Okay so this is my first PROPER fanfic (emphasize PROPER). It's AU, there will be magic just not in the way you are accustomed to, and it's set in England, about 18th century. The historical background might not completely make sense to some of you, because I don't have proper knowledge on 18th century England, and canon pretty much doesn't apply (Snape might be alive. Dumbledore might not be dead. I dunno). And they are OOC. Beware and whatever.

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Chapter 1: Anywhere Away

She should've listened to her father.

She should've listened to Frau Dolores.

"Thief!" Now the Aurors were hot on her trails.

Hermione stiffened as the footsteps approached, sinking into the shadows that so gratefully covered her presence.

"Over here!" one of them shouted, racing past her. Hermione held her breath, her bodice seemingly tightening every second she withheld her breath.

Cloaked figures followed, their robes billowing behind them as they too raced past her hiding spot. Idiots, Hermione smirked triumphantly as she stood loosening the strings on her bodice. Can't even catch a plain Fisherman's daughter. Hermione retied her now loose hair into a chignon. Strands of frizzy hair fell out, falling over her eyes. No wonder they can't catch Lord Voldemort. She hummed happily to herself, swinging her basket full of baguettes back and forth as she went on her way home.

The apple she stole from the fruit stand was not of great value. Nor was she so poor that she had to steal a petty apple. Really, it doesn't even look appealing, Hermione frowned, turning the apple in her hand, tossing it around before she shrugged and took a large bite out of it.

"Excuse me miss,"

Hermione squeaked, rubbing away the apple juice staining her chin when a soft voice called.

"Officer! What ever is the matter?" Hermione smiled sweetly, if not a little shaken inside. The officer was a young man, with bright emerald eyes under his blue uniform hat. He mounted on a black stallion, who kept of trudging towards her, nuzzling her arm with his moist nose. Smelt the apple did you, Hermione thought bitterly. Go away!

"Sorry to disturb you from your errand miss, but there has been a theft at a fruit stand nearby, and was wondering if you saw any suspicious personas coming this way," the young officer said as he slid off the saddle. The small gleaming nametag on his left chest said POTTER. Hermione's eyes travelled to one of his silver buttons, and her eyes widened ever so slightly at the faint letters carved onto it.

"Head Auror," Hermione muttered, cursing her luck.

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing, Auror Potter. I haven't seen anything much today, unless you count a tabby cat with split tails?" Hermione said thoughtfully, to which Auror Potter laughed.

"No, I guess not," he smiled. "Thank you for you cooperation Ms. Granger. I am Harry, by the way, Harry Potter. I've met you before, but you forgot. We had a mutual friend, a friend you once called a "best friend", but you forgot. You forgot so many more things, Hermione, but morals should not be one of them. I know of that apple hidden behind the pretty dress you wear," Harry winked.

The young Auror's face was now twisted in a cruel way, smeared green, his red uniform swirling in a mixture of dazzling bright colours; purple, pink, yellow, green… His stallion no longer was a horse, but a lion with wings sprouting from its back. Hermione felt sick. Something seemed to bubble up from the pit of her stomach, acid souring her mouth. Harry's face was now yellow. Hermione watched in amusement and disgust as his face turned into a delicate shade of pink.

"…miss. Miss, are you alright?"

Hermione snapped awake, confused to see a concerned Auror on his horse, pulling at the reigns. As if nothing happened.

"Oh, yes, I'm more than fine," said Hermione, smiling.

The Auror nodded. "I must go now," he said. "Again, I thank you." He swerved his horse around, and trotted back the way he came.

As soon as Hermione made sure the Auror was out of sight, Hermione threw the apple into a bush. Filthy apple, she thought, never should've trusted Weasley Wheezes.

Head Departments of Coastal Guard

"Auror Potter has returned, Mr. Shacklebolt,"

"Ah, yes. Let him in," Kingsley waved his hand at his secretary, his eyes remaining focused on the piece of parchment. He sensed Seamus leave the room, soon returning with someone who he assumed was Harry Potter.

"Kingsley," Harry said.

"Harry," Kingsley acknowledged, finally setting the parchment aside. "Any news on Lord Voldemort? Or any of his hunch men for that matter?" he said bitterly.

"No, I'm afraid not," Harry said, a crease appearing between his smooth brows. "However, we confiscated one of his ships. It was abandoned near Hogsmeade Harbour, founded by Captain Dumbledore's men during their patrol," with a sigh, Harry tossed a thick booklet of parchment on Kingsley's desk before slumping down on the seat.

"The ship is called 'Slytherin'? Odd name for a ship," Kingsley noted after a few lousy flip through.

"You say. We've confiscated ships named 'Nagini II', 'Parselmouth', and 'Godric Goddamn You'. They sunk the last one on purpose though. You remember the fireworks at Hogsmeade Harbour on May? Apparently that was it."

Captain Dumbledore arrived just then, his tailcoat flapping at the gust of wind. The Captain was the oldest member of the Department of Coastal Guard. He had his once long grey beard kept short, his glasses took off, and his wig decorated in neat blue ribbons down his back. Dumbledore normally was a calm, generous man, but today he was furious as he slammed his hat down onto Kingsley's desk.

"I need permission to blast that greenhorn into smithereens!" he bellowed. "He has blasted two of our precious ship loaded with countless men and assets! Three that was on its way to India! This is an outrage Shacklebolt! We cannot let this man live! Why you will put him on trial before Azkaban, I would never know. We should let him receive the Kiss as soon as he arrives!"

Even as Dumbledore showered Kingsley with spittle, the man remained indifferent. "Ah, I understand Albus," he said tiredly. "In fact, we shall be going to the Harbour soon; Horace would be waiting."

Granger house

The Granger house was a small cottage of sorts, facing the sea in which Allen Granger, Hermione's father, worked for a living. He was a rather well known fisherman in the town of Hogsmeade. He was skilled, but he was well known for his background of being a slave in the Americas before his former employer took him in as an adopted child. Hermione's mother was in fact part of the higher society in England, and was therefore shunned by them. His Majesty Grindelwald doesn't want filthy children in his court. That's what she overheard her Aunts say at a ball one night. Her father was still deemed inappropriate to raise the child of a pureblood at the time, so she was living with her grandparents. A jolly lot they were, even if they were snobbish purebloods.

"Frau Dolores," Hermione said, kneeling in front of the matron.

"Hermione," the matron replied, looking down her squashed nose. "Now, let's talk about your day." Frau Dolores placed her freckled hand on top of Hermione's as she too, knelt down. "Where were you?"

"At the market, Frau Dolores," said Hermione, not meeting the matron's beady eyes. "Weasley Wheezes? You know of that fresh food market stand down Diagon Alley?"

"Of course I know child," Dolores huffed. "Now, are you honest to our Lord Merlin? Do you swear your heart upon his beard?"

"I swear."

The matron continued to look at Hermione. She always did, and Hermione was used to it. But today, Frau Dolores kept on staring as if she was this close to seeing through her eyes. Hermione kept still, looking to the place slightly left to the matron's eyes. This isn't the first time she had stolen something, and nor is it the most expensive. She had stolen a Lady's glove once, and no one had noticed.

"May Merlin bless you," Frau Dolores muttered after a long time. "Now go along and help your father. I have heard he is going to the harbour. I will see to it that he will not carry the heavy load by himself?"

"Of course not," Hermione muttered. "Stupid toad."

At the Harbour

Hogsmeade Harbour was said to be the most beautiful harbour to be found on any surface of the planet, to which Hermione was proud to. They were walking down the busy streets of Diagon Alley now, her and her father, where they were holding the weekly Sunday morning market.

"Ice mice just imported from Greenland! Honeydukes sells the best candy!"

"Get your old clothes anew at Malkin's!"

"Get your chilly hands warmed at Three Broomsticks! Butterbeer! Eggnog!"

It was rather enjoying wandering through the streets, trudging through the crowd and doing nothing. Tension seemed to leave her when she thought of nothing and simply let it be.

"Oi Allen! Over here!"

Rubeus Hagrid waved over at them with a large jug of firewhiskey in his hand.

"Firewhiskey at this hour, Hagrid?" Hermione laughed as she gave the big man a hug. "How's Fang?"

"Ah, Fang is a bit I'll at the moment 'ermione," Hagrid sniffed, dabbing away at the tears with his also very large handkerchief. "He's been miserable for three days, I tell ya! I got 'im to the vet, but they say it's helpless. And they call themselves vet!" Hagrid roared, slamming his fist down on the wooden table. The wood cracked slightly. People sitting around them turned with fear and surprise in their eyes, as Hermione noticed some were scooting away.

"There, there Hagrid," Allen placed his hand on Hagrid's arm. "We're here on business, not psychology talking."

Hermione left the two men then, for she knew how boring the talk could get. Her father wouldn't mind. Rather, he would be glad that she was gone. Their relationship had been somewhat awkward these few months after he had discovered a stash of stolen books beneath her bed. She had convinced him that they were Myrtle's, a girl working as an apprentice librarian, but he didn't seem to believe in her. It seems like no one did these days.

Just as she was about to enter Honeydukes to bewitch herself in its gorgeous sent, a movement caught her eye. Between Honeydukes and Flourish and Blotts was a gap, barely wide enough for a grown man to wedge through. What she saw hadn't been a cat, for it was too large to be one. So it must be a man, Hermione thought, no girl around here would go in there. Unless she's working for the pirates or something. Looking around her to see that no one was paying attention, Hermione slipped through the narrow gap.

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