Fujimura Nagisa yawned as soon as she felt the sun's rays hit her eyes. It was a new day. She looked over at Fujipi's side of the bed. He was still asleep.

"Coast's clear," she whispered to her bedside drawer after she opened it. There was a flip phone sitting there...until, with a poof and smoke, it turned into a yellow familiar looking plushie.

"Morning Mepple," she said as she got out of bed. "Why is it always cold in here-mepo!? So unfair-mepo!" Mepple complained. Nagisa smiled while sweat dropping. "No, you're just temperature confused."

"Is Mipple in town-mepo?" He asked as he followed her. "Honoka? Yeah, they flew in yesterday from New York. Their daughter Akira is starting school in Japan," Nagisa said, opening the curtains.

"Akira-mepo? I've heard of her, but never met her-mepo," Mepple said. "That's because whenever Honoka comes to visit, Akira is usually back home in New York," Nagisa explained. "I think I see-mepo," Mepple answered. Nagisa walked over to her dresser which was filled with make up, other junk, and some pictures that were against the mirror filled with children.

"Don't you just love the month of March? Spring is finally here! A brand new beginning, don't ya think?" Nagisa asked Mepple. Before he could answer, the 2 heard a huge boom from a few rooms over. Nagisa sighed. "AAAAAAAAAWWWWW FUUUUUCCCKKKK!" They heard a feminine voice yell. "She's awake-mepo..." Mepple announced. Nagisa sighed, reached the dresser and took out 2 pans. "I'll got wake up the others."

The first room she went to had a sign that said "October, November, and December." She opened the door. "Wake up you 3! School is today!" She yelled, banging the pans together. The 6 year old male triplets rolled off the bed and started crying. "But mommy...!?"

The next room had "September" on the door. "Wake up! You have tryouts after school!" The 7 year old pocked his head out of the covers. "I do? Wait, school is today!?"

Then "August" was on the 3rd one. "Wake up rock star!" She sang. The 8 year old jumped on her bed and played an air guitar. "Yeah!"

Next one had "June and July." "Rise and shine!" The 9 year old twin boys threw pillows at the door and Nagisa quickly dodged them.

"May" was on the 5th one. "Good morning...what are you doing?" "Doing my homework for 2 weeks later into the school year. Always good to have a head start!" The 10 year old girl said.

The next door had "April" on it. "Wakey Wakey eggs a bakey!" The 11 year old girl yawned.

Soon, she was at the door with "March" on it. "Good morning!" The 12 year old girl woke up and yelled "Good morning!"

Finally, she was at the door with "January and February" on it. "Wake up you 2! There's school!" The 13 year old twin boy and girl slowly sat up and nodded, slowly getting out if bed.

The last door in the hallway had "Momo" on it. "Are you awake?" She saw the 14 year old on the floor, lying right next to her bathroom door. Well, she made an attempt to get up this year. Last year was a nightmare, Nagisa thought. She stomped on her back (this is not child abuse. It's just a way to get your daughter to wake up, that's all). "Peachy! You are gonna be late! Again! Wake up!"

"...hu? What you talkin bout...?" Peachy mumbled. "Fujimura Momoka! You have less that 20 minutes to get ready!" She yelled in her ear. She got up. "20!?" She ran into the bathroom. "Now, I just gotta deal with breakfast," Nagisa said to herself.

Fujipi was already downstairs sitting in the living room, flipping through channels. She lets him be lazy since he is always traveling. "Good morning Fujipi," Nagisa said, kissing his cheek. "Morning, Nagisa. It's very loud upstairs. Did you wake all 13 of them up?" He asked. She nodded. "Yep. I'm gonna start making breakfast."

She walked over to the kitchen and started making waffles. Soon, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December were downstairs. Everyone calls them the Dozen Devils because even though all 12 of them have different talents and act completely differently, they always make havoc, hence the name the Dozen Devils. Momo, the eldest, is usually trying to get them out of trouble. Speaking of Momo, she wasn't down yet.

Well, time's up anyway, Nagisa thought. "Alright guys, start getting ready to head to school!" Nagisa cried. The Dozen Devils started doing their kitchen chores and leaving once they were done. The kitchen was cleaned. In the end, Momo didn't get to eat breakfast. 10 minutes later, Momo ran downstairs.

She was tying a blue ribbon on top of her shoulder length ginger hair. "What took you so long?" Nagisa asked. "Oh, yeah...fell asleep in the bathtub again...ahahaha!" Momo said. She finally tied it in a bow. "You didn't make breakfast?" "Your late, child!" Nagisa yelled. "Ehh!? Crap! Love ya mom! Love ya dad!" Momo yelled running out of the door.

Nagisa sighed. "What am I gonna do with that girl...?"

Momo ran out of the house, swearing to herself. "Momo? You're late too? Well, you're always late," a voice said right next to her. Ginger hair belonging to her childhood friend Matsuoka Takeru. Momo stopped. "You do realize you're late also." "Well, I guess I am. But you get late more than me. You're way too clumsy, despite being a cheerleader. I don't know how that works," Takeru told her. "At least I'm not a sad excuse for a ninja! What type of ninja plays football AND doesn't have a katana when his other siblings got katanas at age 13!? You're 14!" Momo cried. "Guys, cut it out!" Another voice cried.

They saw 2 girls. One with long black hair and a silver headband with the words BLUE in purple and another with shoulder length chesnut brown hair in a ponytail with a red, black and white cheer bow. "You guys are always fighting over the littlest of things, almost like a married old couple," Okami Sakura, the girl with the brown hair and the one who told them to stop fighting said.

"Shut it, old hag!" Momo and Takeru yelled at the same time. A mad mark appeared on Sakura's forehead. "Me!? Old hag!? At least I got common sense! I'm not an idiot like you two!" "Who ya calling dumb!?" Momo and Takeru said at the same time before glaring at each other. Minamino Haruka, the one with black hair, cleared her throat. The other 3 stopped fighting to look at her. "We're alreadly late so shouldn't we just focus on getting to school when its not too late?" Haruka suggested. "Oh yeah!" The 3 cried before running off. Haruka joined them.

They made it to school on time...kinda. But it was the first day of school, they were aloud to be a little bit late. There were barley any students in the hallways, meaning they've found and gone to their new classes. The 4 walked over to the board to find their classes.

"I'm in my mom's math class for homeroom," Haruka said. "So am I! Yay! Together again!" Sakura cried. "No! Why does my homeroom have to be a math class!? That means math for 1st period, meaning morning math!" Momo cried. "Hahaha you have math first thing in the morning!" Takeru cried, laughing. "Hey, it says your name here too," Haruka said. "What!? No! I'm in auntie's math class!? Why!?" Takeru cried. Haruka, the cousin of Takeru, pat his back.

Momo looked at all the names of the 3rd years. All of them looked familiar...except for one. Irisawa Akira. Who's that? She thought. "Good morning, Fujimura-san. Matsuoka-san. Minamino-san. Okami-san," a girl with dark brown hair in a bun said. "Hey, prez. What's your homeroom?" Sakura asked. The student council president pointed to her name, Hasekura Hanako. "My homeroom teacher is Minamino Reka. Oh, that means math 1st period." "We're all in the same homeroom then," Momo said.

"It's not like you to be late, Hasekura-san," Haruka said. Hanako nodded. "Yeah, student council stuff. I really hope this year I get elected as president again. Doing service to our fellow students of Verone Junior High is my duty," Hanako cried, clenching her fist in determination. "Then I guess I should just run for president too, then we'll see who your fellow students like, " Takeru ponderd. "The late bell will ring any minute and my mom doesn't like late students," Haruka said. The other 4 nodded and started walking off with her.

"Hey, you're mom is a teacher and all, so how come you're late with Sakura?" Someone asked. "Oh, my mom always leaves really early and lets me walk to school with my friends as long as I'm not late," Haruka explained. The 5 paused. "Wait...who asked that?" Takeru asked the question that was in everyone's head.

A girl with curly brown hair waved. "Akiyama Hotaru is on the case! What 1st week of school secrets will be uncovered!?" She cried. "Akiyama-san, please get to class," Hanako said. "I'm in the same homeroom as you guys. Oh yeah, the late bell will soon ring. We have 60 seconds. 59 seconds. 58 seconds. 5-" the other 5 started running as Hotaru counted. She realized she was going to be late as well and started running to catch up with them.

They entered the class as soon as the late bell rang. "Safe!" Takeru and Momo cried at the same time. "Alright class, take your seats," Minamino-sensei said, clapping her hands. She has short, curly black hair, but she also looked like her daughter. Especially with their matching hazel eyes, so it was easy to tell they were related.

Minamino-sensei wrote her name on the board. "As we all know, I'm Minamino-sensei. From now on, I'll be your homeroom and math teacher until the school year is over. I'm about to pass out your schedules but before that, let me introduce a new student to Verone. You may come in."

A girl with straight black-navy blue hair in a ponytail with glasses walked in and wrote her name. Irisawa Akira. She bowed. "My name is Irisawa Akira. I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York City prior to coming here. Please treat me well." The class clapped. The teacher handed her schedule and she found a place to sit. "Haruka? May you hand out everyone else's schedules?" Minamino-sensei asked her daughter who nodded.

Akira was walking to the desk behind Momo. As she did, both she and Momo both caught each other's eyes. Momo smiled. Akira glared. What's her problem? Momo thought.

The rest of the day went by a flash. Momo, Sakura and Haruka had cheerleading practice while Takeru had football. Hanako had student council while Hotaru had newspaper. They went their separate ways. "Did you hear about the upcoming movie?" A girl asked Sakura in the dressing room. She shook her head. "No, what about it?"

"The filming will be here in Koizumi Gakuen!" The girl cried. "What!? No way! You joking!" Momo cried. "Not! I heard that Amina Nguyen and Park Ha Yun will be in it!" "Amina Nguyen? She's the famous popstar. It's her first movie then. And she's doing it with Park Ha Yun, a professional model and actress. I've never imagined them together before," Sakura explained.

"Amina Nguyen is so warm. Park Ha Yun is so cold. I can't wait to see their personalities clash!" The girl cried. "Wait, you want them to fight? The last thing we need is drama to happen here," another girl said. "You'll never know. It won't be the first time they would be caught in a fight. The only difference would be against each other," the girl from before said.

"What's the name of the movie?" Haruka asked, deciding to join in the conversation. "Cure Elegant. It's about 2 girls in a beauty pageant and they have to deal with an evil organization who is targeting all of the girls in the pageant. I heard Amina Nguyen plays a girl named Koizumi Chou while Park Ha Yun is playing Tachibana Ai. I'm so excited! Can't wait to see the shooting!" The girl cried.

"When is the shooting?" Sakura asked. "I heard...next week. Hey, do you, Minamino-san and Fujimura-san want to go see it with us? Kobayashi Emi is going with us too," the girl offered. Kobayashi Emi knows everything about the latest fashions, the latest drama, the latest music, basically, the latest everything. She has a newspaper article called Dear Emi in the school newspaper, plus, she has a twin brother named Daiki who is on the football team with Takeru. Need anything, go to Emi. She's that peron who knows someone who can help.

"It sounds like fun! Yeah, I'll totally be there!" Momo cried. "I'm going I guess," Sakura decided. "I have to ask my mom," Haruka told them. The other two girls nodded. "Alright then, we have to finish changing, but we'll let you know the rest of the details after practice," the other girl said.

"Finally!" Momo cried as soon as she entered her room. Practice was over and she was beat. She was wondering why did she tryout for cheerleading again durring the break. She then changed into her casual clothes, consisting of blue denim shorts, white short sleeves shirt with BLUE on the back in black letters and the numbers 89 in black on the front right center with a blue, black and white flannal tied around her waist. She also had on black thigh high stockings and she still had the Korean styled like ribbon tied in her hair.

She decided to get a snack so she walked out of her room. She stopped in front of her parents' room when she decided to do some exploring. Her mother's bedside drawer. She was never aloud to go in there. She opened it, only to see a flip phone. She took it out. "Mom still uses this!? Hahahahahaha! She was ashamed which is why she hid it in here! Hahahaha! It even has a pillow top! Priceless hahahahahahahahahaha!" "Ahem." She heard. She saw her mom standing at the doorway with ginger hair in a bun held with chopsticks, a pink Chinese styled top, and black skinny jeans. Momo noted her mom is more into Chinese culture.

"Phone, now. Second, can you watch over the Dozen Devils? I have so much work to do. Your dad is traveling tomorrow which makes things harder on my part, ya know?" Momo saluted after she put the phone back in the drawer. "Aye!"

She walked into the living room. "Ahem. Role call please!? January! February! March! April! May! June! July! August! September! October! November! And my favorite month because it has Christmas in it, December!" They lined up as she called their names.

"So, what do you guys wanna do?" She asked. They all started talking all at once. "Oi!" She yelled. They still continued talking. "Do you guys wanna go to the park?" She asked in her normal voice. Somehow they heard her and all agreed yes. Momo felt relieved. "Alright then, let me put on my Timberland boots and let's go!"

So, the 13 of them were at the park. After playing with the triplets, Momo went to a nearby bench, exhausted, and called Sakura after noticing a miss call. It was dark but the 13 Fujimura siblings didn't mind. They always played in the dark anyway. The streetlights were coming on and as Momo talked to Sakura, she looked up at the night sky. The stars were beautiful. Of course, she lived in the city, so she never really saw the stars' true beauty. In fact, the best place to be viewing stars is on a hill somewhere at the park. You can also see the whole town. But, Momo has always dreamed of going to the countryside and seeing the stars. She knew they would be different than the ones she sees in Koizumi Gakuen. Then, shooting stars started decorating the night sky.

She watched as the falling star flew across and ignored Sakura's ranting to admire them. She made a few wishes mentally. Then, she noticed a star getring closer and brighter. Wait...is it coming for her...? "...eh?" Momo answered, clearly confused.

"EEEEHHHHHH!?" She cried as soon as it headbutted her, the force knocking her out. "Momo? Hey, Momo? Are you there?" Sakura asked before hanging up. So, Momo layed there eyes swirling as she was knocked out. Her siblings were too busy doing whatever they were doing to notice their older sibling got knocked out by some star.

A man stood on a building, looking over the strange town under him. The lights were blinding. He hated it. "Fine evening isn't is, Pisard?" A familiar voice said behind him. Pisard turned, only to see the one person he didn't want to see. He hated her golden blonde hair. He hated her white sunhat with golden roses. He hated her white sun dress with matching heels. He hated her soothing golden eyes. Wait, he just hated everything about her.

"What are you doing here, Gloria Rosalinda?" He asked, clearly annoyed. "That's the same thing I would love to ask you. And before you ask, no, I won't be giving you the Prism Stones. They're important to my research." Gloria said. "Fairies. I must find some damn fairies. Orders from the Dark King." Pisard said, turning back to look down at the city.

"I must ask, what are you and the Dark King planning on doing with the fairies?" Gloria asked. "We don't release any information to outsiders, now leave," Pisard said without looking at her. Gloria smiled. "Isn't the concept of Precure amazing?" "Shut up, you witch!" He cried, holding his hand out, creating a green magic circle with a beam coming out, aiming towards Gloria who gracefully dodged it with no effort.

"Calm down Pisard. I understand, you were defeated by Cure Black and Cure White 30 years ago. But there is no need to take your anger out on me. I'm just a scientist, that's all," she calmly said. Pisard sighed and put his arm down. "But think about it. 30 years. The Garden of Rainbows has changed. So have Precure. And humans." Gloria said before giggling to herself. "I can't wait for the new Precure, aren't you excited?" "I sense it," Pisard then said.

"Sense what?" Gloria asked. "A fairy. I must leave," Pisard said before teleporting off. Gloria touched her heart shaped lockett. "Well, I guess I should start my newest experiment as well."

Momo stared at the envelope that was on the floor. Ealier, her siblings found her passed out on the grass and found an envelope laying next to her. Now, she is sitting on the floor staring at the envelope she put in front of her. She had already said good night to her family and wished her dad a safe trip, so she had to go to bed.

"Ok. I'm gonna open you. Please tell me this is some sick joke from the Dozen Devils..." she mumbled as she opened the envelope. Some cards fell out of it but she didn't pay attention to them. She read the writing.

Fujimura Momoka,

Congratulations, you are a Precure. Haven't you notice something strange about you? How about a weird shaped birthmark? That's proof. Since you have been chosen by Leo to be a Precure, your duty is to protect other citizens of the Garden of Rainbows' dreams. Each time you save a dream, you gain a Wish Shard. A great eclipes will happen in December, and if you have the most Wish Shards, you may say your wish unter the eclipse and it shall come true. Once you have finished reading this letter, your fairy will appear. Any questions you may ask your fairy. Your fairy will also train you into becoming the best Precure you could possibly be. May the best Precure win.

Good Luck, The Queen of the Garden of Light

"Sweet, I got me a fairy!" Momo cried. She put the letter down and waited for a fairy to appear. Nothing happened. "Shoulda known. Just a prank," she mumbled, throwing the envelope in the trash before turning off the lights and going to bed.

She didn't notice, but the envelope started glowing. The creepy man in a kabuki mask standing in front of the bay window who was stalking her noticed the glowing. "Perfect..." A rock hit his back. He turned his head to look at the source, which was a boy with his bike along with his friends. "Score!" The boy cried. Many mad marks appeared on the creepy, stalking, kabuki masked man.

Momo slowly opened her eyes and yawned. "It's about time you woke up-mumu," a voice said from right next to her. Momo cautiously turned her head, only to see a plushie. It was pale blue with droopy rabbit styled ears. It had a black moon symbol on its forehead with decorations. It also had a tiny puff tail. She doesn't remember getting a plush like that. "This is what I get for waking up early. I start seeing things..." she mumbled, going back to sleep. "Wake up, I have to talk to you about something important-mumu!" It cried, hitting her with its soft hands.

Momo sat up in bed. The plush lost its balance so it started moving around until it was balanced. It then cleared it's throat. "Greetings-mumu. I am Captain Moonshine of the royal army of the Garden of Light-mumu. I am also your fairy-mumu." Momo froze. "Wow-mumu. No screaming-mumu? I was actually expecting you to be freaking out since it's not everyday a fairy appears before you-mumu. Yes-mumu! I have a mature Precure-mumu! I'm one step closer to becoming like Sir Mepp-" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Momo screamed as she jumped out of bed. "Mumu!" Moonshine cried.

"OH MY GOSH ITS A FUCKIN TALKING PLUSHIE!" She screamed as she threw things at it. "H-hey-mumu! Watch the face-mumu!" Moonshine cried as he dodged. Momo started reciting prayers as Moonshine dodged while talking to her.

"Well, at least I got your attention-mumu. I should explain exactly what's going on-mumu. Precure are the legendary warriors-mumu. They have great power-mumu. But, as times change, so do Precure-mumu. They have different threats, powers, so many things-mumu. For you, it's despair-mumu. Humans are always having dreams, making wishes and setting goals-mumu. But, the obstacles in their way cause them despair, and we defiantly cannot have that-mumu. Precure are warriors of hope, meaning they spread hope-mumu. You figh...ahhhh-mumu! Where did that anchor come from-mumu!?"

Momo crouched down. "Am I going...crazy...?" The door opened, revealing her mother. "Peachy, you ok?" She asked before looking at her room. "Dang peachy! You made this mess just now? Over a little spider? I thought you weren't afraid of spiders! Where did that anchor come from? Anyway, clean up when you come back, aye? You have to go to school." She closed the door behind her.

Momo stood up and started thinking. "The envelope...it mentioned something about Precure..." "Hey, I'm hungry, can I get some food-mumu?" Moonshine said in the background. Momo ignored him. "And that Leo chose me..." "Oh, you have the Mark of Leo-mumu? You're the leader then-mumu," Moonshine said with Momo ignoring him. "So then...I'm this...Precure...thing...?" "I really wanna see Sunshine-mumu..."

Momo turned to glare at Moonshine who froze. "Ima have to leave you here. I have school." "Oh, you can take me with you, see-mumu?" He said before turning into a beam. The beam went inside of Momo's phone and his face appeared on his screen. Momo walked over to the phone.

"Dang! You're in my phone!" She cried, holding it up. "Aye-mumu! Plus, do you see the cards over there-mumu? They have all the things you need to take care of me with, like a sleep card for example-mumu," Moonshine said filled with pride.

"I just realized something," Momo said. "Ooohhh-mumu. What is it-mumu?" I don't like the way your voice sounds, so ima snooze you," Momo said, grabbing a card that looked like it was for sleeping. "Great selection, I mean not a great selection-mumu! Please, I don't wanna go to sleep-mumu! I must stay awake-mumu! I must find Sunshine-mumu! Oh, and I guess Starlight but I could care less about him-mumu. But anyway, pease don't make me go to s...zzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

Momo had swiped the card. Moonshine was fast asleep. She didn't understand this whole Precure thing, but it did seem interesting. She got up from the floor and walked into her bathroom.

"Good morning, Momo-chan!" Haruka cried as she and Sakura crossed the strees so they can talk to Momo and Takeru. "Dude, what the heck! Did you hang up on me last night!?" Sakura demanded. "Well it ain't my fault I got knocked out!" Momo answered. "Did you guys see the shooting stars?" Takeru then interrupted the girl. Haruka nodded. "Yeah, it was going on all over the world too! Shooting stars are such a magnificent site! What wishes did you make?" "That I'll be the best Matsuoka warrior in the whole Matsuoka Clan!" Takeru cried. "My wish was that I'll be swept away by a lovely, handsome prince!" Sakura answered. The others turned to look at her. "What? It might happen," Sakura said with a shrug.

School went by in a flash. Unfortunately, Moonshine was awake by then and asked to find Sunshine which brings them to the situation they're in: walking around town. "Have you found your Sunshine yet?" She asked. "Nope-mumu," Moonshine answered. Momo sighed, exhausted. They turned into wn alleyway, walking until they stopped at a dead end. "Well crap, an alleyway, just perfect!" Momo cried. "Yes, perfect indeed," a voice said from above. Momo turned around and the kabuki masked guy appeared in front of her.

"Cure Black...? No...you look way too young," he said. "Who are you!?" Momo asked. "Oh, I am Pisard. I have come back from hell to serve my Dark King and get my revenge on Cure Black and Cure White. Speaking of those pesky Precure, they are not here. Do you mind handing me your fairy? The Dark King needs that fairy," Pisard asked. Momo hugged her phone and backed up until her back touched the wall.

"Moonshine-sunny!?" A voice cried. Momo, Moonshine and Pisard looked over to the source of the voice. It was coming from the phone Akira was holding...the phone Akira was holding!? "Akira...you got one too...?" Momo asked. "Cure Black, then Cure White!? No, it's been 30 years, could you perhaps be their daughters?" Pisard asked. "Who? I'm sorry, sir, but what the hell you takin bout?" Momo answered. "I definitely can't let you 2 transform now! Give me your fairies or you'll be sorry!" Pisard commanded.

"No-sunny! Don't give us to him-sunny! Run away-sunny!" Akira's fairy said. "One problem...I'm against the wall!" Momo cried. "...oh yeah-sunny..." Pisard held out his hand and a green magic circle appeared, aiming at Momo. "Give me your fairy now!" "Akira, can you catch!?" Momo yelled. "Of course not, idiot! Why!?" Akira answered. "Think fast!" Momo cried, throwing her phone at Akira. She barley managed to catch it. "What are you planning!?" Akira asked. "Yeah, what are you planning!?" Pisard asked. "Ima keep this guy busy. You're smart, so run off and think of something," Momo explained. Akira nodded and ran off. "What!? Why you..." Pisard stopped talking when the 2 of them heard some crying. Momo sensed something unusual...like some sort of weird energy...kinda dark.

"Ooohhh! I get to show off! Behold...um...child...! You are about to see how scary I can be!" Pisard then cried, disappearing. Momo had a bad feeling so she decided to follow the crying. She found a hidden path in the alley and followed the crying as best she could. She stopped and froze when she saw a woman in an office uniform sitting against the wall, holding a gun. "I can't do this anymore! I just can't!" She mumbled. The woman lifted the gun to her head and closed her eyes. "Goodbye...life..." Before Momo could run over and take the gun away from the woman, Pisard appeared before the woman.

"W-Who are you!?" The woman asked. "I can make your dreams come true. What is your wish?" Pisard asked. "I wish...I wish I was a better mother, that I can provide for my children...I wish I was rich!" The woman cried, bursting into tears once again. "Your wish is my command," Pisard said with a simple snap of his fingers.

The woman then froze and something came out from where her heart usually is. It was some sort of tiny crystal lightbulb with a silver screw piece. Pisard grabbed it. "May your dreams fall into an eternal black hole!" He cried, the lightbulb thing turning all black and he throwing it back into the woman. Black chains came out of it and it covered the woman. Soon, it exploed, revealing a shadow like monster with horns, sharp claws and fangs, bat wings and tail, red demon eyes, and some silver chains decorating its body which also had some silver locks on them.

"Daemon!" It roared. Momo slowly backed up, staring up at the Daemon in shock. "What the fuck..." "Hahahaha! Daemon, find the fairies and give them to me!" Pisard cried. The Daemon tuned around and ran off with Pisard following. Momo realized it was looking for Akira. "Crap! I have to find her! But how can I...? This is Koizumi Gakuen..." She decided to do the trick she always used when she played hide and seek with Takeru, Sakura and Haruka when they were young.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and concentrated. She felt many people's energy around her, but they weren't the energy she was looking for. Akira's energy was kind of cold, but it was warm, weak but not too weak, smooth, fragile, it was hard for Momo to explain, all she knows is that she'll know when she feels it. She opened her eyes. "Found her!" She cried, running out of the alley.

The streets had citizens running away and everywhere was a mess. The Daemon must have done that. "Gotta find Akira. Gotta find Akira. Gotta find Akira," Momo kept on repeating as she pushed through the crowd. She found herself in the park. The way she was going, she realized she was heading towards the area where you can see a good view of the buildings. There was Akira. She turned around. "Why are you in a hurry?" She asked. "Demon...I think...huge...Pisard...woman...gun...searching..." Momo said between breaths.

They heard a monsterly roar. "No...Pisard must have summoned a Daemon-mumu!" Moonshine cried. "Daemon?" Momo and Akira said at the same time. "Yes-mumu. You see, humans have this think called a Wish Gem-mumu. The more hope they have, the brighter it glows-mumu. The more despair they have, the dimmer it glows-mumu. Only us faires can see it when it's inside the human body-mumu. Pisard must have harnessed the energy of a dark Wish Gem to summon a Daemon-mumu!" Moonshine explained. "So that's what he did..." Momo mumbled. She then remembered the woman. "Wait! What happens to the human!?" "Well...while their body is used as a host for the Daemon, they are in a trance like state, meaning they are trapped in their own dream, but at the same time, it isn't their dream-sunny. Think of it as some sort of nightmare-sunny," Akira's fairy said.

"Then what are we going to do about the Daemon?" Akira asked, handing Momo her phone. "Simple, really-mumu. Transform-mumu," Moonshine said. "And how exactly are we gonna do that!?" Momo asked. "What is your greatest wish-sunny?" Sunshine, Akira's fairy asked. "Wish it and your door will be unlocked-mumu," Moonshine said. "Your door will be...unlocked?" Akira repeated. "I won't let you transform! The last time I let Precure transform I failed my king, but I won't let that happen!" Pisard yelled, floating in the air after suddenly appearing. The Daemon stommped on the floor, creating a wave, knocking the girls down.

Pisard landed on the ground and walked over to the girls. "I'll be taking your fairies, thank you very much." Momo and Akira smiled at each other. They held hands and stood up. "Sorry, creep, but we just thought of our wish!" Momo said. "This is so unlogical..." Akira mumbled. Mad marks appeared on Pisard. The girls made their wishes mentally, a white magic circle appearing under them, signaling their wishes had been heard. "Get the queen card and swipe in on your phone's card swipe thing-mumu! No, I don't know what its called but don't judge me-mumu!" Moonshine cried. "Card Columne-sunny..." Sunshine mumbled.

The 2 took out their queen cards and swipped. Momo then started having doubts. "Oi, blue plush thing. Is this really gonna wo-Precure! Grant my wish!"

Momo's hair became longer, curly and pale blue, tighed into pigtails by black bows while her eyes also turned pale blue, the same color as her hair. Fot the top, she has a sparkly top that is pale blue sash like sleeve with silver crescent moon and star designs sleeve covering her left shoulder and going across to her side, not covering her right shoulder and under it seems to be a sleeveless sparkly black top. She has a silky black translucent ribbon wrapped around around her waist with it ending as a bow with long ribbons at the back, and a pale blue sparkly overlapping skirt still with silver crescent moon and star designs and its also sparkly. Under each pale blue skirt was a black sparkly skirt peaking out a little. She had silky black translucent thigh high stockings and black ankle high, laced booties with heels. On her right arm is a silver bracelet towards the top of her arm and on her left hand was a fingerless black glove. She had silver studded earrings with more piercings with studded earrings in them on her ears. She has a black choker where a silver crescent moon charm hangs. On the right side of her skirt has her phone and cards in a black sparkly bag with a pale blue ribbon on the front. "The emissary who represents the dark and the mysterious! Cure Moon!"

Akira's hair was still straight but was longer and is in a ponytail still held by a white bow and her eyes turned pale pink, the same color of her hair. For her top, she has a pale pink top that has 1 sleeve, it being her left sleeve. On the top were golden sun and other designs on it with sparkles. She has a white ribbon tied around her waist with a bow in the back. Her skirt was a pale pink overlapping skirt with golden sun and other designs and sparkles. Under each layer was a white sparkly skirt under it. On her right arm was a lomg sparkly white armwarmer. She has black translucent tights and white knee high laced boots with heels. She wore a holden pendant with a sun hanging from it. She also has hooped golden earrings. At the left side of her skirt was her phone and cards in a sparkly white bag with a pale pink ribbon on the front. "The emissary who represents the light and knowledge! Cure Sun!"

"Together we are Precure!" The 2 yelled, posing. They then froze. "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Look at you ahaha! You look so stupid! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Moon laughed. "You are being very immature about this! And speaking of this whole thing, everything is lacking logic! How is any of this possible!?" Sun cried.

"I let you Precure transform again!? Daemon! Attack!" Pisard cried, flying out of the way with more mad marks. "Run away!" Moon yelled, running off with Sun following. The Daemon swung some of its chains, destroying everything around it. "Daemon!" It yelled. "What are you doing-mumu!? Turn back around and fight the Daemon-mumu!" Moonshine demanded. "But I wanna live!" Moon whinned. "Trust us, you will survive...I hope-mumu" Moonshine answered. Moon turned around, only to notice the Daemon was about to step on them. She held the bottom of its foot with her hands and pushed it up before punching it. The Daemon started to stumble. "Ooooohhhh...fun..." Moon mumbled.

She did some flips as the Daemon tried catching her with its hands (thank cheerleading). She would punch and kick when she found an opening. She flipped off and stood next to Sun. "Isn't this fun!?" Moon asked. "Amazing...our powers are boosted...which means...I can do the same thing as well...!" Sun concluded before running over to the Daemon's leg. She punched it, except nothing happened. She then kicked it many times. Nothing happened as well. "Why won't it work for me...!?" Sun whinned. "Outa the way!" Moon cried, jumping up to continue fighting the Daemon.

"I understand you are upset-sunny. But, maybe you can use your Gify differently, you just have to open your eyes-sunny," Sunshine said. Sun closed her eyes then opened them again, noticing pale pink numbers doing some calculations. She then had an idea.

"Moon! The Daemon will be hitting you out of the way in 10.5 seconds!" Sun yelled. Moon didn't know whay she ment but she moved out of hitting rang. In 10.5 seconds, it swung its arm. Moon gave her the ok sign and continued to hit as Sun told the calculations. They forgot it had wings, and it flapped its wings, blowing the 2 of them against a tree.

"Hey! Give me a boost!" Moon cried. Sun decided to, guessing that since Moon was in cheerleading she knew what she was doing. Moon was thrown up to the sky. Eventually, she was like a star in the sky. Shrugging, Sun turned her focus back to the Daemon. She did some energy calculations and pointed her finger like a gun. A pale pink magic circle appeared as she aimed for the Daemon's chest. "Precure! Solar Flare!" She cried, beam like bullets shooting out, hitting the Daemon.

Right after that, Moon fell out of the sky in a big ball of fire "Owowowowowowowowowowowowowow!" She ended up headbutting the Daemon. As she was still up in the air, a pale blue magic circle appeared behind her. "Precure! Moonphase!" She cried, swords shooting out, hitting the Daemon.

She eventually landed next to Sun. "My everything hurts..." she mumbled. The 2 froze when the locks on the chains had all broken off. "The locks are its hearts-mumu. Once they are gone, you must purify it immediately before they come back-mumu!" Moonshine cried. "Aye! So, how exactly do we do that?" Moon asked. "Hold hands and face each other, you'll know the rest-sunny!" Sunshine cried. They did that.

"You know," Moon started, "I want to object to this and all, but I have a feeling I'm gonna get interru-The stone of the mysterious! Moonstone! Shine on me!" She cried, a pale blue aura surrounding her. "The stone of clarity! Sunstone! Shine on me!" Sun cried, a pale pink aura surrounding her. They then held out their hands that were closest to the Daemon and held it and aimed it at it. A white magic circle appeared. "Precure! Shooting Star!" A white, crystal like beam shot out, hitting the Daemon. The chains started to cover the Daemon's entire body then it exploded, revealing the woman. A newly lit up Wish Gem entered her as she floated down to the grass. A tiny shard came out from it and floated to the girls. Moon took it.

"What's this?" "A Wish Shard-sunny. After defeating a Daemon, you will get one-sunny. If you haven't read the envelop the queen of the Garden of Light sent to you, the one who gets the most Wish Shards will be able to have their wish come true under the eclipes-sunny," Sunshine explained. "None of this is logical. I only went along with all of this because I thought there was something logical about it. Nevermind..." Sun mumbled.

"Precure...I WILL END YOU RIGHT HERE AND NOW!" Pisars then yelled, still up in the air totally pissed, creating a grean magic circle. Beams started shooting out. The girls jumped out of the way and ran off. "Got a plan?" Moon asked as they were running. "I'm thinking," Sun answered. "Aye, I'll distract him!" Moon cried. She noticed that they were in town so she looked around. She took the hot dog truck and threw it at Pisard. She threw more objects at him. "I'm going to see if I can use Solar Flare on him again," Sun said. "I'll try Moonphase," Moon offered. The 2 jumped on a car and jumped off before Pisard hit it with the beam. "Precure! Moonphase!" "Precure! Solar Flare!"

"I will be back for you, Precure!" He yelled, disappearing before the blades and bullets hit him.

"Yeah! Run away...Sir Gets Pissed A Lot! Ha! You're no match against the Precure!" Moon yelled. "Stop it, you idiot, people saw us," Sun said. "Hu? What you mean?" Moon asked. Sun pointed to the crowd. Next, she pointed to the screens on the building. Third, she pointed to the helicopters. "Put your hands up!" A person from one of the helicopters yelled.

"We are on national TV," Sun said. "Ooohhh, a dream come true!" Moon cried. 2 officers walked up to them and put handcuffs. "You 2 are under arrest." The 3rd one said. "Ooohhh! Another dream come true!" Moon cried before Sun kicked her.

Episode 1: A Shooting Star LITERALLY Fell Out of the Sky

Next Time on Cosmos Precure! Episode 2: Momo is Smart and Akira is Dumb!? Is the World Ending Already!?

I yawned and rubbed my eyes. After doing some stretching, I put my hand down, only to feel something soft. So, wondering where the source is coming from, I looked over to where I put my hand down, only to discover stuffed animal. I usually don't have stuffed animals in my room. They're honestly creepy. I looked around and noticed I wasn't in my Japanese styled house. Wait...no...it's not logically possible.

I jumped out of bed and went over to the dresser. I closed my eyes and braced myself. I opened them, looking into the mirror only to see Momo staring back, not me. Wait...no...did we...switch bodies!?

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