The Evil Ones Rise

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: Dark Intruders

"Ah, home sweet home," breathed out a dark voice, as the metal doors swung open to allow him and his friends to step out on the top floor.

The old tower looked almost abandoned, without the usual sounds that normally filled up its hull. The living area was quiet with the holo-screen turned off, and a disappointed moan echoed from one of the first figure's friends as he opened the refrigerator in the kitchen to discover that there was no food.

"Seems a long time since anyone has used this place," spoke a female voice, as she walked over to where the first figure stood.

"Yeah" responded the male voice " all of the more opportune."

"Speaking of which" sounded out a third voice, as he walked out of a nearby room, the gun he was carrying faintly lighting up the green triangle on his chest " look what I found. Plenty of high tech ammo to help with our plans."

"Great work" said the first figure, an evil grin playing on his lips " let's get started with…,"

Whatever he was about to say suddenly got interrupted as a speedy, black figure entered his way into the room. The fifth figure's voice sounded both excited and exhausted as he addressed all four of his friends at the same time.

"Hey guys! Guys! I found something! Follow me, quick!"

With that said, a red flash occurred as the figure zoomed off, and the other dark figures immediately went to follow.

Soon, they were all standing outside a large room, with an orange triangle painted on the front. At once, all of the figures were intrigued, for none of them bore the symbol of an orange triangle on their chest.

Quickly pressing in the code on the keypad, the speedy black figure, who had the symbol of a red triangle on his chest, immediately opened the door to the mysterious room, knowing that they all would want to see inside.

As soon as the metal doors swished open, the first figure took lead, his eyes glowing yellow as he observed the strangeness of the room.

On nearly every wall, there was a picture of a duck flying himself into action, an orange triangle blazing on his chest as he moved. He looked dangerous, like he was ready to take on the world. And his ego seemed big enough to fill an entire parking garage.

"Who is he?" asked the female figure, rubbing the pink triangle on her chest. " How come we were never told…?"

"Looks like the good doctor didn't explain everything before we came here" said the first figure "seems like we're missing one part of our team."

"Yeah" said the figure with the green triangle " and I bet you anything that they have him."

"They haven't used this place in weeks, maybe months!" said the figure with the red triangle " I've searched every area of the base. I have no idea where they could have gone."

"We'll figure it out" said the first figure with a grin "Tech will find out where they are hiding sooner or later. Until then, let's make this place more comfortable, so we can greet our lost friend warmly when he finally comes home."