Kagemi's POV:

How...how's this possible!?

I was staring back at Kagami, or should I say Cure Venus? "You're...you can transform into a Precure...? But, you're not supposed to!"

"I am you," she said, shooting me an icy glare. "You are me."

Kagami/Venus held her hand out. "Morning Star!" The familiar pink whip appeared in her hands. "I'll replace you in the blink of an eye. No one will notice. I'll just make another Kagami, and I'll continue to live as Kagemi."

"But..wouldn't the same situation as this happen between you and the new Kagami?" I asked, backing up.

"Maybe, but I'm not weak like you," Kagami/Venus answered.

I clenched my fists and looked down. "I don't want to fight you. Can't we just talk this out?"

Kagami/Venus immediately grabbed my neck and started squeezing, choking me. I let out strangled coughs and began clawing at her wrist.

"Kaga-" I choked out. I was feeling light headed and tears were rapidly falling down my cheeks. If she doesn't let go, I was going to die!

"You like saying I'm fake, right? But you're the one who's fake. Tsubasa's suffering and suddenly, you're switching up on her! The would would be better off if there weren't people like you," Kagami/Venus hissed.

"You're just as fake as me! I bet Tsubasa's asked if you're a Precure! But you lied, didn't you!?" I managed to choke out.

"No, don't compare me to you!" Kagami/Venus cried, losening her grip on my neck.

With the pressure on my neck lessened, I reached out and grabbed Kagami/Venus' hair. She ended up letting go of my neck and I headbutted her. She de-transformed and fell onto the ground.

I grabbed the pocket knife Kagami had early that was laying on the floor before I stepped onto her chest, preventing her from standing up. I didn't want things to be this way, but I have no choice.

"I'm sorry, Kagami, but you're a mistake. I have to take you out," I said before crouching down. "But don't worry. I'll make another Kagami. No one will ever know the difference between duplicate Kagami #1 and duplicate Kagami #2."

I dug her hands into her hair and slammed her face onto the ground, giving her a bloody nose. Then, I started to stab the knife into her chest over and over until her chest stopped rising up when she breathed. Every time a knife went into her, she let out strangled gasps and had tried to even yank the knife from out of my hands.

Once she was laying lifelessly on the ground, I checked her pulse. Good, she's dead. It's time to discard the body.

"What are you doing-evi!?" I heard Eveshine yell but I ignored her.

Luckily for me, there was a box of matches sitting on the slide nearby. I took the matches and lit them up. Then, I threw them onto Kagami's body, watching her body turn into ashes.

I stopped myself from crying. Kagami's just a duplication. I'll just make another one and act like nothing happened.

Episode 18: Raise The Curtains

Momo's POV:

"Bye!" Emi cried, waving goodbye at us.

Our karaoke party was over and now everyone's going home.

"I'll make sure Sakura never sings ever again!" I cried.

"Are you serious!? My singing wasn't that bad!" Sakura cried.

I simply laughed.

"We're going to get going now," AKira said, referring to her and Andre.

"Yeah, we should go too. It's really late," Haruka said.

"See y'all at school!" Hotaru cried.

We all went our separate ways. AKira and Andre left together. Emi, Daiki, and Hotaru left together. Shiro, Takeru, Haruka, Sakura and I went together.

"The karaoke party was fun," Shiro said as we made our way back home.

"Yeah! I don't know why we don't do it a lot though," Sakura said.

"Probably because you can't sing?" Takeru asked.

Sakura glared at Takeru. "Can you guys leave me alone about my singing!?"

"Guys, please don't fight," Haruka said with a sigh.

Suddenly, all of us suddenly got a notification on our phones. So did the people walking around us. We took out our phones and checked out the notification.

"It's from the news! And it's breaking news!" I cried, tapping on the link.

The link lead us to a one minute video titled "Precure Uncovered by #Miss_Know_It_All."

Haruka and I shared a look before we pressed play.

When the video started playing, I gasped and covered my mouth. My whole entire body was shaking and my eyes were watering. It was hard for me to believe what I was watching!

Cure Venus was stabbing Kagami to death! And worse, she burned Kagami's body!

Haruka dropped her phone crouched down onto the floor, buried her fingers into her hair, and screamed.

"Wasn't she the girl who gave me a makeover?" Shiro asked, watching the video with Sakura.

Sakura replayed the video. "That's Suzuki Kagami! I can't believe it! Why's a Precure killing her!?"

"Wait, what's going on!? Precure aren't supposed to..." Takeru trailed off when he noticed me.

I didn't know he was looking at me and honestly, I didn't care. My eyes were glued to the phone as the video replayed in my head over and over again. This makes no sense. Kagami, why Kagami out of all people!? She likes to help people out and she gives out the best advice! Why's Cure Venus doing this!? I've never met Cure Venus in person so I don't know what type of person she is. But it's basically magical girl 101 to not hurt, no, kill civilians, especially the innocent ones! So what's going on!?

The whole world was spinning around me as I processed this information. Kagami was killed by Cure Venus. Kagami was killed by Cure Venus. Kagami was kill b-

Everywhere went black.

Nagisa's POV:

I replayed the viral video of Cure Venus killing Suziki Kagami with Mepple watching from over my shoulder.

"Okay, so I get that there are Precure vs. Precure fights. That was Peachy and Cure Earth. But a Precure killing a civilian? That's never heard of before. That's not right. Is that even allowed?" I asked Mepple.

"No-mepo. It's not-mepo. Why is Cure Venus doing this-mepo?" Mepple wondered.

"Not to mention this gives Precure a bad rep," I said.

"Momo!" I heard my kids, probably the triplets, yell from downstairs. Mepple transformed into a flip phone and I shoved the phone into my pockets. I ran downstairs to see what was going on.

I saw Sakura, Haruka, Shiro, Takeru, and Momo entering the house. What caught my eye was Momo on Takeru's back and she looked unconscious.

"What happened!?" I cried.

"She saw that video of Cure Venus and Kagami. Then, she fainted," Sakura answered. I noticed Haruka had her arms wrapped around Sakura's right arm and her face buried in Sakura's arm. She was shaking and sniffling. I quickly deducted that she was crying.

"I'll put Momo in her bed," Takeru said. I nodded and allowed him to go upstairs with the unconscious Momo. The girls followed.

I was about to go with them when I saw that I was getting a call from Honoka. I entered my room and answered the call. "I'm guessing you saw the video too."

"Yeah...it's crazy!" Honoka cried.

"What should we do about it? We're veterans and technically their mentors," I asked.

"There's nothing we can do because what's done is done," Honoka answered with a sigh.

I put my hands on my hip and looked down. "Kiriya definitely can't hide this information now. Everyone's seen the video."

"I don't think the girls should transform, but at the same time, if the Dark Zone hit, they'll have no choice but to transform," Honoka said.

"Yeah, you're right," I said. "Hey, can you get Kiriya to find Cure Venus and bring her to me or something?"

"Sure. But why?" Honoka asked.

"As veteran Precure, we're supposed to look after the current Precure and prevent them from straying off the path of light that they're on. But Cure Venus has don exactly that. I have no choice but to take her Precure fairy away from her," I answered.

"You're going that far?" Honoka asked.

"Yep," I sighed. "Looks like I'm playing bad cop."

Poisonny's POV:

"Omo. A Precure killed a human. That's unexpected," I mumbled as I watched the video that had appeared on my phone.

I was sitting on the couch and, unfortunately, Gekidrago was sitting next to me. He was playing a video game and based on his yelling, the game was an intense one.

"Ahhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuuck!" Gekidrago yelled.

I rolled my eyes before turning my attention back to my phone so I could scroll down and read the comments.

The Precure ain't even shit


The next time I see a Precure, ima take my shotgun and shoot them dead!

Me too!

We can't let the Precure get away with this!

The Cure Moon vs. Cure Earth incident was one thing, but now they have other Precure, specifically Cure Venus, killing humans!

I knew Suzuki Kagami personally! She was the one who talked me out of plastic surgery!

Suzuki Kagami was innocent!

I snorted. With all of the hate the Precure are receiving right now, it would be a bad idea for them to go out in public.

"Ahhhhh!" Gekidrago growled, throwing his video game controller at the TV. The controller flew and was lodged into the screen of the TV.

I stood up and pointed my finger at the oversized troll. "Are you for real serious!? Why did you break the TV!?"

"Because I lost!" Gekidrago yelled.

"Oh, so it's because you lost!? Have you ever stopped and realized that you lost because you're a loser!?" I yelled back.

Gekidrago jumped, shaking the whole room. "I'm not a loser!"

I quickly grabbed onto the coffee table in order to balance myself. This troll needs to get out!


He can go out! If he attacks, I highly doubt the Precure would come out. Fuck that "hero of justice" bullshit. They're little girls who care about little girl stuff. They know the hate they're getting. They'd be hesitant. Plus, the humans might even harass them! Now is the perfect time to attack, and if the Dark King knows that I was the one who got Gekidrago out to attack, he'll praise me!

"Overgrown troll," I said as I stood up straight. "Don't you have some Precure to crush?"

"Oh yeah!" Gekidrago realized. He ran out the door. "Don't turn off the TV! I'm still playing! I'll play when I get back!"

When the door closed, I looked at the cracked TV that still had a video game controller sticking out of the screen. "You're still playing, right?" I titled my head. "But...how?"

Tsubasa's POV:

At school on Monday, everyone was talking about the Cure Venus video. Although it came out last Saturday, the news was still fresh. A tiny part of me was happy that nobody was talking about the video #Miss_Know_It_All posted about Akio and I. However, most of me was upset over the fact that Kagemi killed Kagami.

"See? I always felt that the Precure were kinda sus! Now they're going around killing people!"

"Yo, they still haven't found that girl Gui Ying's attacker! Do you think that it's a Precure!?"

"I'm scared to go outside now! What if a Precure attacks me!?"

"The Precure should go back to where they came from! We never asked for them to show up with their monsters!"

"Y'all, this is actually happening in real life! That's crazy!"

When I entered the classroom, everyone was gathered in their friend groups as they watched the video and talked about it. Me, being friendless, made my way to my desk. I made sure to send a look at Kagemi.

Kagemi was at Izumi's desk with Kumiko and Yukari.

"I can't believe this! This even happened so close to my birthday too!" Kumiko cried.

"Kagami used to give me makeup advice. I can't believe she's gone!" Yukari cried.

"This is disturbing, but Miss_Know_It_All is doing her job and exposing the truth. Precure are murderers," Izumi said, rubbing the goosebumps on her arms.

Akio entered the classroom and immediately made his way towards Izumi who stood up.

"Akio," Izumi said.

AKio hugged Izumi. "You're scared, aren't you?"

"Of course I am! What if those Precure kill me next!? But I didn't do anything!" Izumi cried.

"Yeah, it's messed up," Kagemi said, glancing at me. When she met my eyes, she jumped up and quickly looked away from me.

Kagemi and I really needed to talk.

When lunch came around, I sent Kagemi a look, letting her know to meet me on the roof. She got the message.

I was looking down at the school yard below when Kagemi arrived on the roof. "Tsubasa..."

I turned around and immediately, my eyes started to water. "Why did you do it?"

"It's fine, I'll make another Kagami," Kagemi answered.

"It's not fine! There's no other Kagami but her!" I cried.

"She's just a doppelganger!" Kagemi cried.

"Sure, so maybe she is a doppelganger, but she went through different experiences than you that made her the Kagami that we all know! You can't just get rid of her then create another Kagami like nothing happened! Besides, the whole world saw you kill her!" I yelled.

"You're right. It would be impossible for me to make another Kagami. Everyone saw me burn her body," Kagemi said, thinking about it.

I looked up at her as if she had two heads growing on the sides of her original head. "Are you serious!? That's what you're concerned about!? Why did you kill her anyway!?"

"Because she tried to kill me first!" Kagemi yelled, clutching onto her abdomen. "She wanted to cut off all contact with me because she thinks #Miss_Know_It_All was onto us and then she got upset because I'm her creator! Shouldn't she be grateful to me instead of ungrateful like she was acting!?"

"I can't believe you!" I cried, unable to hold back my tears.

"Look, I'm sad about what happened to Kagami and I'm upset that everyone had to see that, but that's how it is! She's literally my reflection that was given life by me! In some sense, I'm basically her god!" Kagemi cried.

I shook my head. "I can't believe I wanted to be friends with you. You're fake."

"I'm not fake!" Kagemi cried.

"You're fake, you're heartless, you're all of these bad things!" I yelled through my sobs. "What do people see in you!? Oh, is it because you're pretty!? Wait, that's exact why! There's nothing good about you but your looks!"

Kagemi stomped over to me and slapped me across the cheek.

With wide eyes, I rubbed the spot where I was slapped and looked up at Kagemi. "You...you...!"

Kagemi looked like she was having an internal struggle. "Things that have to do with me and Kagami stay between me and Kagami. You have no right to judge. And if you're still upset over the rumors that were spread about you, I'm truly sorry. I really did want to help, but there's nothing I could do."

"You rule the school, there was so much you could do about it," I said.

"It...doesn't work that way," Kagemi said.

"Why? Because of your reputation?" I spat out.

Kagemi was about to say something but she bit her lip.

"That's all you care about. Your outer appearance. You really think it would cover the ugliness inside of you, do you?" I asked.

"Fine. Say whatever you want. But know that the things I did, I didn't want to do them. They just...turned out that way," Kagemi said in defeat.

"You didn't have to kill Kagami!" I cried.

"Again! She tried to kill me first!" Kagemi yelled.

"But you didn't have to return the favor," I said.

"What I did was self defense!" Kagemi cried.

I rose an eyebrow. There was obviously more.

"Self defense...and the correction of a mistake. She shouldn't be alive so I'm correcting that mistake," Kagemi said.

I hugged myself. "This so-called friendship we have is over."

"But then you'll have no friends," Kagemi said.

"So be it. I've never had friends before anyway. I'm used to it," I said before leaving the roof.

Akira's POV:

Usually, I'd be paying attention to class but today's an exception. My elbow was on the table and I was resting the side of my face on my palm as I looked out the classroom window.

It was crazy after all of the chaos that school was still going on with everything like nothing happened. Then again, school also goes on like nothing happened when Daemons appear. You'd think that the little Daemon invasion that happened at our school months ago would force the school to put up some more precautions or something. Well, you're wrong.

But I guess the school did make some changes. After school activities, including clubs and sports, are put on hold until the chaos is dealt with. The school doesn't want Precure to be attacking their precious students that they suddenly care about.

When Hanako made that announcement, it took every inch of my body not to laugh out loud. Are they seriously treating us Precure as serial murderers? Wow, that's so crazy.

My phone buzzed on my lap, notifying me that I have a text, so I looked down and opened the message.

Sunshine: Gekidrago's attacking! I just sensed him! There's a Daemon on the loose!

I looked across the classroom at Haruka and Momo. They were also looking down on their laps. I received another buzz so I checked to see the message I had received.

Haruka: Gekidrago's out

Haruka: We should go and stop him, right?

Starlight: Um...

Britney: Of course we should! We are Precure!

I rose an eyebrow. Britney has joined the chat.

Moonshine: It's you guys' job to defeat the Dark Zone

Moonshine: But at the same time I feel that you guys should sit this out

Twilight: Just because of some tabloids? The Precure have a responsibility!

Haruka: I'm actually very scared to go out right now...

Starlight: Now's not really the best time to go out

Moonshine: We have Cure Mercury and Cure Venus, right?

Moonshine: They can take care of the Daemons

Sunshine: Is that right though...?

Moonshine: If Momo and the others go out, they will be getting the hate that's meant for Cure Venus

Twilight: Well, you're right about that

Twilight sent a livestream of people going out, yelling at the Precure to take their problems home. They were too close to the Daemon Gekidrago had summoned.

Sunshine: Look at all of that negative wish energy being released into the air!

Haruka: What's taking Mercury and Venus so long?

Britney: Mowa, what should we do!?

I looked across the classroom and saw that Momo's head was still down. Why hasn't she said anything yet?

Moonshine: She's sleeping

Ah. My question has been answered. How can she be sleeping at a time like this?

Twilight: I can no longer sit back and watch this happen!

Britney: Me too! I'm going out there to stop Gekidrago!

Haruka: But we're not done discussing!

Sunshine: Gekidrago just summoned two more Daemons!

Britney: No time to waste! I'm leaving!

A few minutes later, a student who I did not know the name of, suddenly stood up and held her phone up. "A Precure's out right now!"

Everyone dropped their books and pulled out their phones.

"Students! Put your phones away! We're in the middle of class!" The teacher yelled. Unfortunately for her, everyone ignored her.

"OMG! Isn't that Cure Comet!?"

"Wow, the Precure are so bold!"

The commotion woke Momo up. She looked surprised as she lifted her head up and she looked around the classroom. "What!? What happened!?"

Takeru sat on her desk and showed her his phone. "Cure Comet is out."

"Emi! Write this down! Akiyama Hotaru is on the case! Should we still support the Precure!? This is our newest story!" Hotaru told Emi as she watched the video with her along with Daiki who was watching from over their shoulders.

Haruka was watching the video with Sakura. "I hope Comet's okay..."

Sakura looked at Haruka as if she was high. "Are you seriously sympathizing with the Precure!? They killed Kagami!"

Even Hanako, the responsible student council president, was watching the video. Guan Yu had his AirPods on and was looking at Hanako's phone, probably to watch the video with her.

Shiro came up to me. "May I see the video that everyone is talking about?"

I nodded and pulled it up. It was one of those livestreams the news channel started to do whenever us Precure were out. Shiro and I watched the video together.

Cure Comet was faced with 4 Daemons. With her hands on her hips, she laughed proudly. "Ha! You monsters can't defeat me! Precure! Comet Shower!"

Comet's familiar golden bow formed in her hands and she pulled the string back. When she let go, a bunch of arrows flew at the Daemons. One Daemon swing its chain, causing Comet to jump out of the way. Then, 3 more copies of her formed.

"Come on, girls!" Comet told her copies. Each of them took on a Daemon.

"Beat her up! Beat her up!" A few students yelled.

"Don't let those damn Precure win!"

"They don't deserve to live!"

I was shocked as I listened to the chants of the students. Are they being for real?

When I heard the students cheer, I looked down at my phone. Then, I gasped.

Comet was sent flying and she was struggling to stand back up. The anti-Precure protestors who came out were throwing eggs and tomatoes at her.

"Go die!" They kept on yelling.

Where's Cure Mercury and Cure Venus!? No, we can't wait for them.

I looked over at Momo's desk. When I saw that she wasn't there, I noticed her sneaking out of the classroom, using the chaos as her cover. Haruka and I nodded at each other and snuck out.

"What happened while I was out!? Why are people...and Brit, and everything!?" Momo cried as we ran down the hallway.

"The Precure are no longer seen as your friendly neighborhood ass kicking girls anymore. Have you not been on social media?" I asked.

"We have to hurry up! Britney is dealing with the Daemon and all of those anti-Precure supporters all by herself!" Haruka cried.

We got on the roof and did our normal Precure transformation.

"Precure! Grant my wish!"

"The emissary who represents the dark and mysterious! Cure Moon!"

"The emissary who represents the light and knowledge! Cure Sun!"

"The emissary who represents positivity and creativity! Cure Star!"

"Together we are Precure!"

We jumped off the building and raced over to where Comet was. When we finally arrived, I summoned my gun.

"Precure! Solar Flare!"

Multiple pale pink magic circles serving as targets formed on the Daemons and I shot my shots at the target. As I shot, Moon and Star ran passed me.

"Precure! Constellation!" Star's chains appeared in her hands and, as she swung them, she charged at one of the Daemons.

The sharp part of the chains was stabbed into the Daemon and she swung herself over to the Daemon. The Daemon tried to grab onto her but she swung around, tangling the Daemon in its chains and her chains. Then, she let go of her chains and landed on the floor.

"The stone of positivity! Amethyst! Shine on me! Precure! Stardust Shower!" She had managed to successfully purify the Daemon she was dealing with.

"Precure! Moonphase!" Moon cried. Her katanas fell from the sky and decorated the ground.

Moon grabbed two and charged at another Daemon. She dodged the Daemon's attempts to hit her with its chains and even hit its chains out of the way with her sword. Deciding that there was no way for her to get close to the Daemon, she threw one of her katanas as if it were a spear at the Daemon.

The Daemon, who was no impaled with a katana, let out a roar. As it roared, Moon ran up and sliced it with her other katana that was remaining in her hands.

"The stone of the mysterious! Moonstone! Shine on me! Precure! Stardust Shower!" Moon has successfully purified the Daemon she was dealing with as well.

On my side, I was hiding behind a car as I shot at the Daemon that I was dealing with. As I was shooting without missing my target, I remembered that I could create Zakennas. How does that work again?

"Sun! Look out!" I heard Star yelled.

It was too late for me to move out of the way. Another Daemon had grabbed me by the leg, hanging me upside down in the air. At least I was closer to the Daemon.

Another gun materialized in my hands and I began shooting at the Daemon with rapid fire. It stumbled back and let me go. The minute I landed on the floor, I did my purifying move.

"The stone of clarity! Sunstone! Shine on me! Precure! Stardust Shower!" Thankfully, the Daemon that I had to deal with was purified.

Moon, Star and I turned out attention to the last Daemon that was about to attack Comet.

"Aki!" Moon cried, running towards me.

Aware that she wanted to give her a boost. I held my hands together. She stood on my hands and I threw her up. She disappeared like a star in the sky.

Star grabbed one of Moon's katanas and charged at the Daemon. Using the martial arts skill she knew, she dodged the stabbed the Daemon any chance she got.

I ran over to Comet who was rubbing her arm. "Are you okay?"

Comet shook her head. "I smell like rotten eggs! Waaaaaa!" She started crying.

"Peach Moon Secret Art: Holy Headbutt!" Moon yelled as she fell out of the sky. She headbutted the Daemon and then, she flipped off. "The Daemon's weak!" She cried.

Comet stood up. "Look like it's my turn! The stone of prosperity! Citrine! Shine on me! Precure! Shooting Star!"

The last of the Daemons was finally purified.

"Ha! In your face!" Moon yelled, flicking Gekidrago off.

"Whatever!" Gekidrago cried before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"I'm happy we managed to defeat all of those Daemons without anyone getting hurt," Star said.

"Someone did get hurt! Me!" Comet cried.

"Um...guys...?" I started, pointing at the crowd that had gathered around us.

"Go back where you came from!"

"Take your monsters with you!"


"Give Suzuki Kagami back!"

"Are you Precure responsible for Yang Gui Ying's attack!?"

My eyes grew wide when I heard that. Gui Ying? I don't mean to sound heartless, but I had absolutely forgotten about her. Flashes of the news of her attack appeared in my head. The main thing that stood out was the fact that her attacker wasn't found yet. Then Takeru had told me that Gui Ying was trying to get information on Momo and that she's with some secret organization that's out to get us.

Could it be...that a Precure had also attacked Gui Ying?

"Stop killing our girls!"

"We've done nothing wrong!"

"You are not welcomed!"

Eggs, tomatoes, and more were thrown at us.

"Nope! Not again!" Comet cried before holding her hands out. "Let's go! Shiny Sphere!"

Comet's dome surrounded us, protecting us from the shit that was getting thrown at us.

"Why are you doing this! We never killed anyone! Stop it!" Star cried.

I grabbed her by the arm, shaking my head. "They won't listen to you."

Moon clenched her fists and an unreadable look crossed on her face. "We wouldn't even be in this situation of Cure Venus didn't kill Kagami in the first place. Kagami literally did nothing wrong! Now they're blaming us for Gui Ying's coma!"

Suddenly, lighting flashed across the sky.

Everyone looked up and noticed a red Precure who looked like a foreigner standing on a building. She was holding a war hammer up to the sky and lightning seemed to be coming from the hammer.

"That's Cure Jupiter!" Comet cried.

Ah, so this is the Cure that caused Britney to force us to go to that kid's birthday party as a community service thing.

Cure Jupiter jumped off the building and landed in front of us, couching down. She banged the hammer onto the ground, causing thunder to roar.

"She seems to be one strong Precure..." Star mumbled.

Jupiter stood up straight and looked at the protestors. "I feel your anger. Cure Venus has killed Suzuki Kagami. Then, it's possible that another Precure, possibly Cure Venus herself, has harmed Yang Gui Ying. It would be strange if none of you were not anger. But just because of one Cure's actions, does that mean all Precure are the same? Just like all of you, Precure are humans too. Not all humans are good, just like not all Precure are good. So stop harassing these young girls who dropped everything they were doing just to stop these monsters from wrecking havoc."

After speaking her little speech, Jupiter turned around and faced us. Then, she shot us a smile.

Nobody's POV:

After school, Momo, Akira, Haruka, and Britney met up at the nearest Sunbucks.

"Let's hunt that bitch Venus down!" Momo cried.

Haruka jumped up. "What!?"

"She killed Kagami, made everyone hate us, and she killed Kagami!" Momo cried.

"I understand that, but shouldn't we talk to her and learn why she did what she did? Because there has to be a reason as to why she killed Kagami out of the blue," Haruka said.

"Exactly," Akira agreed.

"I'm on Mowa's side!" Britney cried.

"We're not choosing sides," Akira hissed at Britney.

A girl with brown skin and black hair sat with them. She smiled. "Hi."

Haruka, who wasn't good at dealing with foreigners, leaned closer to Momo. Akira, who lived in New York City for most of her life, knew how to deal with foreigners. "Are you Cure Jupiter?"

The girl nodded. "Yeah. My name is Mahalia Dalisay. I'm Cure Jupiter."

"Wait, you mean the one with all of the lightning powers!?" Momo cried.

Mahalia nodded.

"And you're that Precure who does community service instead of fighting Daemons!" Britney cried.

Mahalia nodded again.

"But how come you don't fight Daemons? You've powerful enough to take on 20. We saw your power in action. You were controlling the weather without doing anything," Haruka asked.

"The envelop never said that we had to fight Daemons," Mahalia said.

"It didn't? Wait, what did that thing say again...?" Momo wondered out loud.

"Oh, that I was chosen by Virgo to be a Precure, and that it's my duty to protect everyone in this world. But that's a very broad term. So, I took it as community service is allowed. My fairy also doesn't see anything wrong with what I'm doing. I'm not a fan of violence, though," Mahalia answered.

"You're really powerful, though. If we had you on our team, we'd deal with the Daemons like it's nothing!" Momo cried.

Mahalia simply smiled. "Well, I'm not going to stay in Japan for long so I can't let you guys rely on me too much. Once I'm done with what I came her to do, I'm leaving. I'm here as an intern on the set of Cure Elegant, kind of for study abroad. I go to film school in Australia. Once Cure Elegant is finished, I go back to Australia. But I'm actually from the Philippines."

"Oh, I see. You have good Japanese, by the way," Akira said.

"Thank you," Mahalia responded.

"Do you know any other Precure?" Britney asked.

"No, unfortunately, but I know there are other Precure around who are afraid to show themselves. I know I was scared to show myself. It's actually recently that I've started to feel comfortable coming out," Mahalia answered.

Momo frowned. "It would be nice if you knew the other Precure. If you knew Venus, you could tell us who and where she is so we can beat her up for killing Kagami."

"Or...we can just talk it out first?" Haruka added.

"That brings me to why I've decided to show myself to you," Mahalia said.

"Not so we can be buddy buddy?" Britney asked.

Mahalia shook her head. "You girls are thinking about going after Cure Venus and get revenge on her for killing Kagami, correct?"

"Yes," Momo and Britney said together.

"No," Akira and Haruka said together.

The for looked at each other before sighing.

"We're still deciding things," Akira said.

"Just like you guys and everyone else who has seen the video, I'm not happy with what Cure Venus did and I don't think that she should get away with it. But revenge is never the answer. If you make decisions that are fueled on emotions, you'll only suffer in the end," Mahalia explained.

"But Venus Bitch killed my friend Kagami! I can't just sit around and act like nothing happened!" Momo cried.

"When you catch Cure Venus, what will you do, Cure Moon? Will you fight her just like you did with Cure Earth?" Mahalia asked.

"Yes. She deserves an ass beating," Momo answered.

"But then you'd make what everyone is saying about the Precure true. That we're barbarians. Nothing will be solved that way," Mahalia said.

"No they won't. When I fought Cure Earth, people were okay with it. And if I fight Cure Venus, people will like it because they'll see that I'm beating up a killer," Momo explained.

Mahalia folded her hands together and rested her elbows on the table. "Are you sure about that?"

Momo was about to say something but she stopped herself and leaned back against her chair.

"We are Precure. We shouldn't be fighting with each other. Even if what the other did was wrong. Our mission is to protect the people of this world so we must focus on that. The public may say bad things about us now but if er continue to do what we're meant to do, they'll see that we mean well," Mahalia said.

Haruka and Britney nodded.

"There was a time when Momo's Precure fairy blocked her from transforming. Would Cure Venus' fairy do the same thing? Or at least something to punish her for what she did?" Akira asked.

Mahalia shrugged. "That's up to her fairy to decide."

Kagemi's POV:

"Mom, I'm home," I announced with a sigh as I entered my house.

Izumi wanted us to go on a shopping spree in order to "ease her grieving and sprees" so I spent most of the day at the mall. I struggled to maneuver into the house with all of my shopping bags. Mom wouldn't go crazy if I have all of these bags. She'd actually be happy that I'm taking an effort to "sharpen my secret weapon, my beauty." I was just happy that the shopping spree helped me forget about the whole Kagami incident for a few hours.

"Kagemi, we're in here!" I heard my dad call out from the living room.

Wait...my dad?

I entered the living room and saw my mom and dad sitting on the same couch together. Then, sitting on the couch across from their couch was a couple. Judging by their outfits, they're rich.

"Um, good evening," I said, bowing.

"How are you? I'm Irisawa Honoka and this is my husband, Irisawa Kiriya," the woman, Honoka, said.

"What brings you to our home?" I asked, glancing at my parents in hope that they also knew why these two people were here.

"Mrs. Irisawa, here is a former Precure. She is Cure White," mom said without meeting my eye.

"Former Precure...?" I asked.

Honoka smiled. "During my time as Precure, we didn't have to deal with the media finding out about us and the Dark Zone used to put humans under sleep spells whenever they attacked so nobody knew about the Precure and Dark Zone."

I nodded. "I see."

"My husband is responsible for trying to keep us Precure far away from the public as possible. However, we live in the Age of Technology so all he can do is keep things under control," Honoka said.

"Why are you two here to see me?" I asked, feeling scared. Irisawa Honoka, despite shooting bright smiles at me, was very intimidating. I didn't need to look at Irisawa Kiriya to know that he was even more intimidating than her. No, actually, she seemed more intimidating.

"Cure Black wanted to be here but she has kids to look after," Honoka said, ignoring my question.

"Okay...but...um...why are you guys here? Did I do something wrong...?" I slowly asked.

"Yes, you did," Kiriya said. His voice caused me to jump.

"You killed a civilian and the public saw it. We have no choice but to take you Precure fairy away from you," Kiriya said.

I felt my whole world stop. Take Eveshine away from me!? "You don't have to take Eveshine away from me! I promise that next time, I'll behave!"

"Kagemi, just do it!" Mom yelled at me.

I looked at her. Is she serious? She was the one who forced me to accept being a Precure anyay.

"You killed Kagami who was like a daughter to me even though she's not real," dad said.

"Suzuki Kagami isn't real?" Honoka asked.

"My Gift gives me the ability to double things, similar to Cure Comet's gift, except mine gives what I double a life. Kagami was the first time I used my Gift. I had duplicated my reflection and Kagami was born. So technically, I did not kill anyone," I explained.

"But the whole world thinks you have," Honoka said.

"So then I can tell the whole world as Cure Venus the truth about Kagami then! Let me clear up this misunderstanding!" I cried.

"But that will risk your identity from being exposed. We can't allow that to happen either," Honoka said.

I groaned in annoyance. "So you want everyone to think I'm some murderer when I never killed anyone!?"

"Kagami still had a life and a free will, did she not?" Kiriya asked.

"She did," I answered.

"So technically, you did kill someone," Kiriya said.

"Okay, so maybe I did. Why do I still have to quit being a Precure!?" I cried.

"Your Soul Bulb. Has your Precure fairy explained to you what those are?" Honoka asked.

I slowly nodded my head.

"Because of your actions, so much negative wish energy is being released into the air, and that's exactly what the Dark Zone wants. And as for your Soul Bulb, maybe it's happening slowly, but it's dimming. You're contributing to the negative wish energy in the sky. We're saving you and the rest of the Garden of Rainbows. Taking away your Precure fairy will help lessen the negative wish energy in the sky. As long as you can't transform, your wish energy won't be released. And, you will be punished for your actions," Honoka explained.

I clutched on tightly to the bags in my hands.

Honoka held her hand out. "Please hand over your Precure fairy or we'll rip your fairy out of your phone by force."

I shook my head and slowly backed away. "No..."

"Kagemi, just do it!" Mom hissed at me.

"What will you do to Eveshine once you have her!? Tell me that first!" I demanded.

"She's your Precure fairy. Her job is to guide you on the right path but she clearly didn't do her job. So, she will be punished," Kiriya said.

"Don't punish Eveshine for my actions! That's messed up!" I cried.

"But we have to. What a Precure does falls on their fairies," Honoka said.

Not being a Precure because I "killed" Kagami is one thing. But Eveshine getting punished because I "killed" Kagami is another thing. I can't let them hurt her!

I dropped my bags and ran out of my house.

Next time on Celestial Precure Episode 19: Uncover

"You saw the next thing Miss_Know_It_All released, right?" Hei An said, sitting on my couch

"Yeah, they were pictures of Miamoto Kagemi and they were found in Suzuki Kagami's makeup studio. I heard those pictures were hung a few days before Cure Venus killed her," I answered, handing him a cup of tea. "Why's Miss_Know_It_All releasing those photos now?"

"Miss_Know_It_All said that Cure Venus was a well known girl at the school, right? Then there are pictures of popular girl Miamoto Kagemi being sent, right?" Hei An started.

I gasped. "Are you telling me that Cure Venus is Miamoto Kagemi!?"

"More or less," Hei An answered before drinking the tea that I made him.

I sat back as I tried to process the information. "There's no way...but she's so nice!"

"If we catch her, she might be able to tell us that blue Cure's identity. Then, we'll know Wu Guan, sorry, Gui Ying's attacker," Hei An said.

I clenched my fists. Don't worry, Gui Ying. I'll deal with your attacker and bring you justice!

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