The End Of The Forsaken


So many had died.

If only they had stayed that way. If only she had stayed that way. Sylvanas hadn't been on this road since Arthas had first raised her from the dead.

The horde Garrosh had warned her that eventually, everyone had to meet their maker, he was right. Some have to simply work harder to get there than others.

She had worked hard to do so. All of her people had worked hard to do so.

All the forsaken had.

Not all were fighters, many had become that, yes. Many others had learned other trades to keep things going forward.

When called to act they did so without hastening.

The horde and alliance had changed so much she hardly recognized either one.

So many foolishly seeking death. Often times it was their closest allies who sought it the most.

You would think knowing them would be enough to detour people from it.

So many new races littered Azeroth.

So many old ones had returned.

The fools all sought glory and death.

Now her people moved forward each one behind her. They formed a true horde. She had used the ancient power that once enslaved them. To ask for the time had come. Not command, compiled or ordered she simply asked.

She only wanted to meet them all. Not a single no came back. All around Azeroth the forsaken returned to where it began.

It was true that when they returned they all were granted true freedom. The freedom was granted by their very souls.





She only leads because they let her. Choose her to lead.

As such, she made her choice and she knew that her people had too.

They were the true horde.

Individuals that made the same choice.

The druids would wonder, the mages would be baffled. She could already feel the change around the world. With that choice, they had done what none others could. She could feel it, they all could. The corruption was following them.

They would die a true death.

At the hands of their maker

The burning legion