Summary: Obito has the hots for Kakashi and decides to ignore the issue in favor of a toy. Well, that is, until the issue is found in her apartment, with a hard on nonetheless from spying on her. So, she decides to put what she has at hand to good use, and Kakashi most certainly doesn't complain. AU to Canon Universe. Fem!Obito. Senseless Smut. Both are in the 16-17 age range.

Obito, alone in her apartment at last, let out a sigh of relief as she leaned against the door. She had been on a team with Kakashi and Rin for years now, to the point where the three of them plus sensei and his family (his loving wife Kushina and their small, adorable ball of sunshine Naruto who was only just now turning two) were all one, large, happy family (even Kakashi was included in that, much as he avoided socializing where he could). Yet, lately...she shook her head. She shouldn't even be thinking of that. Kakashi was like her brother, she told herself, and she had not felt hot and bothered when Kakashi had pinned her after their match (no matter how red her face had turned).

Her thoughts turned inadvertently back to it, she involuntarily replayed it in her mind, her thighs rubbing against one another as she positively throbbed with want, her arousal leaking down her legs as she panted against her door. She sighed in annoyance, as ignoring it wasn't doing any good. Well, she was home for the day. She may as well indulge herself. That thought in mind, she quickly discarded her shinobi gear and her clothing, pulling out the toy she only used when she really needed that itch scratched, seeing as she didn't trust any of the guys their age or around there as far as she could throw them (which, depending on the person, was actually surprisingly far, but that wasn't the point).

She sighed, laying herself back on her bed and spreading her legs in preparation for what she was about to do. Before the toy went near her, she slid a hand down and a few fingers entered her folds, spreading the wetness there and collecting some to spread on the head of the toy. After that, she pressed the rubber shaft against her slit, hissing when the thing stretched her quite a bit as the head went in. It had been awhile since she'd had anything inside her, let alone something as big as her toy. She refrained from using the vibration for now, wanting to get used to the size of the toy once more before she actually put it to any real use.

She slid it in slowly, letting it sink in bit by bit until it was fully inside her. She had to admit, it felt good to be filled after all this time, even if it was just a toy. With that thought, she turned on the vibrating feature and used the toy for its intended purpose, fucking herself quickly with the vibrating toy as she played with her clit. It was this that Kakashi accidentally stumbled upon, having come to inform his team-mate about dinner plans their sensei had for them that night. Seeing her spread wide, playing with herself like a scene from one of Jiraya's smutty books had him hard in seconds and for the first time, internally debating on what he wanted to do.

On one hand, there was an incredibly hot woman right in front of him that was practically begging for some actual cock to satiate her, but on the other hand, said incredibly hot woman was his team-mate, and would likely kill him after they were done, if she didn't as soon as he tried to touch her. He really, really wanted to sink into her smooth, tight heat, and he was ridiculously jealous of the toy being used to pleasure her. He watched as her brows became drawn, her breath coming out in gasps as she came close to her climax. He could tell when she reached it by the way she tensed and her changed breathing rate, the smell of her arousal hanging heavily in the air around them as she climaxed.

The sight was so arousing that he'd had to bite back a moan at the picture she made, and it was only by chance that he heard her moan out a name lowly as she came. He was twice as aroused when he realized it was his name, and he couldn't stop the low moan that left his throat this time, making her shoot a startled glance in his direction. He watched her eyes scan down to the obvious bulge and widen, licking her lips unconsciously as she forgot about the toy inside her in light of her team-mate having found her in such a position and having such a reaction to it. He was surprised when, instead of demanding that he get out, she approached him.

He watched her hips sway hypnotically as she stood gracefully, toy and all. When she strode toward him, the toy sliding out slowly due to gravity as she approached, it was all he could do not to swallow his tongue when she grabbed the bulge in his pants and pulled him closer to whisper in his ear.

"Are you going to use this," she emphasized her point by gently squeezing the clothed erection, making the teen buck and moan against her hand before she continued. "or are you going to make me satisfy myself?" she finished, making him shudder with excited lust and pull her against him, pulling her quickly to the bed and pushing her down into a kneeling position on the edge of the bed. He stood behind her, slowly manipulating the toy out of her so he could slide in himself. Once the toy was out, he wasted no time in discarding it and his clothes (even his mask) and replacing it with his hardened flesh, making her moan as she was filled by something even bigger than her toy, her insides stretching to accommodate the invading flesh.

He could hardly control himself as he sank into her, making his cock feel like it was easing into a hot, wet, tight little oven that squeezed and twitched around him. She could eventually take the slow pace no longer and braced her arms on the bed, thrusting back and taking him all in with one thrust. She gasped and threw her head back in pleasure at the feeling of being filled by real cock. It was so much better than her toys could every try to be, and as he gripped her hip tightly with a hand, he growled and leaned down to whisper hotly in her ear.

"If you keep doing things like that, I won't be held responsible for what I do to you." he said, just barely stopping himself from holding her down and fucking her as hard and fast as he could. Her next words, however, shattered his self control and scattered the dust of it in the blowing wind.

"I can handle anything you've got. I'll take everything you give me and more." she said, although it was more to spur on the actual action than really challenging him. It worked, of course, and before she knew it there was a bruising grip on her hips and he was pulling out quickly, barely giving her time to breathe as he slammed back in as hard as he could, making her cry out with the action. They were soon rocking together quickly, the sounds of slapping flesh drowned out by the cries of Obito as she happily took Kakashi's cock as hard as he could give it. This was brilliant! She didn't know why she hadn't thought of resolving their tension this way years ago!

Kakashi was reveling in the tight heat and the high, pleased sounds Obito was making as he continuously pounded her with his cock. He'd never had someone that loved it as rough as Obito did, and it aroused him more, if it were possible. He was having a hard time holding himself back from his climax. He wanted to fill her up with his seed more than he wanted anything in his life. He could tell she was close by the way her walls were contracting around him every once in a while, so he used a finger on her clit to help her along, making her even more vocal as she reached her climax, her walls tightening like a vice around him as she wailed out his name and came.

He followed close behind her, giving a few more deep thrusts before he spilled himself inside her, holding her against himself in a bruising grip. She let out a low, satisfied moan as the warmth of his seed filled her, utterly satiated and not collapsing only because of the grip Kakashi still had on her hips, her arms fatigued from holding herself up and a day full of missions before that. When he finally came back down from his climax, he loosened his grip and slowly withdrew his softening flesh, causing trickles of his seed to leak from her as he did so. Once he fully withdrew, she pretty much collapsed forward, crawling up the bed to the center of it and stopping there.

She was too tired to keep holding herself up and wanted nothing more than to sleep. Behind her, Kakashi debated on if he wanted to join her in bed or if he should leave. He wasn't sure he would be welcomed, and he didn't want to assume she would want him here. Before he could debate further, she rolled herself to one side of the bed and looked at him with a tired glare.

"Get your ass over here, Hatake. I'm not going to take care of myself in the morning if you can be here to do it for me." she said, as though it were a foregone conclusion that they were going to sleep together again tomorrow and that he was obviously welcome to stay the night. He didn't debate any further, laying down on the other side of the bed and facing her so he could pull her to him. She went easily, settling in his arms with a content sigh as she drifted slowly off to sleep. He watched her sleep with a small, content smile on his face for a while before his exhaustion and the sound of her soft snores lulled him to sleep as well.