Pain, pure and simple. My childhood was not very happy. It consisted of chores, pain, hunger and loathing. I don't know when I broke, maybe it broke when my arm did for the 5th time after a rather savage beating by my 'cousin'. Maybe it was when I WAS THROWN DOWN THE STAIRS ON MY BIRTHDAY. I don't know. What I do know is that when I broke a switch appeared. GONE WAS THE BOY TAKING PAIN, HUNGER AND CHORES, HE WAS REPLACED BY A CUNNING AND SADISTIC MIND THAT COULD ONLY BE A PRODUCT OF MY TWISTED UPBRINGING. Harry James Potter split that day. Two new people were made. Harry Potter the poor little scrawny orphan, and, James Evans a powerful and smart boy.

Then things started changing. My 'family' tried to continue with their treatment of me and they found heights of pain they never thought possible. So did the bullies. Without them trying to repress me, I started doing good in school. I learned everything quickly. I even learned how to play the violin. I was hailed a prodigy. People got close to finding out about the real me, though. That was when little Harry came out to play. When people persisted, accidents started to happen. Nothing life threatening, no, that would draw too much attention. Amnesia, however, was not to be discounted. I trained myself to control my power to make people feel pain, moving things, changing what they are. Then when I turned eleven a letter came. And it changed everything.