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The Renaissance Stadium was bustling with activity. Over two hundred trains had come to compete, the hype filling the air.

Ash entered the battlegrounds with Pikachu on his shoulder to find more people than the eye could see standing on the fields. Now where could he stand?

"Hey Ash, over here!"

The raven haired teen spotted Tierno and Sawyer waving him down. He smiled as he joined the two. "Hey guys, you ready for battle?"

Tierno nodded. "We're always ready for a battle like this!"

"Me and Sceptile can't wait!" Sawyer added.

"That's great," Ash responded, "Except for one thing."

The group stared at their friend. "What?"

Ash grinned as he threw his fist in the air. "I'm going to be winning it!"

"Pikachu!" The mouse pumped his own little paw.

"Oh that's what you think!" Tierno grinned. "But I think I'll be the one taking home the prize."

"No, me!" Sawyer interjected. The group laughed at their enthusiasm.

"Let's just stick with, we're giving it our all." The group turned around in surprise to see a very familiar young man walking towards them.

"Adrian, what are you doing here?" Ash called in surprise. "How'd you get in here by the way?"

"Oh, didn't I mention it? Before we met up, I already had all the Gym Badges. I guess I forgot to tell you: from now on, we're rivals in battle. Is that fine with you?"

Ash nodded. "Doesn't change anything for me. Pikachu and I are pumped for a rematch with you!"

"Blacky can't wait either. He's very eager for a rematch with your Pikachu as well."

"Who's Blacky?" Sawyer asked.

"Oh, I guess you haven't met him yet. Blacky is my Umbreon." Adrian took out a Pokeball, releasing the black and yellow ringed fox.

"Umbre!" Blacky greeted the group before noticing a familiar mouse. "Umbre, Umbreon!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu waved back.

Ash grinned. This is why he loved the Pokemon League. It brought trainers together under one roof. It forged friendships through rivalries. Rivals and friends became one and the same in your passionate fight for victory. This is the Kalos League, and he was here to win it!

The jarring sound of a microphone screeching snapped him out of his revelry. His attention was redirected to the center of the arena, where a familiar old man stood on several step stools before a podium. It was none other than Mr. Goodshow.

"Greetings everyone! Today marks the day the Annual Renaissance Conference will begin!" Everyone cheered loudly. Once the noise had died down Mr. Goodshow continued. "I hereby congratulate all the trainers that qualified and will participate in the Renaissance Conference. It has been a long road to gain the eight badges needed to get this far and it all ends here, with all of you fighting for the Renaissance Conference trophy!

"But the road is even harder now. There are more than two hundred trainers here, but only one can emerge victorious, who will that be?" he asked, waving his arms dramatically at the crowd of trainers.

Ash turned to Pikachu, "That's going to be us!"

"Pikachu!" The mouse nodded.

*With the Renaissance Conference in beginning, Ash, Sawyer, Tierno, and surprisingly Adrian prepare for battle.*

Mr. Goodshow glanced around in confusion. "Who said that? Never mind, and now for the lighting of the torch!"

Ash raised his eyes to the top of the arena to a huge golden torch. An athlete clad in white held the a torch burning with a golden flame. He lowered the flame into the golden torch, lighting it ablaze.

The crowd cheered as Mr. Goodshow announced. "Now let the Conference begin!"

Ash stepped onto the battlefield, a familiar feeling he hadn't felt in a full year. This time he was going to win it all. Last time he had suffered greatly in defeat, but this time...something was different. This time he was going to win.

"On Field Three we have Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town versus Shen Veil of Ninja Village!" The announcer...well...announced.

Ash noticed the man wearing a twilight colored ninja outfit and a matching mask covering his entire face, minus his eyes.

"So you're Ash Ketchum." The man spoke with a deep voice. "My son speaks highly of you."

Ash frowned. "Your son?"

"Yes, Sanpei apologizes that he couldn't be here himself, but he sends he greetings."

Oh, that made sense. This man was Sanpei's father. "Well, it's nice to meet you then." Ash greeted the man.

"Indeed, I look forward to this battle very much."

The referee, noticing their conversation closing, began. "This will be a three on three match between Ash Ketchum and Shen Veil. The winner will be the one who can defeat all three of the opponent's Pokemon without losing their own team. Substitutions are allowed."

Ash grinned, clenching a Pokeball in his hand.

"Battle Begin!"

"Tread carefully, Golbat!" The man's Pokeball released the bat Pokemon.

Ash took in the sight of the Pokemon before choosing his own. "Glalie I choose you!"

The face Pokemon hovered in front of the bat, grinning at the chance to battle. Ash grinned as he recollected his call back to Professor Oak's.

After Ash left the group, he had rushed over to the video phones. "You ready to call back some old friends Pikachu?"

The mouse nodded. "Pika, Pika!"

"Great!" The duo had reached to phones. Ash found a stall and dialed a familiar number. When the screen flashed, it revealed a certain grey haired Professor wearing a pajamas and a night cap. Ash tried to contain his laughter at the interesting choice of pajamas. "Hi there, Professor!"

"Ash," The professor yawned. "Do you know what time it is?"

Ash quickly did a calculation in his head. "It's midnight Professor. Sorry about that."

"Oh, never mind. What can I do for you Ash?"

Ash turned to Pikachu. "Well in case you haven't noticed, I'm at the Kalos League now and I'd like to bring some of my old Pokemon back into my team, if that's okay with you."

The professor nodded. "Ok course Ash, who would you have me bring out?"

"I just sent you a list Professor, though I think I'll be changing around a lot. My friend Adrian challenged me to interchange my teams with some of my older Pokemon."

"I see Ash. Well, I just got your list, but can I make a quick request?"

"Sure Professor. What do you want?"

The professor yawned. "Two things. One, can you switch out Donphan for Muk? I have an important paper coming in and I'd prefer if he wasn't there to mess up my work."

Ash nodded. "Sure, it'd be great to have him back."

"And second, can you call at an earlier time in the future? This is definitely not a good time."

The teen chuckled. "I get it Professor, I'll try."

"Right then, I'll start gathering the Pokemon but you won't get them until tomorrow as they're still sleeping."

"Ok then Professor. Good night."

"Good night to you too Ash."

Now rearmed with a new arsenal, Ash was sure that he could win this this time.

Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont watched the match closely. "Hmm…I never knew Ash had a Glalie." Clemont muttered aloud.

"I wonder what other Pokémon Ash is going to bring out!" Bonnie giggled. "Maybe they're as cute as you are Dedenne!" The hamster popped out of the pouch with a cheer.

"Ash definitely is stronger with some of his old Pokémon." Serena noted as she observed her raven haired crush. The teen had so much more poise and confidence as he commanded the floating face into a spinning Head butt, effectively knocking out the bat Pokémon. The sheer exhilaration beaming from his face made Serena's heart beat so fast she wondered if she was going to faint. Where did he get this strength and confidence from? Glalie was one of his older, veteran team. Maybe being with his veteran Pokémon made him stronger. "I wonder if he was stronger with his old friends too…"

Unfortunately for her, a certain blonde girl jabbed her playfully. "Don't talk like that Serena! Ash is plenty strong with us too!"

The jibe figuratively punched Serena in gut. How could she sell herself so short? Bonnie was right. Just because Ash had experience with his veteran Pokémon didn't mean that she was holding him back from his dream. Ash had mentioned a few friends in the time they had spent in Kalos. A girl named Dawn and a guy named Brock: Ash had mentioned that they were some of his past traveling companions. Dawn apparently was one of those, what were they called? Oh yeah, Coordinators. They were sorta like Performers except they also had a battle tournament as well. She also was from some place called Sinnoh. Brock, according to Ash, was a Gym Leader like Clemont but he apparently specialized in Poison types, since he had a Croagunk. What did they mean to Ash?

She continued to watch as Bisharp battled a massive Torterra, trying to plow through Leaf Storm after Leaf Storm. But to her surprise, despite having type resistance, the Steel Dark type was clearly struggling against the torrent of razor sharp leaves. Then Ash made his mistake. He ordered Torterra to cease his attacks and charge up Energy Ball. Seeing an opening, Shen had Bisharp rush forward and use Metal Claw. Things seemed bleak as Serena held her breath, hoping for Torterra to be able to take such a swift attack. That's when Shen realized he had fallen into a trap. The Metal Claw struck the fully charged Energy Ball, hurling it not forwards, but backwards…right back into the tortoise's mouth. To the excitement the crowd, Torterra swallowed the attack, pulsing energy into his reserves as his trees glowed brightly. Serena's heart soared as she watched Torterra completely obliterate the battlefield with a Rock Climb before using the now jagged terrain to pounce the dazed Bisharp. When Torterra got up, the Bisharp clearly was knocked out from the sheer weight of such a Body Slam.

"Ash, you really are something else." She murmured softly, holding tightly onto the ribbon the raven haired teen had gifted her so long ago.

"Congratulations Mr. Ketchum, I haven't had this fine of a battle since I was a lad." The ninja acknowledged. "Not many trainers force me to use my trump card, but now you have the honor of facing my own faithful starter. Go Dewott!"

The Discipline Pokemon stood bravely on the field as it faced the Continent Pokemon. Ash frowned before recalling Torterra. Bonnie stared at her brother in surprise. "Why is Ash recalling Torterra. Isn't a Grass type like Torterra have an advantage against a Water type like Dewott Brother?"

Clemont gazed on. "Hmm...you have a point."

"Maybe it's because Ash didn't want to battle Dewott with Torterra." Serena commented.

"But why?" Bonnie asked.

"It doesn't make sense, Torterra obviously is the best choice. Glalie is not going to be a wise choice either." Clemont muttered.

"Maybe it's simply that Ash wants to use a different Pokemon simply for the fun of it." Serena offered.

The group stared at her in shock. Was she really serious?

"It makes sense," Serena explained. "He's got three Pokemon and Shen only has one. Even if he loses the match he has two other Pokemon to back him up."

The older blonde boy fixed his glasses, "Ah-ha! I see what you mean."

The group returned their gaze to see Ash had called out his third Pokemon: a golden owl. Clemont stumbled back in surprise. "Tha...that's a Shiny Pokemon!" He exclaimed in surprise.

And sure enough it was. A shiny Noctowl soared over the determined Dewott. Instead of its normal brown feathers and down, a golden coat shimmered in its place. Serena pulled out her Pokedex to analyze the shining bird.

"Noctowl, the Owl Pokémon, and the evolved form of Hoothoot. Noctowl's eyes have a special power that allows it to see in the faintest light, as if it was the middle of the day."

The blonde girl compared to the image on her Pokedex to Ash's bird. "Wow, Ash sure has a lot of powerful friends backing him."

Bonnie agreed. "He so cool, isn't he Dedenne?"

The hamster gave a cute thumbs up. "Nene!"

Back on the field, Ash and Shen gazed hard into each other's eyes, attempting to predict the first move. Both knew the importance of calling and countering the first move. Finally Ash took initiative.

"Noctowl, fly up and use Air Slash!"

The owl flew up, its golden wings bending the air to its will before summoning a sphere of air currents. Taking aim at the otter far below, the owl raised it above his head before hurling the sphere downwards. Shen immediately took action. "Dewott counter with Water Pulse, then get up there with Aqua Jet!"

The otter summoned an equally large sphere of water, hurling it at the incoming sphere. Without even waiting for the two to impact, he jetted into the air, a torrent of water hailing his rise. However, Ash was ready for the move. "Noctowl dodge and use Extrasensory!"

"Block with X-Scissor!"

The owl unleashed a golden beam of psychic waves only to be blocked by twin scalchops glowing with Bug type energy. "Now Dewott, follow up with Razor Shell back to back!"

"Get low and prepare Extrasensory!" The owl barely escaped the twin shells, with the tips just grazing his golden down. The bird silently dropped down and a beam of golden energy began powering up on his forehead. Shen followed up with a second attack. "Aqua Jet down!"


The golden owl fired the beam point blank range into the water covered otter...only for the otter to disappear. Ash gasped. "What?"

Shen gave the teen a feral grin. "Good, now that your substitute is broken, drop down and use Razor Shell."

Before the owl could respond, a familiar otter landed on the owl's back and began hacking away at the owl with it's glowing blades. Ash cringed, that was just plain dirty...wait, didn't he pull something like that back in Sinnoh? Oh, right, that battle with Tobias's Latios. Now how did Tobias get Pikachu off again? Oh right! "Noctowl, this is going to take a few steps. First use Reflect!"

The owl managed to hear his trainer through the painful slashes and summoned a psychic shield, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the attacks. That felt better. But that was just the first part of Ash's plan. "Now use Sky Attack to get high into the sky while spiraling!"

Shen's eyes widened as the great owl blasted off into the air, rotating at high velocity. "Dewott hold on tight!"

Unfortunately, it was already too much for the otter, who lost his grip near the peak of the dive upwards. The otter began to fall towards the ground helplessly. Ash grinned. "Now finish your Sky Attack!"

The glowing owl gained even more speed as he looped into a high velocity dive. Dewott's eyes widened as he noticed his impending doom. However, it appeared that Shen had one last trick up his sleeve. "Dewott, spin around and use Aqua Jet!"

The otter managed to turn around and jetted forwards towards the owl at top speed within a funnel of water. As they grew closer, Ash racked his head for some way to avoid the collision. It was like he was back in his final Sinnoh League match, only that their roles were reversed. What would Tobias have done differently if they were in the same situation? Hmm, that was a Dewott, the evolution of Oshawott. Did that mean that it also shared the same quirks as his own? If so...that might work. "Noctowl, break off your attack!"

The owl's already large eyes widened at his trainer's command. Was Ash really serious? However, the owl obeyed and aimed slightly lower than the otter, narrowly missing his target as he slowed down. The otter on the other hand noticed that he hadn't crashed into something. He ceased his Aqua Jet and opened his eyes to try to find the golden birdie. Shen immediately realized Ash's strategy. "Dewott, get out of there, now!"

The otter turned to face the direction of his trainer only to meet the large eyes of Noctowl. "Hypnosis!"

The moment the hypnotic waves hit the otter at point blank, he drifted off into a soothing rest. The otter, no longer aware of his surroundings, began to drop towards the ground, only to be saved by the owl catching him on his back. Noctowl slowly landed, letting the otter onto the ground gently. Ash looked up at the otter's trainer. "Unless you have Sleep Talk, could we call this the end?"

Shen's eyes glared at the teen before he gave a soft chuckle. "I'm impressed Ash Ketchum. You handle yourself well both on the battlefield and off. Very well, I concede the battle."

The referee raised his arm towards Ash. "Shen has conceded Dewott, thus removing his last able Pokemon. Thus Ash Ketchum is the winner!"

The crowd cheered. Ash looked around surprise. What had started with just Serena, Bonnie, Clemont, and a few spectators had grown into an enormous crowd, drawn in by the cunning and daring tactics exhibited before them. Shen observed the crowd before walking up to the boy. Placing his arm on the boy's shoulders, his eyes smiled. "I'm honored to have battle the apprentice of my son. Though it is a pity, I hoped to battle that Greninja my son keeps raving about. We should have a rematch someday. Feel free to come by Ninja Village whenever you wish."

Ash bowed respectfully. "Thank you sir. Your Dewott kept me on my toes and helped me remember something important."

"And what is that young man?"

Ash gestured towards his Noctowl. "While it's important to always be seeking new friends, it's also important not to ignore your old ones too. I haven't used any of these Pokemon in two years sir. But they were crucial in this battle. I had to remember old routines and strategies I haven't used in a long time. When I did, I was reminded of all the fun times I had with them and I regret not giving them time after I left their home region."

The man chuckled as he extended his hand. "Well then, that was a good lesson indeed. I hope to see you soon for our rematch. What do you say? My Dewott versus your Greninja, a true battle between ninjas."

Ash took the man's hand. "You've got a deal."

"That was quite a battle, don't you think?"

Serena turned around in surprise to see Adrian, Alley, Sapphire, Ruby, and to her surprise, Mairin. Serena slyly noticed the green clad girl was sitting quite closely to Ruby. "Oh when did you guys get here? And you too Mairin?"

"Oh," Mairin blushed, "I got here today. After going through Team Flare's files, Professor Sycamore discovered a cure for Chespie and now he's expected to make a full and complete recovery. So he told me to come here to watch the matches."

"We got here in time to see Ash's battle with Noctowl." Adrian added.

Clemont nodded. "That was quite the battle."

"Indeed it was." Alley agreed, "It looked quite similar to that battle between Pikachu and Latios we watched."

"I don't get how that Noctowl escaped the collision." Ruby muttered, "He should have crashed."

"Why?" Sapphire nudged her brother, "You jelly that Noctowl won instead of it being a tie?"

Ruby only managed to growl, though it sort of came out like a chirp. Mairin stared at her friend curiously. "Did you just chirp?"

The boy's eyes widened as he vigorously shook his head. "No, nope, I didn't. I don't chirp. Humans don't chirp, you know?"

The girl seemed to buy the boy's answer hesitantly. "Okay..."

Serena, unaware of their chat, was still in conversation with her cousin. "So how was your match?"

Adrian shook his head. "That guy was decent, but I don't get how he got to the League with his team. Seriously? All he had was a Pidgey, a Nidorina, and a Quiladon."

"In other words, Adrian won." Alley corrected her boyfriend.

"I see." Serena dismissed the information as she noticed Ash join the group.

"Hey everyone, good to see you guys here." He greeted only to be tackled by a blonde child.

"Ash you're so cool!" Bonnie cried, her hamster nodding in agreement. "Nene!"

The raven haired teen grinned. "Thanks Bonnie, but I have to give all the credit to Glalie, Torterra, and Noctowl. They're the ones who did the work."

"But you came up with those strategies!" Serena protested.

Clemont fixed his glasses. "I must agree Ash. Each battle you won using unorthodox tactics that I would have never thought possible. You defeated Golbat with a spinning Headbutt, Bisharp with Torterra eating his own Energy Ball, and Dewott with that surprise Hypnosis attack. No ordinary trainer could have thought up of that."

"Really?" Ash stared at his friends in surprise.

"Ash, you demonstrated superb skills not found in a lot of trainers these days. Most trainers can't think outside the box like you can. You're quite clever and daring with your tactics." Alley commended the boy, "Where did you get the inspiration for those tactics?"

Ash pondered the thought for a moment before turning to Pikachu. "What do you think buddy? When did we get so good?"

"Pikachu!" The mouse seemed to be thinking hard, doing the Thinker pose with his cute little paws, altogether making for quite a cute Pikachu. "Pika, Pika Chu!"

"You think so?" Ash checked with his partner, who nodded. "Pikachu thinks we got the most creative after we did our Battle Frontier run."

"What's the Battle Frontier?" Clemont asked.

"I can explain," Adrian interrupted, "The Battle Frontier is an organization of Pokemon Trainers dedicated to promoting the bonds between humans and Pokemon. The more powerful trainers set up facilities where you can battle the trainers known as 'Brains' for a special symbol."

"So you battled these Brains Ash?"

The teen nodded, "You see, Pikachu and I challenged all the Frontier Brains and won. But I'm curious Adrian, how do you know about them? Not many people know about the Battle Frontier."

"I can explain that." Alley cut in. "Ash, do I look familiar to you?"

Serena stared at the girl in confusion as Ash stared hard at the woman. "Um...I guess. Hold on, I'm getting a feeling I've met someone like you at one point."

"That's right," the woman nodded. "You met my younger sister, Anabel."

Both boy and Pokemon stared at the woman in surprise. "You're Anabel's older sister?"

The woman nodded. "I do some work for my sister from time to time so I'm familiar with the insides and out of the Frontier."

"Hold on!" Serena called. Here was another girl who Ash apparently knew. "Who's this Anabel?"

"Oh, Anabel was this girl I met during my Battle Frontier run." Ash explained, "You see, she had this cool ability to understand the hearts of Pokemon...can you do that Alley?"

The woman chuckled, shaking her head. "Sadly, I didn't inherit my younger sister's gift. I'm just a normal Pokemon Watcher. Which is funny since my sister can't draw if her life depended on it."

"Oh," Ash mumbled before dismissing it. "You see, what was interesting was that Anabel was a Frontier Brain, in fact she was my own age! Can you believe that?

"Then again," he muttered to himself, "I got the same invitation to join the Frontier Brains after I defeated Brandon."

"Why didn't you join?" Bonnie asked.

"Well," Ash explained, "I still wanted to keep traveling. I didn't like the idea of being stuck in the same place for an extended period of time. But then again, I was only thirteen when I was given the offer."

"Hold on,"Adrian interrupted, "Let me give you a hypothetical question. If you were offered the position again, would you take it?"

The boy thought hard. That was a tough question. "I don't know. I might but I still want to be a Pokemon Master. And that means winning the Kalos League and defeating the Champion!"

Adrian sighed for an unknown reason. "I see, well good luck Ash, you're going to need it."

The boy walked away from the confused group. "Did I say something wrong?" Ash asked.

*With Ash and Adrian's first battles coming to a close, our heroes come upon a sensitive topic for Adrian, but why?*

"Hey, it's none of your business!" Alley yelled.

"Alley, you know you're yelling at the sky?" Sapphire pointed out.

"It doesn't matter!"

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