Remembering those who served a tribute to our veterans, we thank you for your service

Veterans Day 2030

She walked among the rows and rows of tomb stones in Stillwater cemetery. Many of them decorated with little flags or flowers to remember those that have been lost serving their country. Giving the ultimate sacrifice to protect the ones they loved.

As she walked past the honored dead, she said a silent prayer hoping those brave service men and women found peace in heaven. Finally coming to a stop she found a familiar site before, the tomb stones she was looking for. The two most important people in her life both gone now these many years, giving their lives in service of their country. Fighting bravely in the skies of war or on the ground as a marine and agent of the government. Always serving and giving back.

Laying two wreaths besides the stones, she says again a little prayer. I love you grandpa. I love you daddy. She turns to hear a little boy shout. "Here she is daddy"

"So I see, everything okay sweetheart." Her husband asks.

"Yes, dear, I just miss them" she smiles sadly.

"I know." He smiles and says "come on the parade is about to start" with her son tugging at her sleeve to hurry up. "Come on mommy we needs to find a good spot, I don't want to miss anything."

"Okay, Okay guys I'm coming"

"Yay, Mommy"

Laughing she takes her errant son's hand and starts to walk off. Looking back one more time at the two stones, she smiles that little quirky smile that reminded people of her dad, she says quietly as she walks off with her family "Semper Fi" daddy I miss you and "clear skies" grandpa. With that the little boy says "I want to be just like grandpa"

"You can be anything you want son, even just like grandpa, now come on LJ we don't want to miss the parade"