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10:40 JST

Jeri's Classroom

The commander seemed quite calm after hearing the news that Takato wasn't safe. His head lowered as he gazed at the floor and thought of possible solutions. His comrade's attention snapped to him as he shot his head up.

"Andrei, I want your squad to move to the ground floor and clean up the resistance." Andrei's squad was the group that saved Kazu and Kenta.

The commander turned his attention to the window and walked over to it, looking towards the mercenary outside. His comrades joined him on his left after a moment. He grimaced in his helmet as he turned his head toward the others and started to speak. The others moved their attention to their commander to see his head twitch to the right as he held up his hand. The commander's attention was on the private communication channel that had just been established.

"Commander. I need you and your men to grab the bodies, and as many of their weapons as possible. Hopefully, one of them will have a lead to Dovev, or his suppliers."

"Yes sir." The commander quickly replied. He switched back to the usual channel and started giving out orders.

"Anyone who can walk, start collecting bodies and weapons. Load them up on the transport." As his men moved to carry out their orders, the commander directed orders to the pilots. "Decloak the ship and lower the door. We're bringing back a lot of extra cargo." He didn't wait for a confirmation before he grabbed the mercenary he killed and hefted him over his shoulder. The others had two mercenaries either in their arms or on their backs. The weapons had been piled on top of the bodies in the soldier's arms.

The commander lead them out of the classroom and towards the stairwell the entered the building in at a swift pace. He opened the door, swung it wide open and dashed up the stairs to the roof. Being on the top floor, it didn't take long. He opened the last door in a similar manner to the first one, and held it open for his comrades.

"Hopefully, I shouldn't have to say this, but I will anyway. Use the stairwell we came in through. It goes top to bottom, with no interruptions." The commander broadcast over the radio.

After the others had run past, he let the door shut and followed the others. They stopped in front of the transport door and dropped the bodies. The commander was in the middle of the three, and he pointed to the soldier on his right.

"Load the bodies and weapons into the transport. Cram them in good, because we need to fit in a lot."

The commander activated the transmitter on the radio and asked, "What's the sitrep?"

"Andrei's squad reporting, we just cleared the ground floor, and are moving to secure Gogglehead."

"Louis's squad here, I've got one dead and one injured, I need assistance."

He turned to the soldier on his left as the other soldier started loading the ship.

"We're going down to the third floor to grab bodies, then we need to empty the second floor." The two dashed to the door, before they reached it the commander slowed as his comrade opened it. The commander reached for a spare clip as the other soldier looked at his commander. The commander leaned down and wedged the ammo clip under the door, forcing it to stay open. He rose to his feet and looked to the soldier.

"Do not let me forget that." They dashed down the stairs after a quick nod, and began the last step of their mission.

10:45 JST

With Takato

"Anyone who can walk, start collecting bodies and weapons. Load them up on the transport."

With that order, the two soldiers immediately moved to carry it out. One threw the mercenary over his shoulder, while the other grabbed the severed arm and rifle. Takato glanced at them in confusion from his kneeling position, while three SATs began moving closer. The soldiers cast a glance at the approaching SATs and quickly began moving towards the school.

Takato cast a final glance at the soldiers as they retreated, then looked to the blood and other fluids left behind from the corpse. As his senses cleared, a squad of heavily armed Japanese moved to him and helped him to his feet. He didn't focus on what they were saying, instead, he focused on his clearing sense of smell.

'What is that?' He wondered, as the smell began to pierce the haze brought on by his body's natural reaction to flood his system with adrenaline.

He started gagging as he was ushered towards an ambulance. Takato looked to Guilmon at his side as he tried to ignore the stench.

'Is that what they mean by the smell of death?' Takato wondered.

He continued to think about what had just happened to him as he was sat on the back of an ambulance. Guilmon thought about hopping on with him, but decided to stand next to him on the ground instead. A paramedic placed a blanket on to Takato's shoulders and then began checking him for obvious injuries.

'I don't want Guilmon to do that again.' Takato though as he looked to his friend, who was gazing back at him with concern. 'This is so different. We need some other way to handle these kinds of attacks.' Takato's attention was brought back to reality as he heard a question.

"Are you alright?"

Takato wasn't sure who asked it, but he answered anyway. "Yes, I'm alright."

The paramedic took a few steps back and Guilmon grinned.

10:45 JST

Ground Floor

The injured soldier hefted his fallen comrade onto his shoulders with a pained grunt, and nearly collapsed. He took a few steadying breaths and rose up to a steady position. He cast his eyes over to the lone soldier inside with him, and the pile of bodies and weapons at his feet. His attention, and his faceless visage, settled on his comrade's face. He painfully spoke.

"Haul as many as you can. We need to move." He took a few breaths as his comrade hefted a mercenary on to his back. "I've got point." He turned to head to the transport when the front doors flew open and his other comrades rushed inside.

"We need to move, now! The SAT's are right on our ass!" The soldier carrying the body yelled. The two ran to the pile and started grabbing bodies and weapons. The soldier carrying the arm and rifle started filling his arms with the weapons on the floor, while the other two uninjured soldiers grabbed two bodies with their hands and decided to drag them. They moved as quickly as they could towards the stairs, but they momentarily slowed as a clatter of metal and wood hitting tiles was heard.

"Damn!" The soldier carrying the weapons exclaimed as he looked at the fallen rifles. He began to move to grab them before they all heard commotion at the front doors.

"Leave them! We've got enough!"

The soldiers began moving faster and had nearly reached the stairwell when a burst if gunfire hit a wall near them.

"Freeze!" A new voice called out in Japanese. The soldiers glanced back at the Japanese man, but continued their dash into the stairwell.

The Japanese man cursed and brought his radio to his mouth.

"The unknown gunmen have moved into the stairwell. Should I pursue?"

The response was quick. "Negative. It could be a trap. Secure the floor and we'll regroup."

The trio had hardly began their arduous trek to the roof before the door to the second floor burst open and a soldier with a dead comrade on his shoulders burst into the stairwell. They shared moment of silent surprise before the newcomer limped ahead and was quickly followed by two more soldiers, one easily identified as their commander by an emblem on his shoulder, each hauling two bodies. As they were passing the third floor they heard the door on the first floor open and several pairs of boots move up the stairwell. The group simultaneously increased their pace and breezed past the fourth floor. The entire group was panting as they rushed onto the roof and moved to the transport. The commander had stopped and moved back to the door as the last soldier made it through. He shifted the body on his shoulders and shot his left leg out. He kicked the ammo clip towards the transport and moved to rejoin his comrades.

The mercenaries corpses formed a pile while two soldiers were filling the last of the space under the seats with corpses. The commander leaned down to pick up his ammo clip and quickly rose up. He cast a glance at the door and then at the pile.

"Shove 'em in!" He barked. "We are out of time!" With that, the bodies and weapons were thrown haphazardly into the transport, while those of their allies were laid on the benches. As the last soldier made it into the ship, the door began to close and the commander moved to the cabin.

"Cloak and get us out of here!"

The pilots complied, activating the cloaking system and pushing the engines into giving the proper amount of thrust. The soldiers in the back clambered for anything to hold onto as the engines shifted to provide forward propulsion and the secondary lift systems took effect.

12:10 JST

Near Rika's School

The stealth commando stood behind a shrub patiently waiting for his comrades to arrive. He glanced at the clock on his HUD and saw that it had been five minutes since he had radioed the location for the clean up squad.

His attention was brought to the street as he heard a speeding vehicle coming towards the area. A dark-green windowless van screeched to a stop in front of the bodies. Before the van had stopped moving, the passenger and rear doors had opened and four armored men stepped out. The stealth commando watched as they grabbed the dead mercenaries and unceremoniously tossed them in the back of the van. In under a minute, the bodies and weapons were out of sight and the soldiers soon followed suit.

The stealth commando shifted his weight as the van peeled away from the scene, and drove to some unknown location. It didn't matter to him. It wasn't any of his concern. The commando walked over to the sidewalk and stared at the blood pooled there. He remained stationary for a few moments before he turned his head to his left and looked down he road.

"Stealth commando 819 reporting, the bodies and weapons have been picked up."

"Report confirmed. Move on to your next objective." Came the hushed reply of his superior.

The commando turned the rest of his body to the left and proceeded down the road, hoping to get out of the area before the police sealed it off.

'Note to self: don't piss off Renamon.' He idly thought to himself as he walked.

12:30 JST

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Being an organization initially designed to monitor internet and other similar activity, Hypnos had a front seat to chatter and speculation whenever something high-profile happened. Yamaki's orders, and subsequently his subordinate's orders, were to monitor communication channels for any suspicious activity, like communication between suspects. However, any communication that was taking place was buried among chaff from anyone else who had heard about the attacks.

Yamaki looked up to Riley and Tally, both of whom were working to dredge through the massive influx of information. The most common keywords on social media and other communication channels were displayed on the screened ceiling. Yamaki flicked his lighter open and closed as he read the words. Terrorist, madman, digimon. The list continued, but Yamaki grimaced at the last one.

'Digimon always come up in disasters now. Ridiculous.' Yamaki thought.

He looked at the rest of the list. Cover-up, aliens, zombies. Yamaki rolled his eyes at the last three. They were quickly being lowered on the list as other keywords appeared more frequently.

"Have you found any chatter than may involve attackers of any kind?" Yamaki called out to the two women above him.

"Negative, sir." Riley called down.

"I'm afraid we've got another night of overtime." Yamaki muttered. Yamaki increased the rate at which he played with his lighter. Suddenly, Yamaki's cellphone started ringing. He took it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID. It was blocked. He raised his eyebrow, but moved to answer it anyway. Blocked numbers weren't unheard of in his line of work.

"Mitsuo Yamaki speaking."

"Hello, Yamaki." The man on the other end replied. "I have a request for you."

Yamaki wandered over to a computer and questioned the man on the other end of the call. "Who are you?"

"I'm a man with... a similar interest in the well being of the Tamers as you." As the man was talking, Yamaki typed a quick message for Riley and sent it to her computer. 'Trace the my call.'

"A similar interest, eh?" Yamaki replied. He looked up to Riley and she nodded at him. Yamaki took that to mean that she had started.

"What request do you have?" Yamaki asked.

"I want you to request that the names of the Tamers, and even the fact that the Tamers were involved, should be withheld from the official report on the attack. In fact, their names should be withheld for everything they're involved in until this blows over."

"And how do you suppose I do that? Whoever you are, you seem to know that I posses some clout in the government."

"Claim the information is to be withheld for security reasons."

Yamaki looked up at Riley after the man spoke. She motioned for him to continue.

"I'm going to need something more substantial than 'security reasons.'" Yamaki replied.

The man on the other end sighed. "I can tell you that the Tamers were, and will be, the primary targets."

Yamaki went rigid. "How do you know that?"

The voice on the other end became cold. "I just do. You have information, Yamaki. You're a smart man. Use it." The man ended the call.

Yamaki glared at his phone and then to Riley.

"I wasn't able to track the call, sir." Riley looked down to Yamaki. "In fact, I couldn't even follow the signal past the cell tower you're connected to. It's like it wasn't going through the network at all."

Yamaki placed his phone back in his pocket and began furiously playing with his lighter. Riley returned to her original task and Yamaki began pacing. He continued for several minutes before he came to a decision.

'I'll go along with this man's request if for no other reason than to limit panic. If people learn that the Tamers were involved, then some people will instantly begin making assumptions that Digimon are to blame.' Yamaki thought to himself. He went back over the conversation in his head. 'I can't place his accent.' He realized.

15:45 JST

Destroyer HES Pahanin- International airspace

The mercenaries' bodies had been brought aboard the ship a few hours ago, and had quickly been moved to the morgue. The bodies had been set on all the open tables, and in several of the cabinets that made up two of the walls. The room was lifeless except for two women wearing army uniforms near the entrance. While both were relatively short, one was slightly taller than the other. The taller officer had short, white, hair, pale skin, light blue eyes, and a faint scar over her left eye. The shorter officer had short, black, hair; though it almost looked red in the light. She too had pale skin, and her eyes were almost silver. On both of their epaulets the women had the same rank, Lieutenant Colonel.

The white-haired woman sighed and glared at the door, while the other merely hummed a random tune. This continued for a few moments before the door burst open and a blonde man quickly made his way inside. He was several inches taller than the girls, so he had to look down with his blue eyes at them as he greeted the two. His skin had a green tinge to it, and his epaulet displayed the same rank as the other two.

"Sorry I'm late, ladies. You know how I get on these ships." The man said. His name tag read 'Arc'.

"Honestly, I've never seen someone in the Army handle ships so poorly." The white-haired woman said. Her name tag read 'Schnee'.

"Now that everyone is here," started the black-haired woman, "We can begin." Her name tag read 'Rose'.

The three put on latex gloves, looked over the corpses, and moved to the closest one; who also happened to have the least amount of damage. His weapons were placed on top of his body in a small pile. Arc spoke up first.

"Well, they're obviously not Japanese."

Schnee nodded. "The last of the blood samples were run down to the hangar for transport. They'll be tested within two days. We'll know if they're on any list then"

Rose reached for the largest weapon, a rifle. She brought it close to her face as she examined it.

"This is a Kalashnikov. An AK-74 specifically." She looked for any identification, and frowned when she found were it should have been. "The serial numbers seem to have been scratched off. These weapons are far too common to track otherwise."

Rose placed it aside and picked up the hand gun. "This is a Glock 32." She said with a frown. "Also common, and any identification has been removed." She looked for a holster on the body, and saw it under the man's arm. "Cross-draw position." She noted.

She set the handgun on the rifle and went for the last weapon. A knife. "This is a Tanto style blade. Japanese. They probably picked these up in country." She looked for a holster and saw it on the hip. As she set it aside, she voiced a thought. "Perhaps we can track the blades. A bulk order would have been the most efficient, though easier to track." Rose stepped aside and let Schnee step up to the table.

Schnee looked over the uniform and grabbed some of the fabric with her fingers. "Digital Urban camouflage BDUs, obviously. If the weapons were any indication, these are probably military surplus." She sighed. "Since this is just clothing, it isn't regulated. The uniforms could have been bought almost anywhere." She continued to look over the uniforms for a moment before she motioned for Arc to come over. "There's the armor pocket." She said, pointing to the edge.

She stepped aside as Arc opened the pocket and removed the armor. "Steel plate." He observed. He ran his fingers over the dents, and then turned it over in his hands. His expression fell. "Civilian brand, I'm afraid." he turned to the other two. "Could have been bought or stolen." He set the plate down on the body and stepped back.

The three moved over to a trashcan and placed the gloves inside.

"Aside from the knives, this was an incredibly frustrating inspection." Schnee spoke. The other two nodded in agreement. They moved to leave, but were intercepted by another soldier as he entered the room.

He moved in front of them, snapped to attention, and saluted. "Colonel Schnee, Colonel Rose, Colonel Arc." He greeted.

The three colonels returned the salute and Schnee spoke up. She glanced at the man's rank as she spoke. "At ease, Major. What do you need?"

"The Commander in Chief sent a request for a report from each of you by tomorrow." The Major reported. "Also," he continued, "The blood samples left for testing a few minutes ago."

Schnee nodded. "Is that all?" She questioned.

The Major nodded. "If you're finished here, I can inform the Captain that the bodies may be moved for autopsy. After that, we'll be on our way."

"The sooner the better." Arc spoke up, raising his hand to his mouth.

"Dismissed!" Schnee ordered the major. She looked to her comrades and saw that Rose was looking at Arc with a smirk on her face. She rolled her eyes and began walking to the hangar.

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