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Here's the first chapter of my new main story. I will be probably focusing the most time on this fic. Most of my Pokémon fics (with the exception of True Colors) will be based off of the tiny AU built through this fic, meaning that characters like Sapphire and Calem from Emerald Knights will be appearing in and out of the fic. Since this happens before my current fic, I can't progress Emerald Knights much farther without getting some background from here as well. Also I know Serena got her Eevee in a different manner, so any cannon after her catching Eevee is not really used in this AU. I'll try to incorporate some Team Flare and Zygarde a bit, but I'm not super sure how yet.

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I do not own Pokémon or True-InTha-Blue's ideas and inspiration that led to the writing of this fic. Just wanted to say I did get permission from him/her (not so sure) to use ideas and themes used in the fic From One Side to Another.

The small town of Vaniville stood before them. The young man wore a white crew neck with a navy blue sleeveless vest over it. He had brown cargo pants with a belt. Finally he wore a gray messenger bag slung over his shoulder. At his side, a brown fox nuzzled his leg affectionately.

"Vui?" It tilted its head curiously.

The man chuckled. "Yes buddy, that's Vaniville."

He bent down and patted the Eevee on the head. "That's where your new trainer lives."

"Vui!" The Pokémon protested, shaking its head and pawing on his pants.

"I know you'd rather stay with your parents back home but you won't grow unless you move out and find a trainer. All the other Eevees have found trainers and now it's your turn too." He scratched the nervous fox behind its ears. He smiled sadly, reminiscing back to its parents, probably his two strongest Pokémon. "Besides, with my job, I won't have time to train you. My cousin is a new trainer but could use someone like you to help her learn through her journey."

"Vui!" The fox pouted, shaking its head.

"Well you haven't met her. I think you two will get along just fine. Besides, she's my cousin, she'll treat you right. I raised your parents well didn't I?"

The Eevee tackled the young man in annoyance. "Ok! Ok!" He raised his arms in defense. "I don't know whether she'll treat you exactly how I do, but you two will work something out. She won't abandon you. You're a strong Pokémon, and she would never abandon someone like you. It's also your responsibility to learn how to work with your trainer."

The Eevee still disagreed, firing a shadow ball at him and rushing off.

"Buddy, come back!" The man cried running after the small fox.

*And now begins the search for this young man's Eevee. What adventures will this man encounter on his journey?*

Said man glanced into the sky. "Who said that?"

*I am the narrator. Today I will be narrating your journey.*

"Err...ok...I guess you can stick around. Just don't peer into my mind."

*No promises!*

"Greninja, use Double Team!" The black haired teenager ordered as the frog ninja split into a dozen copies surrounding a tree. "Now follow it up with Cut!"

A glowing blade of energy materialized in its hand as the doubles dashed past the old trunk, which exploded in a thousand pieces. They boy, known as Ash Ketchum, grinned. "That's great Greninja, now use water pulse."

"Greh!" The frog yelled as it leapt into the air and threw a sphere of water into the foliage. The sphere exploded in a huge black cloud. Ash grinned at his Kalos friend. "Great job!"


The boy turned back to the cloud in surprise. Out of the cloud, a black spiral energy beam flew towards the ninja frog. Ash gasped as he recognized the attack as Dark Pulse. The pulse slammed into Greninja. Thankfully, the ninja's dark typing prevented major damage done to him. Ash shielded his eyes from the dust as he squinted to see their attacker. He could just make a black shape in the dust. As it got closer, he realized it was a sleek black Pokémon with red eyes. It had a yellow ring on its forehead and a yellow band on its ears. Ash recognized the Pokémon as Umbreon, the moonlight Pokémon. Umbreon charged the ninja frog with an assurance attack but the frog leaped into the air, following up with an aerial ace attack. It quickly responded with an iron tail. The glowing legs slammed into the steel tail. The two Pokémon glared at each other as they struggled to break through each other's defense. Ash clenched his fists, praying that Greninja would win.

"That's enough!"

Ash turned back to see a man in his early twenties with standing behind him. The Umbreon made eye contact with Greninja, requesting a truce. The frog glanced at Ash who nodded. The two fighters leapt back from each other and ran back to their trainers.

Ash turned to the man. "Why did you attack us?"

The man frowned. "What are you talking about? Your Greninja attacked Blackie! We were searching for my Pokémon when you attacked us."

Ash thought back to a few moments back to when he had ordered a water pulse into a random bush. Did it hit Umbreon on accident?

He scratched his head sheepishly. "Heh, heh, oops; I'm sorry about that. I guess we weren't paying attention to where we were shooting weren't we Greninja?"

The frog, identical to Ash, scratched his head sheepishly. "Greninja" He called as he grunted an apology to the dark Pokémon.

"Hi, my name is Ash! This is Greninja, one of my friends here in Kalos." Ash extended his hand in salutations.

The young man smiled. "Adrian's the name. And this is my buddy Blackie."

Blackie yipped politely then motioned back towards the woods. "Um!"

Adrian suddenly snapped up, "You're right buddy, we got to find him!"

He turned to Ash, "Sorry friend, but we've got to go. One of my Pokémon has run off and I'm trying to find him. I've got to go now! See you!"

With that, trainer and Pokémon dashed off into the forest. Ash turned to his Greninja. "What was that all about?"

The frog gave a confused look and shrugged. Ash followed suit. "Aw well, I guess it was nothing. That trainer was strong though. I wonder if we'll meet him again, then we could engage him in a full battle. Maybe he'll become a rival just like Tierno and Sawyer; that would be epic, don't you think Greninja?"


Ash scratched his head and pondered for a moment. "Hold on a sec, where's the narrator? Normally he starts talking right about now."

"Greninja..." The ninja frog shrugged.

"Pikachu, be patient or else I'll never finish untangling your fur!" The blonde haired girl commanded as she brushed the yellow mouse Pokémon.

"Pi!" he muttered as the brush seemed to yank on his fur. "Pikachu!"

Bonnie smiled. "Don't worry Pikachu it will all be over soon. Just stay with me for a few more minutes and you'll be good as new!"

The yellow mouse sighed and braced himself for more strokes. "Pika."

Standing nearby, Clement and Serena finished packing up their camp. Serena finished examining her GPS and turned to the blonde haired boy. "It's only a few more kilometers and we'll reach Vaniville."

The group had been journeying to Vaniville to celebrate Serena's sixteenth birthday and had taken a break for lunch and training. Ash had gotten all eight badges and was now focused solely on preparing for the Renaissance Conference, but had insisted that Serena's sixteenth birthday was an important milestone and she should celebrate it with family and friends…he had been unable to return to Kanto for his, so he insisted at least she should.

Unfortunately, their journey had been cut short with Ash insisting on going off alone to train, taking only Greninja with him. Now they were anxiously waiting for him to come back.

"I wonder where Ash went." She thought out loud.

"He's probably so caught up in his training he lost track of time." Bonnie guessed.

"Don't worry guys, I'm sure that he'll back be quite soon." Clement added.

"I hope so…" the honey blonde wished.

"Vui!" The trio turned around in surprise to see a brown fox Pokémon rushing towards them, anger and venom in its eyes. It looked like it was on a warpath. It glared at the trio and barked loudly.

"It's an Eevee!" Bonnie cried in excitement, "Aww! It's so cute!"

The Eevee didn't seem to like the word 'cute' as it glared at the younger girl. Opening its mouth, it charged a dark shadow ball towards the trio before letting it fly…not at the girls, but at the Pancham nearby. The Panda Pokémon cried out in terror and dove out of the way just before the dark sphere hit him. "Pan!" it cried out in surprise before summoning up its own Dark Pulse attack. To the Pancham's surprise, the Eevee smiled at the panda's aggression, preparing itself for the attack.

The Dark Pulse flew at the fox but the Eevee rolled out of with ease. It wiggled its butt at Pancham, taunting it. "Vui! Vui!"

Pancham was beyond angry. He hurled spheres of Dark Pulse and Hidden Power at the fox, but the quick moving fox merely danced around the attacks, using a combinations of rolls, flips, and Quick Attacks to evade the attacks with ease. To Serena, it almost looked like the Eevee was doing a showcase performance considering the coordinated movements to dodge.

Finally Pancham had enough. Summoning up whatever remaining energy he had left, he threw his arms into the air, causing a series of stone pillars to erupt from the ground. However, the lithe fox merely jumped on top of the pillars as if they were steps on a staircase, quite similar to Serena's previous performances with Delphox. But instead of finishing with a beautiful dance, this Eevee leaped off the final pillar. Its tail glowed silver as it hardened into a brutal Iron Tail. The trio gasped in surprise as the Pancham gulped nervously. The Eevee somersaulted in the air, slamming its tail upon the unfortunate Pancham. When the dust cleared, the panda lay on the ground, unmoving.

"Vui!" The fox yelled in victory before turning to the rest of the group, challenging them for another battle.

Clemont gasped in surprise. "That's impossible! No wild Eevee can learn Iron Tail?"

Bonnie giggled as she whispered to her Dedenne. "See Dedenne, this Eevee is not only cute, but is also quite strong, just like you."

"Nenene!" The hamster Pokémon exclaimed.

Serena ran up to her fainted Pancham. "Pancham, are you ok?"

The Panda opened its eyes and nodded, "Pan!"

Serena smiled. "That's great!"

She then turned towards the Eevee. "What is your business with us? You know you shouldn't attack other Pokémon like that."

"Vui! Vui!" The Pokémon glared, looking for a new victim. It scanned the group until it rested its eyes on the yellow rat. "Vui! Eevui!"

Pikachu jumped back, startled by the fox's challenge. "Pika?" It asked curiously.

Said Pokémon nodded. "Vui!"

"Pikachu, don't do this! You'll get hurt!" Bonnie cried, before adding, "And I just groomed you!"

But Pikachu hopped off Bonnie's shoulder and stood before the fox, almost grinning. "Pikachu!" He replied in confidence.

The Eevee started the battle with a speedy Quick Attack. However, to its surprise, Pikachu responded with an even faster Quick Attack, slamming the fox from behind. The fox, surprised by the strength of the rat, quickly spun around and let off a series of swift star attacks. However, yet again, Pikachu leaped and rolled with ease through his own Quick Attack, slamming his own Iron Tail into the startled Eevee.

Before the Eevee could respond further, Pikachu charged up his tail and fired off a powerful Thunderbolt. The powerful bolt of electricity struck the fox head on, knocking it out instantaneously. When the dust cleared, a blackened Eevee lay on the ground, looking more like an Umbreon than an Eevee. The trio let out a breath of relief. While the Eevee was pretty strong, it was no hope against a battle hardened Pikachu.

Pikachu slowly approached the weakened Eevee. "Pi?"

The fox slowly pulled itself onto its feet. "Vui…" It weakly moaned.

"There you are Eevee!"

The trio turned to see a young woman wearing a lilac blouse and white capris. She had a beige purse at her side and a sleek looking Espeon running at her side. The woman had slightly tanned skin with lilac hair and eyes. The Eevee looked at the woman and yipped in recognition of her. "Vui Vui!"

"Hey there buddy!" The woman smiled. "What are you doing here?"

"Vui! Vee eevui vui!" The fox attempted to explain, but the woman shook her head.

"The better question is why you were attacking that poor Pancham."

The Eevee slowly lowered its head in shame. "Eevee vui!"

"Not to me, say it to the people whose morning you ruined."

Serena raised her hands. "Oh no, it's nothing. You don't have to apologize."

"We were just waiting for a friend." Clemont added.

"He was sort of mean though," Bonnie pouted.

"Well," the woman replied, "I appreciate your sincerity, but this little guy needs to learn that he can't just run away from his trainer and attack strangers like that."

The fox slowly approached the group and bowed its head. "Vui vui."

Serena smiled. "It's alright, right Pancham?"

The Panda still was glaring at the Eevee before turning its head. "Pancham!"

"Pancham! Forgive him. He said he was sorry." Serena scolded.

Pikachu quickly rushed forward and began scolding the Pancham as well. After a minute, the Pancham slowly nodded. "Pan, Pancham."

"Good, now shake hands." The girl still held a serious gaze at her Pokémon.

Serena smiled as she watched the Pancham trod up to Eevee and raise its paw towards the Eevee, who hesitantly took it paw before they slowly shook it.

"That's better," the woman smiled before turning to the group, "I'm sorry about that. Buddy here is still quite young and hasn't been given much training besides just playing back at the ranch."

"Oh wow!" Bonnie cried, "Is he yours?"

The woman shook her head. "Nope, he belongs to a friend of mine. I'm sorry, my name is Ally, from Tojoh Falls." She said as she extended her hand to the group.

"My name is Serena!"

"I'm Clemont."

"I'm Bonnie…and…" Before anyone could react, the girl was kneeling on one knee before the woman. Taking her hand, the girl smiled. "You're a keeper! You look strong and so does your Espeon. Please take care of my brother!"

"Bonnie!" Clemont yelled in exasperation, his Aipom arm already in action.

"What? She's perfect! Promise you'll consider it."

Ally giggled. "Sorry Bonnie. You see, Buddy here is my boyfriend's Eevee."

The girl sighed. "Aww, oh well…we'll eventually find a wife for you big brother."

The blonde haired boy bowed in apology. "I'm so sorry about Bonnie. She's a bit passionate."

The lilac haired woman laughed. "It's alright Clemont. I think it's sort of cute. But I should get going, though."

She knelt down to the Eevee. "Now buddy, you're going to tell me where my boyfriend is. He ran off without telling me which way he went."

Serena giggled. "It sort of sounds like our friend."

"Oh really? What's his name?"

"Ash Ketchum, he's competing for the Kalos League." Serena explained.

The woman raised an eyebrow. "Oh is that so? Is he from Pallet Town?"

Bonnie nodded. "That's right! Do you know him?"

She shook her head. "No, but my little sister said she's met him before. Come to think of it, I think she harbored a crush on him for a while."

Serena gasped. Ash already had an admirer? "She did!?" The girl shrieked.

Ally raised her second eyebrow. "Oh…do you have one too? That's hilarious! But not anymore…my sister might have admired the guy, but I think she's moved on by now. Besides, it's unhealthy to obsess over someone who you just met for a few days."

Serena paled slightly. Bonnie giggled. "Actually that sounds like Serena! She met him at a summer camp and then she joined us a few years later."

"Oh is that so? Well, I wish you good luck. From what I've heard, that boy is denser than a super dense boy with a Pikachu." Ally scratched her chin thoughtfully, "Come to think of it…where did that phrase come from?"

The gang shrugged. Ally nodded. "Oh well, let's get going Espee, Buddy! If we hurry, we also might find Ruby and Sapphire. They're supposed to meet up with us as well."

With that, the lilac haired trainer ran off into the distance as the gang waved.

After a few minutes, a familiar black haired trainer walked into the clearing. "Hey guys, sorry I'm late!"

"Pikapi!" The mouse cried in glee as he jumped onto the boy's shoulder.

"Hey there Pikachu! Did you miss me?"


Serena smiled at the interaction. Their close bond always captured her heart. "It's good to have you back Ash."

"What took you so long?" Bonnie complained.

Ash sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "Well, we sort of ran into someone. There was this guy who had an Umbreon and Greninja accidentally hit the Umbreon on accident so we sort of got into a battle. Anyways, he said he was looking for a lost Pokémon but I hadn't seen him so he left."

"Oh, that must be Ally's boyfriend!" Bonnie exclaimed.


"Yeah," Clemont explained. "While you were gone, we met an Eevee who knew Iron Tail. He attacked us, but Pikachu stopped him."

"Pikachu…" The Pikachu blushed at the attention.

"Anyways," he continued, "Ally found us and recognized the Eevee as her boyfriend's. So she took him back to go look for her boyfriend."

Ash cocked his head slightly. "Boyfriend?"

The group face palmed. "Yes, her boyfriend."

"Isn't that just a guy who is a friend?"

Serena's hopes plummeted. How dense could a guy get? "No, it's more than just that…how do I explain it?"

"Ooh…I can try! Let me try please!" Bonnie jumped up and down with excitement. However, before the lemon haired girl could finish, a robotic arm grabbed her from behind.

"That's enough Bonnie, we need to get going. This is a private matter that Ash needs to discover himself." The older brother chided as inventor and little sister walked or floated away.

The two watched the sibling duo march away. Ash turned to Serena awkwardly. "So Serena…could you explain it?"

The girl froze as her cheeks turned dark red. "Umm…you know what? It's not that important. We can talk about it later okay?"

To her relief, the boy nodded. "That's right! We need to get to your house for your birthday party."

He checked his shoulder to find his faithful mouse patiently waiting. "There you are Pikachu! You're here so often I sometimes forget you're here."

"Pikachu!" The mouse laughed in agreement.

Soon enough, the gang reached the hill overlooking the small town. Serena took in a death breath of fresh air. "Ah…it's great to be back!"

"Oh wow! Look big brother, it's so different from Lumiose City!" Bonnie exclaimed.

"It certainly is. It's quite smaller than where we grew up and it seems much calmer and quieter than the roar of Lumiose." Her brother observed.

"So this is where you lived…I like it." Ash commented.

"You do?" Serena asked.

"Yeah, it sorta reminds me of Pallet Town, minus the lab." Ash concluded, "Then again, it also reminds me of Twinleaf Town as well."

"Where's that Ash?" Bonnie asked.

"Oh, it's in the Sinnoh Region. Dawn lives there."

Serena froze. Dawn? That sounded like a girl's name. "Who's she Ash?"

"Ooh! Is she your girlfriend?" Bonnie giggled.

Ash scratched his head. "Umm…yeah I guess she is. She's a girl and my friend as well. But anyways, Dawn is a Coordinator I traveled with in the Sinnoh Region. Or is she a fashion designer now? I forget."

"Wow! It sounds like you were great friends!" Bonnie exclaimed.

"Yeah, we were. She was probably one of my closest friends. She had this Piplup who always got himself into trouble. But she probably was one of my greatest inspirations. Together we developed some of the greatest strategies and techniques I used back in the day. She was like that little sister I never had." Ash smiled as he reminisced from the past. "But never mind that now. We've got to get to Serena's house. I'm starving!"

The quartet laughed as they walked down the path towards the small town. Serena smiled as she greeted old neighbors and fellow townspeople who recognized the daughter of the Rhyhorn Racer. After a few minutes of walking, the group reached the modest two story house. As she opened the gate, she was quickly tackled by a large powerful rock type Pokémon. "Hey Rhyhorn, it's great to see you!"

"Rhyhorn!" the spikes Pokémon responded, licking the girl's face.

"Hey, stop it! Cut it out!" the flattened girl protested in vain.

"Serena?" A middle aged woman's head peered out from an upper window. "Oh great! You made it!"

The girl grunted under the pressure of the heavy mount. "Yeah, I made it, but I'm not so sure how much longer I can last!"

"Oh Serena, it seems you've forgotten how to stop a Rhyhorn." Grace chuckled as she brought to fingers to her lips and blew a shrill whistle. Almost immediately, the Rhyhorn stopped licking its trainer's daughter and removed itself from the girl.

"Thanks mom!" Serena called as she used a handkerchief to wipe the Pokémon slobber off her face. "Good Rhyhorn."

"Aww, it's so cute!" the younger girl gushed as she leaped forward and tackled the rock type into a hug.

"Denene!" her little hamster agreed.

"Well don't just stand out there lingering, come on inside." Grace called. "I'll be with you in a sec!"

Serena led the small party into the house and into an already decorated parlor. The girl's mother soon appeared from the kitchen. "Serena, the cake will be ready soon, but just a reminder, your cousin is coming sometime this afternoon."

"Really?" Serena tilted her head curiously. "Which one? Virgil, Davy, Celia, or Adrian?"

"Adrian, and he's supposedly bringing company."

"What sort of company?"

The mother giggled to herself. "After two years, we finally get to meet the special somebody he got together with."

"You mean Adrian has a girlfriend?"

Grace smiled. "Yep, and from what your cousin Celia has been telling me, they're perfect for each other."

Serena sighed. "Congratulations to him."

Just then, a faint knock was heard at the door. Grace clasped her hands in glee. "That must be them! Oh I can't wait to meet her!"

"Mom! You're embarrassing me!" the red faced girl yelled as she ran towards the door. When she opened it, Ash was surprised to see a familiar young man wearing a blue sleeveless vest holding a very familiar grumpy fox with a red bow on its head.

"Hey Cousin, happy birthday!" Adrian pleaded as he held up the pouting Eevee.

*With the sudden introduction of Adrian, Serena's Cousin, how will our heroes' adventure change? Stay tuned to find out more!*

Adrian peered into the sky. "Who is that narrator guy?"

Serena shrugged, "Honestly, I don't really know. You just get used to him."

Ok guys, let me know what you think. This fic is based on certain assumptions:

1. This happens before Emerald Knights.

2. Grace Yvonne has siblings, thus Serena has cousins, the non OCs being Virgil and Davy from the Eevee Rescue Squad in Unova. Virgil will be making an appearance later on into the fic.

3. Ash is completely dense and really has no feelings for any of his companions that he is aware of. However, as noted in the beginning: this is an Amourshipping fic. It's not the main theme, but it's implied.

4. Ally is Anabel of the Battle Frontier's older sister. Anabel will be playing a minor role, but again, this is an Amourshipping fic, not Abilityshipping, even though it's probably my favorite.

I'll be giving more information and tidbits as we go on. Please review and favorite and or follow this story. If you read or are reading Emerald Knights, this is a necessary fic to read. I will be doing a lot of explaining in this fic that I will not be doing in Emerald Knights.

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