HI! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I know I have neglected my other stories but as I stated I recently started college! I'm doing pretty damn good to. This is short but this is just a...preview to the real thing coming. I do NOT own Walking Dead or Inuyasha!

Running, running is all this man knew. Running and scavenging. He had been looting a local drug store when he knocked over a vase, the crash alerting some walkers in the next room, they quickly targeted him. He dropped everything he had been holding and shot out the door, escaping into the woods, the dead right behind him in a quick stumble. The sound of walkers groaning and the mans gasps brought attention to him, signaling more walkers that dinner was near. He tripped over a fallen log, he did his best to get back up, but a zombie grabbed his ankle, dragging him towards its' awaiting mouth, and biting. The man's agonized screams pierced the air, soon the zombies that had been chasing him joined in on the feast, others clawing at their kin to let them get just a taste.

This was how it was, the dead had come to life and feasted upon any human or animal sensed. The living had learned to no longer fear the living, but to fight them, and fear the walkers. The Walking Dead.

Was this pretty good? I'm already working on the second chapter. And to A New Bond and Abnormalities. In a few hours it'll be my B-Day so happy Veteran's Day to! Also, after this I promise to shut up and go. I made a gofundme! It is for special needs children. No donations yet! I want to buy instruments and bring in a group of special needs kids and give them these instruments, and me and a group of my friends teach them to play. The expenses include the buying of instruments and the necessary equipment like reeds. Please take in consideration to donate to my cause. If you're interested in donating please please PLEASE PM me and I will give the link!

Have a safe and wonderful Veteran's Day!