Emma just loved New York. She loved the cool breeze that danced with her long blonde hair in the wind, she loved the noisy cars honking and the wildlife around her. New York was her home, after all.

"Where are we going anyway?" Luke asked.

"Luke, you obviously don't know how to shop," Emma replied, "we have to look in about 10 stores at the minimum and then out of all the choices, go back to the store or stores you want to buy stuff from. We should go do a place that sells Jimmy Choos thought because those shoes are totes adorbs!" Luke groaned.

"Maybe I can buy a new pair of sandals too!" Ravi exclaimed. Now Luke and Emma sighed.

"I'm not waiting through 10 stores so we can go to 1 store," Luke argued, "we should split up."

"Fine with me," Emma agreed. Emma went shopping with Maya, Riley, and Zuri and Luke went to the video game store with Lucas, Zay, Ravi, and Farkle.

"Emma, Jimmy Choos are at least $500 and I only brought $5, do you have enough?" Riley questioned.

"I brought 3 days of allowance which is $600 and Ravi gave me 3 days worth of his allowance which is also $600 because he gets guilty really easily," Emma replied. She then looked at Maya and Riley who seemed really impressed. "Let's take a bus to the store by 59th Street on Lexington Avenue." They all agreed with Emma.

Emma found The 4 of them seats in the back. Stop by stop by stop they waited to get to 59th. After an hour they still were on the bus. "Um Emma, 59th street is not on the bus list, neither is Lexington Avenue. This bus is taking us to Queens! It's not coming back to Manhattan until tomorrow." Zuri explained.

"Ok let's get off at this stop and then we can turn around and go back."

"I used all of my money on the bus here," Riley said.

"I brought nothing," Maya said.

"I left my wallet at home," Zuri said. They all looked at Emma who checked her wallet.

"Yeah about having a lot of money, my wallet is still at home!" Emma exclaimed.

"So basically we have nothing," Maya said. They all nodded. "Why don't we all call Jessie then. I didn't bring my phone though and neither did Riley." Maya suggested.

"My phone's at home," Zuri stated, "but Emma has hers." Once again, they all stared at Emma. She took her phone out of her purse and glared at it.

"My phone's dead," Emma explained. So now, we are stuck miles away from home with no money or cell phones, Emma thought, Great, just great.