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Serena gazed at the Eevee in front of her, the fox glaring back at her. "Oh, hi Adrian. Um...thanks for coming."

Adrian raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Umm...ok."

It was just her luck that Ash and the rest of the group had now arrived. Ash grinned. "Hey Adrian, it's good to see you! What are you doing here?"

The man grinned. "Hey Ash, fancy seeing you here. Well, I guess I forgot to mention that I was coming here. I didn't know you were going to be at Cousin Serena's birthday party."

Grace smiled. "Hello Adrian, how are you?"

"Pretty good actually, except Buddy here decided to run away from me. Thankfully Ally found him trashing some poor trainers and stepped in to break up the fight."

"Speaking of Ally," Grace continued, "Where is that beautiful young woman I've heard so much about?"

The man froze. "She's not here?" He slowly turned around to find nobody standing behind him. "That's odd, she was here just a minute ago."

He glanced down at the squirming Eevee. "Buddy, do you know where Ally went?"

"Eevee!" The fox protested, shaking its furry head as it tried to break free of the man's grasp.

"Heh, heh." The brown haired trainer laughed nervously. "I guess she disappeared when we were heading here. Don't worry, she'll turn up. She has the address anyways."

Grace and Serena face palmed at their nephew/cousin's forgetfulness.

"Anyways, come inside. I'll keep an eye out for them and will let them in later." Grace decided, gesturing for the cousins to enter.

"Thanks Auntie Grace." Adrian followed the family into the house, still keeping a firm hold on the Eevee.

*It's Serena's Birthday and her cousin Adrian has just arrived with a very grumpy Eevee. How will our heroes respond?*

"That's weird, you'd think that he'd wait for this evening or something." Adrian observed.

"Serena, who's that?" Grace asked curiously.

"Oh, that's the narrator. He seems to narrate people's lives randomly." Serena explained.

"You've got a weird sense of friends, cousin."

The group entered the parlor where Clemont and Bonnie sat, chatting quietly amongst themselves.

"Clemont, Bonnie, and Ash, this is Adrian, Serena's cousin." Grace introduced.

The man smiled. "It's great to meet you all. Sorry for being late. This little guy," he gestured to the squirming fox, "tried to run away from me and I had to end chase him down."

Clemont's eyes widened. "Hold on a sec, I recognize that Eevee. He's the one who attacked us."

"That's right big brother," Bonnie nodded.

"Oh, oops, sorry about that." Adrian hung his head in shame. "You see, Buddy here is very nervous and is very reluctant to work with a trainer other than me."

"What do you mean Adrian?" Serena asked curiously, though she had a feeling where this was going.

"Well Serena, Buddy was supposed to be your birthday present. When I asked your mom what your team was, she told me you only had two Pokémon and not a single Eevee." Adrian explained. "Since I was in the area, I decided to give you one of newly hatched Eevees as a present."

"But..." The man scratched his chin. "He doesn't seem to like you."

Buddy seemed to support his point by make a cute pouting face. "Vui!"

The man sighed. "It's alright. I can switch him out and get you another one if you'd like."

Serena thought for a moment. True, the Eevee seemed overly aggressive and violent. He had just gone on a warpath and brutally defeated her Pancham. But at the same time, she was mesmerized by the Eevee's skill and flexibility, the way the fox seemed to dance through attack after attack. She could already picture performances in which the Eevee would leap through hoops of flame and climb steeples of stone. As she weighed the pros and cons she realized one thing. She could work on forming a bond with the Eevee, but she couldn't just get a replacement who probably lacked the skill and passion this one had.

"Adrian, I'll take him."

The man's eyes widened. "You sure? I can always switch him with one back home."

Serena's resolve was firm. "Yes, it will be a lot of work, but I want him. I'll prove that I can handle someone who's a little rough."

"A little rough is exaggerating, but if you're sure, then, I'll let you keep him." Adrian nodded, handing the Eevee into the girl's outstretched arms.

Serena held the fox gently in her arms and smiled at it. "Hi, there! I think we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Serena and I'm your new trainer."

The fox stopped squirming and took a moment to gaze into the girl's eyes, as if trying to read her. Adrian smiled. "He technically doesn't have a name but we call him Buddy."

"Buddy huh? Do you like that name?" Serena asked.

Buddy stared at the girl before shaking its head. "Vui, vee."

"Oh, then what should I call you?"

"Eevee!" The fox yipped.

"Oh, just Eevee then?"

"Vui! Eevee!"

Serena smiled softly. This wouldn't so bad after all. "Well then Eevee, let me tell you about myself. I'm a Pokémon Performer, meaning I try to bring out the beauty in my team and earn Princess Keys. I already have all three so I'm going to compete in the Master Class Performances. My dream is to become Kalos Queen. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

The fox quirked his head in confusion. Beauty? What about battles? "Vui! Eevui!"

Serena glanced at Adrian for an explanation. "You see Serena, I didn't realize you had decided to do Performances. Bud...err...Eevee here is a battler. He lives and breathes battles. You two might not be the most compatible match."

Serena frowned slightly. That would definitely be a barrier in their bond. "Well Eevee, I'm sure we can also take time to battle as well. Just because you show off beauty doesn't mean that you can't be strong as well. I was watching your battle with Pancham and you were very agile and fought very much like a Performance Pokémon."


"Yeah, when you leaped and danced about, I train Pancham and Delphox to fight just like that."

"Vui, vui?"

Serena gasped. "Oh that's right! I need to let them out of their pokeballs."

"That can wait for now." The gang turned to see Grace with three figures behind her. "The rest of the guests have arrived. Why don't you guys all get comfortable? Cake will be ready in a few minutes."

"That's awesome!" Ash grinned. "I'm starved."

The group laughed slightly. "Well, I'm starved too." The group turned to the newcomers.

The first one was a girl who looked about ten. Her face was slightly covered by red and white hair and also had bright emerald eyes. She wore a red blouse with black riding shorts.

The second one was a boy who looked about the same age. He had a similar complexion but he wore a blue and black zigzagged shirt with matching riding shorts. Most distinctive about him was a white beanie over his head.

The last one was a very familiar woman with lilac hair and a deep frown. Her glare was directed at a certain young man who had rushed off and didn't even notice her absence. Almost immediately, Adrian's face paled as he realized Giratina reincarnate had come for him. "Um...hey Ally, glad you made it."

"Yes Adrian, I'm very glad I made it after searching high and low through Vaniville for the twins." The woman smiled, but it never reached her cold lilac eyes.

The man gulped. "Um...heh, about that. Did I mention you're absolutely gorgeous today?"

"No you haven't, but now that you did, I feel so much better about letting you get it." Alley glanced at the Espeon at her side. "Espie, you mind teaching your trainer a thing or two about abandoning his girlfriend?"

"Espie!" The gray fox nodded as her eyes glowed faintly. A faint glow surrounded the young man as he began to levitate in the air. "Blackie, you mind helping me out?" He called in distress.

A pokeball opened from his belt and flashed out a laughing Umbreon. "Umbre!"

Adrian rolled his eyes. "Great, even Blackie is against me. I'm guessing if I let out Nymphia or Thunders that they won't help me either."

"Umbreon!" Blackie agreed as it moved towards the Psychic type, licking its cheek affectionately.

"Aww! That's so cute!" Bonnie gushed as she rushed over to the two Eeveevolutions.

Serena glanced back at Eevee. "Are they always like this?"

The fox grinned and nodded. "Vui!"

"Yep, Buddy's right!" The younger boy laughed. "Anyways, I'm Ruby and this is my sister Sapphire."

"Hi!" Sapphire greeted.

"How do you know Adrian?" Serena asked curiously. She had never met the two twins.

"You see, we just got our Pokémon and Adrian offered to travel with us around Kalos." Ruby explained.

Ash smiled. "Sorta reminds me of Brock, a friend of mine who travelled with me when I first started my journey."

Sapphire giggled. "Do you mean Brock the former Pewter City Gym Leader?"

Ash nodded. "Yep, you know him?"

Ruby nodded. "Yeah, we met him just before we went off on our journey. He was working as a doctor in a Pokémon Center near Fuchsia City. He had this really cool Croagunk."

Ash laughed. "That's Brocko alright."

"Ok! Ok, I'm sorry! I'm sorry for leaving you behind! Can you please let me go?"

The gang turned to see Adrian hanging upside down in front of the lilac haired woman. "Hmm..." Ally pondered. "Ok, but you'd better not forget me next time. Also keep a better eye on the twins ok? They're your responsibility."

"Right...ok. But it's hard to keep track of them. I'm not psychic."

"You have Espie."

"Yeah, but she prefers to hang around you. Come to think of it, so does Blackie."

"Just keep them in your visual sight ok?"

"Alright. I promise to keep the twins in my sight at all times."

"Good. Espie you can release him."

"Espie!" With a thud, the young man landed on the ground...hard.

Grace peeked in from the kitchen. "Everything alright?"

Adrian rubbed his head but gave a thumbs up. "Everything's fine Aunt Grace."

"Is the cake ready?" Sapphire chirped.

"Sapph, you know that's impolite." Ruby scolded her.

"Why? I'm hungry!"

"We shouldn't be barging in on our hosts ok?"

"Hmm...I'm still hungry through." The girl pouted.

Adrian laughed. "Ok guys, it's alright. I got a few snacks left in my bag."

"Or you can eat cake!" Grace interrupted. "It's ready!"

Ash and Sapphire grinned. "Yes! Let's eat!"

To Serena's relief, the rest of the party had gone without much embarrassment. The cake was wonderful and Bonnie hadn't proposed to anyone yet. Serena found out that Adrian had been supervising Ruby and Sapphire's training, offering tips and helping them out at times. In exchange, they would help him out with errands and other tasks he gave them. Which was probably very helpful considering his career.


Serena noticed the brown fox had walked up to the door and was pawing at it. "Do you want to go outside?"

"Vui! Vui!"

The honey haired girl giggled. "Alright then." She opened the backdoor and entered the large enclosure her mom used to practice her racing, Eevee following at her feet. Eevee ran around the enclosure a few times, exploring a bit before discovering a small battlefield. "Vui!"

Serena joined her Eevee at the field before understanding what he wanted. That's right, Eevee loved battling and he probably wanted to see whether or not she was a strong trainer.

"You want to see my Pokémon don't you?"


"Alright then, come on out!" She threw two pokeballs into the air, revealing Delphox and Pancham. Delphox gave the Eevee a queer look then stared at her trainer for an explanation.

Pancham on the other hand recognized the troublemaker immediately. "Pan, Pancham!"

Eevee giggled. "Vui, Eevee!" It declared proudly.

The panda stared at Serena in utter betrayal. "Pan, Pancham!"

"I know Pancham, but Eevee was a birthday present to me from my cousin. Could you please try to get along with him? You got along with Cheapen eventually."

"Del!" Serena turned towards her starter, who smiled as she approached the small fox. She remembered being a small fox and felt as though the two would get along just fine. "Del, Delphox!"

"Vui! Eevee!" Eevee seemed to be friendly for now. "Eevui?"

"Hey there you went!" Serena turned to see Ash and the rest of the group had just entered the enclosure.

"What are you doing here Serena?" Bonnie asked.

"Eevee wanted to get some fresh air." Serena smiled.

Ruby scoffed. "More like he wanted some fresh battling."

"Would you cut that out Ruby?" Sapphire growled. "I think he's perfectly fine loving to battle."

"And this is coming from the Coordinator wannabe."

"Shut up wimpy trainer."

"Stop it both of you!" Alley interposed herself. "Although Ruby does have a point. I think Eevee would love to battle someone. Perhaps you should challenge someone."

"Ooh, she can battle me!" Sapphire volunteered.

Serena thought for a moment. Battle with a girl who looked like a battle maniac? To her surprise, and blushes too, Ash put his hand on her shoulder. "Go ahead Serena. Show Eevee that you're strong."

The girl nodded. "Ok then Sapphire, I accept your challenge."

Clemont stood at the side of the field. "Alright then, I'll referee."

The two girls took their positions on either side of the field. "This is a one on one battle between Serena Yvonne of Vaniville and Sapphire. The match will be over when one Pokémon can no longer battle."

"You ready Serena?" Sapphire grinned.

"Yeah, I can do this!" Serena responded, trying to sound super enthusiastic.

"Battle begin!"

"Flare! Let's go!" The younger girl called, revealing a young Flareon.

Serena frowned. Flareon was the evolved form of Eevee and most likely Flareon also came from Adrian, so she was bound to be strong. "Ok then Eevee, let's do this!" She called.

"Serena, Eevee should know Swift, Protect, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, and Shadow Ball." Alley called out from the stands.

The girl nodded. That was a pretty good moveset, then again, her cousin always did raise powerful Eevees, or so she heard. "Ok then Eevee, use Quick Attack!"

Eevee charged in a curved line towards the Flareon, however Sapphire was ready. "Flare, let's use that new move! Double Team!"

The Eevee charged through Flareon, only to discover it was merely an illusion. In fact, about four Flareons seemed to be running around the poor fox. Serena clenched her fists. "Eevee, use Swift!"

The fox spat out a series of stars at the fire foxes, causing them to vanish. "Good Eevee!" Serena cheered. "Now use Iron Tail!"

Eevee charged towards the remaining Flareon and readied his tail. "Flare, respond with your own Iron Tail!"

Iron Tail met Iron Tail, but unfortunately, the Flareon was a tad bit stronger than Eevee and promptly flung the brown fox back towards Serena.

"Eevee!" Serena cried.

"This isn't good." Bonnie muttered from the stands.

"Sapphire is not pushover, trust me." Ruby agreed.

"I thought you would be cheering for your sister?" Alley asked.

"Nah, I've seen Sapphire battle plenty of times. I want to see this underdog...err...under fox win this match against the big bad Flare."

"Ok..." Bonnie muttered, "I guess that makes sense."


"Hmm...Looks like all that training finally paid off." Adrian observed.

"Well, Flareon is the evolved form of Eevee, so it's evolution versus preevoultion." Alley added.

"Yeah, plus Flareon is Leafia's pup. She most likely inherited her natural strength." Adrian froze. "Hold a sec, whose pup is Eevee again?"

Alley thought for a moment. "I don't quite remember. Both Flare and Aqua were Leafia and Glacia's pups, then we gave Titan and Fei's pups to the new trainers. Blackie and Espie's eggs haven't hatched yet and Nymphia and Thunders haven't gotten serious yet. Showers and Booster's pups hatched a long time ago. So that leaves Eevee as..."

The two gasped. "Oh dang." Adrian muttered. "I've got a lot of explaining to do."

"Let's hope it doesn't get to that." Alley sighed.

"Looking at how Flare is throwing Eevee around, it's going to happen."

"Is he even aware that he knows it?"

"I'm pretty sure. Egg moves are very clear from the beginning." Adrian muttered as he resumed watching the battle, Pokeball ready to interrupt the battle.

Meanwhile, back on the field Serena felt like she had completely failed. No matter what she tried, the Eevee couldn't get past the Flareon's Iron Tail and Double Team.

"Vui!" The fox landed smack in front of Serena. The teen bent down to the fox's eye line. "Eevee, I'm sorry. I'm failing you as a trainer."

"Vui!" The fox leaped to its feet. "Eevui!" There was no way he was going to let Serena lose. If she wasn't strong enough, he'd make her strong enough for him.

"Eevee?" Serena asked in astonishment.

"Vui! Eevui!" The Eevee pointed at itself, then back at her. "Vui!"

"You're saying that you trust me?"

"Vui!" If the nervous girl could feel that he trusted her, then she could be confident again. Confidence was everything to Eevee.

A light returned to Serena as she stood back up. If Eevee still trusted her after being tossed around the field due to her poor judgment, then she needed to step up her game. "Alright then Eevee," she called, "Let's do this!"

"Eevee!" The fox yipped in acknowledgement.

"Now use Swift at the ground!" The fox spat a series of stars at the ground, obscuring it from view. "Now use multiple Shadow Balls!"

Before Flare could respond, several dark spheres flew towards the fire type, forcing it to switch to a more defensive stance. "Flare, we can't keep dodging these forever! Use Double Team into Flame Charge!"

Flare nodded, splitting itself into several copies then all of them leaping into several powerful flaming dashes towards Eevee. At that moment, it appeared as though Flare had the battle under control.

"Eevee, use Protect!"

Flare and Sapphire's eyes widened as the red fox slammed head on into the glowing field set up before the other fox. Before Sapphire could react, Serena had already called out the next command. "Now use Shadow Ball!"

"Vui!" the fox yelled in response as it began to charge up an attack, which was oddly colored for a Shadow Ball attack.

Adrian stood up, releasing Blackie and Espie in the process. "Here it comes. Get ready!"

"Espeon!" "Umbreon!" The twin foxes yipped as their eyes glowed faintly.

Flareon's eyes widened as the Eevee charged a very surprising attack, causing her to shut her eyes and brace herself just as powerful beam of destructive energy was unleashed from the smaller fox's mouth.

Clemont gasped as he recognized the attack. "No way! That's Hyper Beam!"

When the smoke cleared, Serena could make out Eevee panting hard. But she currently was more worried about the poor Flareon. Most Pokémon could handle Hyper Beams, but rarely at point blank range. Serena worried that her surprise Eevee had done permanent damage. However, when she peered into the cloud of dust and smoke, she was surprised to find the Flareon surrounded by what appeared to be a Protect shield and half a dozen Light Screens, which probably soaked up most of the damage. Despite that, the Flareon inside was clearly knocked out, whether from the damage or the sheer fact that an Eevee used Hyper Beam.

Turning to the side of the field, Serena noticed Adrian observing the scene, his Espeon and Umbreon standing next to him with their eyes glowing. It made sense now. Adrian had somehow foreseen the attack and ordered the two Eeveevolutions to protect Flare from the brunt of the damage.

All eyes slowly turned to Adrian, who chuckled nervously. "I think I owe you all an explanation."

*With the sudden revelation of Serena's new Eevee's powerful moveset, our heroes turn to the mysterious trainer Adrian for an explanation. How did this Eevee learn Hyper Beam? What awaits our heroes next? Stay tuned to find out.*

"Hey!" Adrian protested. "I'm not mysterious!"

"Yes you are!" a chorus of parents, trainers, and friends disagreed.

"Damn you narrator!" the trainer muttered under his breath as Blackie and Espie chuckled at his disposition.

So, how'd you like it? I know, I know, I gave an Eevee Hyper Beam, a move that technically can't be learned by Eevee. But as you noticed in my Emerald Knights story, I have a series of Fakemon Eevees. One of them can learn Hyper Beam and that will be explained in the next chapter.

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