This is dedicated to Mr. Turtle, who requested a Fem!Kakashi/Obito. I hope you like it. I wanted to make it a bit different than the Fem!Obito one and this is what I came up with. Also, I am SO sorry I'm so late in granting this request. I had most of it written up for a long while now but I couldn't think of what to end it on. It's a lot of smut and then it gets all domestic so I had to end it on something sweet. Sorry? Enjoy? I don't know. You've probably forgotten about the request by now but the least I can do is post it. It's been years since I've updated anything.

Summary: In which Kakashi gets irritated that Obito hasn't yet caught her increasingly unsubtle hints over the course of a week as to the fact that she wants him. She decides to remedy this. AU. Fem!Kakashi. Senseless Smut. Both characters are in the 16-17 age range.

Kakashi was annoyed. She had been hinting for around a week now with increasingly less subtlety as the days passed to Obito that she wanted him in every way it was possible to want someone and the idiot still hadn't taken the hint. Even Rin had picked up on it and she had tried not to do it around their other team mates too much, so it said something that she had noticed and he hadn't. Well, she would just have to change that. She knew he was in love with Rin and a part of her that she hated felt jealous of Rin for having something like that so easily without even trying. The other larger part of her however felt ashamed that she would ever be jealous of the girl who was like her sister.

She knew that Rin didn't like Obito like that but that was what made it even worse! Kakashi just wanted Obito to notice that she was a woman too, damn it! She was not just a rival to surpass in strength! Hell, she was a damn attractive woman even if she didn't take off her mask in public. She knew that if she didn't do something drastic, he was likely to never take the hint. Maybe a private spar would work? She could pin him and just kiss him and see how he reacted. She may be lighter than him, but that only made her faster than she would have been had she been a male and thus a bit bigger.

That and she was still better at hand-to-hand than he was and she could still put him on the ground relatively quickly. She couldn't do it as easily as she could have before when they were younger but she still won most of their spars. She could pin him long enough to get her point across and give him time to react to it to see if he was receptive or not. She hoped this all wouldn't be for nothing. Maybe he had noticed and had just ignored it because he didn't think of her that way. Given, she would be damned embarrassed if that were the case but she really hoped that it wasn't and that he just hadn't noticed.

Either way, she should get a definitive reaction with her plan. She was fairly confident in that at least. Whether the reaction was to run away or to kiss her back, though she would hope for the latter, she would know in the end. Her plan in mind, she set out. Today was one of their rare off days as a team, and she wanted to meet Obito at his apartment before he decided to leave and do something else. She got there quickly and knocked on the door. After waiting for a few minute and getting no answer, she frowned. Had she been incorrect? Had he gone off early for some reason? Did he already have something planned for today?

She turned around to go look for him, when, behind her, she heard the door opening. She turned to look at her teammate and was struck speechless. He was dripping wet and wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. She could see an impressive bulge at the front of the towel even when he was soft, hinting at the potential he had when he was aroused. She was brought out of her perusal of his wet body by a chuckle from said body, making her glance back up to his face to see amusement and if she wasn't just hoping, a little desire as well. Before she could say anything, he spoke first.

"Would you like to come in? I'm not quite done drying off yet, but I don't mind the company." he said good-naturedly, moving aside and motioning into his apartment. That was all the motivation she needed. She was inside before he could change his mind. When he closed the door behind her, she heard it lock with a soft click and her heartbeat sped up. As he walked past her and further into his apartment, he slipped his towel from his waist and dried the remaining moisture from himself, giving her a nice, long moment to stare at his nicely toned ass before he was done and tossing the towel aside.

He then strode to his bedroom at a leisurely pace, stretching as he went and making Kakashi bite her lip. Oh, to hell with her plan! He was here and he was already unclothed! If she couldn't work with that then she had no chance at any other point in time. This in mind, she got up and hurried to the doorway, taking a moment to stop and see that he was nowhere to be seen. Curious, she moved further into the bedroom, stopping by the bed so she could use the angle to peek into the bathroom. Where was he? Just as she was about to turn and walk out again she was caught off guard by the arms encircling her waist and pulling her to a muscled chest.

Before she could do anything more than tense up momentarily, a husky chuckle breathed across her ear stopping any retaliatory action.

"Snooping around in my bedroom, huh? That isn't very nice, Kakashi." he said in a low, husky voice in her ear, making her a little weak at the knees. "In fact, I would say that deserves some punishment." he said, thrusting his hips forward against hers and letting her feel the growing hardness that had only what she wore between it and her. It made her throb in arousal, and there was no force on earth that could stop her from reacting to his clear desire for her. She moaned lowly and ground her hips backward into his, helping his growing hardness along although she wished she could just be rid of these stupid clothes! They were just getting in the way at this point!

Apparently he agreed with her as he pulled away long enough to start undressing her, causing her to help so that she was out of her clothes, gear and mask as fast as she could manage it. Once freed of her burdens, she was immediately pulled back against him, the slide of flesh against flesh causing him to finally achieve full hardness. He allowed his hardened flesh to slip between her thighs to slide against her wet, throbbing slit, letting her juices lubricate him as he continued forward slowly, making her pant with want. He slid back slowly again intending to tease her a bit longer but when he went to slide forward again, he felt the angle of her hips change and before he knew it, he was sliding into her.

She was hot, wet and so much tighter than anyone he'd ever had before her. He took his time sliding into her, making her give an appreciative moan as she was filled slowly by his impressively sized cock. It took a minute for him to fill her with his entire length and by the time he was fully sheathed inside her she was amazed at how utterly full she was. He was far bigger than she expected and she could feel him throbbing inside her as he tried to hold back from thrusting for her sake. He moved her forward a bit toward his bed and she took the hint, climbing onto the end of the mattress on her hands and knees as he grabbed her hips firmly.

Seeing that he was waiting for a sign from her, she decided to go beyond that and clenched her walls down around him before sliding forward and then back on his length, making him growl and tighten his grip on her hips involuntarily. He didn't bother asking if she was ready at that point, pulling out quickly and thrusting back in just as quickly, making her gasp she was emptied and then abruptly filled again, his large length hitting her cervix not unpleasantly. Hearing her gasp in pleasure he set his pace, moving in and out of her quickly and making her pant as he filled her again and again, his length squeezed tightly by the hot, wet flesh that surrounded it.

Growing used to his pace, she started moving to match it, crying out as he hit bottom every time they came together. Her mouth fell open in helpless pleasure as her cervix was abused by the head of his cock with every thrust. This was exactly what she had needed. She quickly lost herself in the pleasure, thrusting back as hard as she could every time he thrust into her. Seeing her intent, he gripped her hips more tightly and pulled out before slamming back in, making her cry out as her cervix was assaulted by the head of his cock and making her walls tighten in sheer pleasure around him. He kept up the brutal pace, seeing easily that her cries were from pleasure and not pain and honestly loving the pace himself.

It was all he could do at this point to hold himself back. He'd slept with women before, but none as eager as the woman he was currently fucking. Somehow, she let him fill some dark part of himself that had always wanted to fuck someone this brutally and make them love it. That it was Kakashi was only a bonus and a very large one at that. If he had known that she was this eager for his cock, he would have done this a long time ago. He reveled in her tight heat and the brutal pace, slamming into her and enjoying the cries she made as his cock head assaulted her cervix with bruising force. He kept up the bruising jabs, feeling her tighten around him in pleasure every time he thrust into her.

Kakashi, on her end, was in heaven. She never been fucked this well by anyone before and honestly, she would probably never let him go now. His cock and his stamina were far too large to ever let this go willingly. No, he was hers and she was never going to let him sleep with another woman again. Well, not unless she was there to supervise it. Smiling at her own thoughts even as she cried out with his thrusts, she moved back into his thrusts as best she could now with the controlling grip he had on her hips, not that she was complaining as it only aided him in fucking her as hard as he could. She couldn't believe Rin had passed this up!

Not only was he very well endowed but he filled her so very nicely and unlike some people he also knew how to use it effectively. Very effectively she mused, her mouth involuntarily falling open as he began to drag his length back and forth quickly across her g-spot, making her pleasure build and her walls tighten around him as he continued to pound her tightening pussy. Obito himself was in heaven, barely able to stop his climax from building as he continued to pound into her to her loud and very obvious enjoyment. He could barely think beyond the squeezing, eager heat of her insides and even with his admirable self control he inevitably felt his climax start to build after only a few minutes.

Knowing she was close as well, he moved a hand from her hip to between her legs, teasing her clit as he kept up his pace and causing her cries to increase in volume as she started to build up to her own climax. She started to tighten around him even further and he fought to keep his pace, stroking her clit quickly and making her wail his name as she tightened around him like a vice, her eyes wide as he felt her gush suddenly in climax around him and his cock was squeezed. It was all he could take and he came undone as well, spurting hot, thick ropes of his seed inside her as he pressed himself into her as far as he could go, thrusting only a few more times as he spent himself inside the tired, satiated kunoichi.

Spent, he only just managed to get them both onto the bed before he collapsed still inside her. They both cursed, their respective genitals still sensitive from the climax moments ago but neither willing to move much. Finally, Kakashi spoke irritably.

"Will you please get off me now? You're heavy." she complained. Grinning a bit, he lifted his weight on slightly shaking arms and slowly pulled out of her, moving off her and to the side once he had withdrawn himself completely. She stayed laying the way she was and he had to admit that seeing her laying on her stomach with his seed leaking out of her on his own bed no less was a huge turn on. Shaking that thought away, he wondered if he should lay down with her before his stomach told him in a rather loud manner that he had still neglected to get any food into him since he woke this morning. Placing a hand on his complaining stomach, he pouted a bit but got up anyway.

Before he left the room completely, not bothering to dress since it was his place and the door had been locked earlier, he turned back to her and addressed her.

"Do you want some lunch?" he asked, making her roll lazily onto her back so she see him properly.

"What do you have?" she asked lazily. He shrugged carelessly.

"Do you really care at the moment?" he asked wryly, seeing that her afterglow and the lazy bliss that came with it was only just dying down.

"Not really." she answered carelessly, causing him to grin again and nod before heading out to fix them both something to eat. He could get used to seeing her like that. He really hoped that he'd be allowed to do so again frequently in the future. That thought motivating him and a large grin on his face, he fixed their food while Kakashi lay in Obito's bed and contemplated her success and what it might mean for their relationship now. While they had dropped the animosity a while ago, they had still been more rivals than proper friends before this. What were they now? Things had to have changed, but for once, Kakashi couldn't predict how her teammate would react.

Would he push her away? Would he pretend it never happened? Were they going to date? Could they keep sleeping together? If they did keep sleeping together, was she prepared for the change in relationship? Would there be a change in relationship or would he brush it off as just sex and continue their rivalry? She sighed and decided she wasn't going to answer any of this herself. She would just have to wait and see what he would do. She admitted to herself that she would prefer it if they started dating or something like it, at least because she wanted to give him everything of herself. She wanted to make him forget about Rin and fall for her like she had for him.

She was roused from her lazy musings by the smell of food and her stomach protested its emptiness just seconds later. Hauling herself up out of Obito's bed with a little work, she skirted the scattered articles of clothing and shinobi gear on the floor and left the bedroom, heading down the hall and through the open doorway into the kitchen. She couldn't help but chuckle at the fact that he was wearing nothing but an apron while standing at the stove and tending whatever it was he was making. He turned to her with a grin, eyes momentarily trailing down her still-nude form before he once again met her eyes, daring her to say something about his single article of clothing.

She didn't take the bait and instead sat down at the table to wait for him to finish preparing lunch. Pouting a bit at her taking away his fun, he turned back to the food, grinning once more as he thought of ways they could easily work off this meal if they felt so inclined. Behind him at the table, Kakashi could smell his growing arousal and didn't know whether to be impressed or annoyed that they had just had sex minutes ago and he was already becoming aroused again. Fortunately for her stomach, he kept cooking and he was done within a half an hour. As he served it out onto plates, she was pleased to see it was chicken stir fry and she dug in as soon as he had finished dishing it out.

Once he sat the hot skillet back on the stove he discarded his apron, letting her see him in his full glory once more. He then took his seat in front of his own plate and dug in. Their meal was spent in silence, both too genuinely hungry to make small talk while they ate as all energy was spent moving food to their mouths, chewing said food, swallowing it and repeating the process. That being said, the meal moved fairly quickly because of that and they had both cleaned their plates before long. Obito grabbed their dirty dishes without prompting once he'd seen that she was done as well and once he had set them in the sink, he turned back to her with a fond smile.

"So, what now?" he asked her as he leaned back against the sink, not bothering to elaborate as he knew she would know exactly what he meant. She shrugged, rising from her chair at the table and sauntering over to the appealingly nude man.

"Well, I was hoping we could make an actual relationship work. You know, one that isn't a rivalry?" She specified, somehow feeling the need to point that out so that she was clear about her intentions. His husky chuckle did nothing to keep her libido in check but luckily she cared more about his answer than her libido at the moment.

"I suppose we could try. I think I could get used to having such a beautiful woman by my side." He said charmingly, a small endearing grin on his face as he pulled her to him for a slow kiss that curled her toes. By the time they pulled back from the kiss they were both left breathless. All Kakashi could think about besides how good he was at kissing was the fact that he had agreed to a relationship with her or rather that they would try. She felt like her heart could burst with happiness. She smiled up at him beautifully.

"That's all that I ask." She responded. It was perfect, honestly. She couldn't ask for anything more.