bomb. He was pretty sure that it was a relatively small bomb based on his knowledge of the subject and the appearance of the bomb, but he wasn't entirely certain. Hopefully there would be an open spot in front of the hospital that he could throw it.

When Steve reached the window to look out, however, he realized that there were news reporters with their cameras angled directly into the room him and the children were in. Were they serious? Didn't they realize how dangerous it was to get that close? Steve couldn't throw the bomb anymore, not with them so close.

Resisting the urge to swear, Steve yelled to the kids, "Get out of the room! Go to the next room over!" He didn't have time to do anything about the unconscious perpetrator, but that was hardly his biggest concern at the moment.

After taking another moment to make sure that there was nothing else he could do, Steve dropped the bomb on the ground before quickly covering it with his shield.

He barely got the bomb covered, his body slammed on the shield to weigh it down, before the bomb went off. The explosion jarred his bones again, almost sending him and the shield flying off. Luckily, they managed to contain it. The only problem? They weren't on the ground floor. Steve groaned when he realized that his biggest concern was coming true: the explosion shot through the floor and broke it. With a short yelp, Captain America fell through the floor, smashing into the ground below.

It was a long moment before Steve felt like he could stand up. He groaned as he stood, bones feeling like they were rearranging himself under his skin. Yikes.

As he stood, reporters flooded into the room, seemingly uncaring about the destabilized roof. At least the battle appeared to be over outside as most of the Avengers settled behind the reporters. The little kids crept down the stairs, lead by Natasha (how did she even get up there? When did she get up there?).

Relieved that the battle was over, Steve turned to face the approaching horde of reporters. Within seconds, they were in his face, microphones jostling for room in front of him. Finally, someone won the internal battle, smoothing out her skirt as the rest fell sullenly behind her. She stuffed her microphone into Steve's face, stating clearly and loudly, "Captain America, that was the single bravest thing I have ever seen. Truly, there is no one more worthy of the honor of using that shield than you are."

The public, watching this from the safety of their homes, never quite could say why all of the Avengers started bursting out laughing at that comment.

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