Ch.10: Duck's Rampage

Paul Surgio was horrified. It was like he was reliving the moment when Danger Duck's clone was first created, over and over again. A foul creature born of flesh and feathers, with a hatred that ran so deep it tore a rift deep within his very soul. The cold, orange glow of the original's eyes as power orbs, lit with flames, twirled around menacingly in his hands spoke volumes as he grinned, ready to seek out and destroy anyone who came near.

The Dark Loonatics were stunned, as were the original classics. Neither side was prepared to face the monster that was now unleashed. There was a dark side to their friend Danger Duck, a side that they never even knew.

It was hard not to think back, back to when the General first came Paul Surgio and the experiments began. They had started with Duck because he was seen as the weakest of the Loonatics, yet his move sets were powerful, chaotic, and needed desperately to be controlled.

The resentment was obvious right away as the clone learned more and more about his predecessor's lifestyle and became consumed with rage. How he was treated at the facility didn't help matters in the slightest, so it was no surprise when he went mad, decided to go on a rampage and destroy.

This is why Danger Duck's clone had to ultimately be scraped from the project. Contained and held in an anti-quack chamber so secret that there was never a way he could break free and cause harm. The General was the only one who held any clue to the location, but this fact didn't matter in the dire situation of the moment.

The Dark Loonatics had made a huge mistake when converting Duck to their side, fueling his passion through anger and rage, yet still using him as a tool which they thought they could fully control.

Nothing could control him. No one could succeed.

Heart beating fast, Paul Surgio gazed down to the floor knowing, within his mind, that he and everyone else were truly doomed.

Ace could barely believe what he was seeing after Duck knocked the Dark Loonatics down, and his eyes started glowing a red-orange light. He was stunned, and part of his heart shook with a quiver of fear as the friend he had once known for so long suddenly looked more evil than any of the supervillains that they have faced.

Duck's rage, Ace had no idea how much anger the duck had kept repressed for all these years. He had to do something. Something, in order to snap his friend's mind out of it! Yet paralyzed, he still couldn't move.

Gazing up helplessly from the ground, Ace watched as Danger Duck turned towards the Dark Loonatics and released the fire orbs from his hands, reinitiating the attack.

Seeing the attack coming, Dark Lexi quickly fired out her brain blasts to explode the eggs before they could reach, filling the room, for a brief second, with a large flash of smoke. Using the smoke as cover, while the Dark Loonatics were blinded, Duck quacked over, attached himself to Dark Rev and teleported them both out of the room.

"Grr!" Dark Ace, standing back up on his feet as the smoke dispersed "No one does this to my team! Spread out and find him! You see Duck, bring him down! There's a lesson that needs to be learned from us,"

Nodding that they understood, the rest of Dark Loonatics followed their leader and ran out of the room, leaving Surgio and their good-natured counterparts behind as they spread out to hunt for Duck and their missing teammate, Dark Rev, who would hopefully be alright.

Seconds after they left, Ace could finally feel the paralyzing effects from Dark Tech's bomb wearing off, allowing him and his group to stand back up on their feet, shocked and confused by what had occurred only minutes before.

What Duck had did was terrifying. No one had expected him to turn on the Dark Loonatics team, yet when he did, he was ruthless, just like Surgio warned, a mad toon out for revenge on everyone who did him wrong.

"This is not good," thought Ace. Lexi concurred. Yet Rev was confused, why did Duck start out with the fastest member of the team.

"Other than your speed being a threat" stated Tech " he wanted to be sure to take out the Dark Loonatics GPS tracking system. You have the ability to locate us all with your powers remember? So it was a pretty smart move to remove Dark Rev immediately from play."

"What do we do now though?" asked Lexi.

"As much as I don't want to" said Ace " we have to help out our doubles and find Duck. Once done, we'll find a way to bring him back, and save Acmetropolis as well."