They traveled all night to reach Whitefoam, unable to stop for fear of orcish pursuers. At Whitefoam the group split up. The soldiers remained to defend the village from possible orcish retribution, while Sir Terence commandeered horses for himself and the children, and they rode to Everlund with all haste.

They had hardly been riding for an hour when they met an enraged Lord Albert, at the head of a party of fifty of his personal guards. Valeria and Natasha maneuvered their horses behind Sir Terence, and let him take the anger of Lord Albert. After they'd saved his life, it seemed the least he could do to save them from their father's wrath. When he saw Sir Terence, Lord Albert's rage seemed to cool slightly. Both men dismounted and Lord Albert wrapped Sir Terence in a crushing hug.

The two men moved away from the rest of the party so as not to be overheard, and Natasha nudged her horse closer to Remington, Valeria following her lead. "How much trouble d'you reckon we're in?" she muttered to her co-conspirators, trying not to be overheard.

"Not too much, I'd say," replied Remington. "Your father seems pretty pleased my father's alright, so I'd guess once he hears the full story he'll only really be upset that we put ourselves in danger. Which for me won't be too bad. For you two, maybe he'll be proud, maybe he'll be furious."

Natasha swallowed nervously. Her father wasn't the type to get angry easily, but if there was a time for the former pirate captain to get angry, it would be now, when the last members of the family line had willingly put themselves at the mercy of uncivilized orcs. While the orcs had been scary, the legendary cruelty of pirate captains was beyond terrifying. She noticed Valeria shiver slightly alongside her, and did her best to look unafraid.