Spoilers Season 5 ! It contains definitely spoiler for 4 and 5 season - who doesn't want to be spoiled, please DON'T read! - Season 5 Spoiler !

What would have happened if, Juliette would be still alive after the end of the 4th season - beginning of season 5.

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That's just an idea of mine, as It could be when "Juliette" might have been there when Nick has woke up.

Love, and Betrayal are close together...

Nick slowly opened his eyes. He was still a little dazed from whatever they used to knock him out. He slowly got up from the floor, back protesting in a way that let him know he had been on the floor for a few hours—probably all night. His head cleared slowly and his thoughts immediately center on Trubel and Juliette.

His heart began to pound when he thought of his ex-girlfriend. He went from room to room, looking in each until he arrived at the bedroom.

Someone at the window standing in front of it and staring out.

He knew who it was... But how was this possible? Just yesterday, she died in his arms. Two arrows, shot by Trubel to protect him. And yet, she stood before him, at the window.

She looked small and fragile.

Juliette stood at the window and looked out. She was having a hard time reconciling the things she'd done... She didn't want anyone to get hurt. But now—Kelly was dead. Because she sent an email that had Kelly coming to Portland. Kelly and Diana.

She sighed softly and looked over her shoulder when she heard Nick. When she saw his face, she turned her head away and swallowed past a lump in her throat. She could feel his gaze on her... and it felt absolutely uncomfortable.

Nick had to keep a tight rein on his self-control so he didn't go off on her.

Both are silent for a moment; Juliette staring out the window, Nick staring at her turned back.

Suddenly, Juliette turned to look Nick in the eye. She could see his hands fisted at his sides, the knuckles white with the force of it. She looked him steadfastly in the eyes. Just as he her. Both simply looked at each other only. Until she found her courage and slowly walked closer to him.

She got about half-way when she stopped, taking in his stony expression and the raised hand.

Nick raised his voice, "Juliette, why? Why did you do that? " His tone was angry, disappointed, sad.

Juliette ran a hand over her face, ducking her head for a moment. "It all started when I found out that... Adalind was pregnant. I just... freaked out."

He cleared his throat. He could understand that... but not to this extent. "But why?"

"I was beside myself," Juliette explained. "I was—enraged. That she got what I've always wanted with you."

"But it still does not explain why you would do such things," Nick said helplessly. "I mean the trailer... My mom," he said, voice breaking a little on the last word.

"As I told you, I just—I freaked out when I found out that Adalind is pregnant with your baby. I wanted to see your trailer in flames. It was a knee-jerk reaction."

Nick looked into her eyes and she held his gaze. "But it still does not explain why you lured my mother to Portland. My mom has done nothing to you."

"No, your mother didn't do anything to me," she agreed softly, meeting his eyes. "There was this Kenneth guy," Juliette said, dropping her gaze. "He told me that Adalind is pregnant, that you're the father. That was why I went to see you at work. I wanted to see if it was true."

Nick opened his mouth to respond but she cut him off before he could speak.

"After you chose Adalind over me, I just—saw red. I freaked out. He asked me if I can get your mother and Diana to come to Portland." She stopped short, chewing her bottom lip. "I thought he just wanted the kid and your mother would be okay."

She looked at him again. "Nick, I'm so sorry. I did not want that," she said, shaking her head. "You have to believe me, I really thought he just wanted the child and would not do anything— I never expected that he would kill your mother, otherwise I would never have done it."